How To Move On From A Relationship When You Are Still In Love

How to leave a toxic relationship when you’re still in love

Sleepless nights, you are turning your head over the discussions you’ve had. You are in love, but your relationship has become so toxic that you think it is no longer working and should not continue. How to move on from a relationship when you are still in love?

You wonder if he loves you because he ignores how you feel, and although you have tried everything to save your relationship, nothing works. And you have realized that it has to end, but thinking that you will be alone terrifies you. You may have come to think at times that it is a toxic and highly addictive relationship.

But you also know that the pain has become unbearable at times and that if things don’t end now, you may be lost.

Learn to let go

How To Move On From A Relationship When You Are Still In Love

Letting go of someone you care about is very difficult.

To know how to get out of a toxic relationship, the first thing you must do is find the courage and inner strength necessary to get out of your “comfort zone” and continue your life forward away from him.

Be aware that you deserve the best

Sometimes loving someone is not enough if you do not receive the same love in return.

It’s like trying to fix an old car. No matter how much sweat and tears you put in, it will never be the same again, so.

Stop thinking that your partner will change

When you are in a toxic relationship with your partner, the biggest mistake you can make is to let them hurt you.

Accept that you are the only person in this world who can control you. Don’t let your partner control you.

Unless he accepts his mistakes and wants to change them, he probably won’t.

There will always be promises of change.

There will always be good intentions in moments of reconciliation.

But it is more than likely that things will remain the same, especially if promises were made that later have not been kept.

How To Move On From A Relationship When You Are Still In Love

Accept that it will hurt a lot!

You worry about losing the feeling of being wanted and loved with the intimate and special moments you shared.

Instead of being part of your life, it has become your whole life. And you have forgotten to live for yourself!

Overcoming the initial loneliness is the hardest, but life will treat you much better once you pass this phase.

Now is when you must learn the lessons that life gives you, which will allow you to grow as a person and become a better person.

Time is your friend, and pain doesn’t last forever.

Be positive and face life with optimism. Find out how breakups influence people. You will see that the first step is the hardest and most complicated, but there is life later. But you will learn how To Move On From A Relationship When You Are Still In Love?

Cry to heal your wounds

Let your pain go outside, don’t keep it.

Sometimes we are expected to be strong when faced with “difficult” situations, which is not effective at all. Because in all the occasions that I have kept the pain to myself and I have tried to be “strong,” I have been worse.

What did I do?

Cry and cry. I cried like a child and stopped giving the feeling that everything was fine because it was not.

In the end, the tears stopped falling; this lasted for weeks, but then I felt like a new person, and I had the feeling that everything was over.

That feeling was no longer in my heart, it did not constrict my chest, and I began to think more clearly. I realized that things weren’t as bad as I thought they were.

I started laughing again and seeing the rays of the sun through the clouds. Now it was not all darkness. I was someone different and with greater security in myself.

Instead of “being strong,” crying will help you in your recovery process after the breakup.

Disconnect for a while

It will seem that the end of the world is coming, but as hard as it is, it is not.

Your mind will try to play it, making you believe that happiness can no longer be possible and that you will not get it.

That is not true.

Time is almost always the best remedy for pain.

Let your heart, your mind, and your soul rest. You need to give yourself some time to disconnect and heal. It is also the best time to get to know yourself.

Perhaps there is a hobby that you like or an activity that you enjoy.

In my case, it was making bread. Kneading the bread and then baking it made my mind drift away from all the recurring thoughts. And it allowed me to spend more time alone doing something that I liked.

And I ended up appreciating those moments.

I realized that I focused my thoughts on myself and less on the situation I was experiencing.

It did not work immediately, but in time it helped me immensely.

If you take these tips as a routine, each day will be easier to cope with than the last. Time heals.

And even though my relationship didn’t work out, I found that I could still enjoy life.

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You control your happiness

It is not the end of life; take the reins and control something that belongs only to you.

You know that everyone needs help sooner or later, so you should not go through this alone and in ignorance of others.

And you will wonder how to leave a toxic relationship. If you are in a toxic relationship, some people can help you. You should seek help from close people who love you to the help of a professional.

Imagine being happy again and enjoying the things you loved before. You should not worry about the future anymore. Further, you should be happy living in the present.

You deserve better, it may be unimaginable now, but it is possible.

If you make this choice today, you are already one step closer to being happy tomorrow.

You can do it; I believe in you. Now is just the time for you to believe in yourself.

How To Move On From A Relationship When You Are Still In Love

Make it a point to start your detoxification process today. From now on, you must work on the advice that I have given you, and that will allow you to live the incredible life you deserve.

If you want to treat yourself because you deserve it …???