How To Make Your Female Friend Fall In Love With You

While you die of love for her, the girl smiles at you sweetly and tells you that they can only be friends. Are you going to be content with it? No… Read this article on how to make your female friend fall in love with you.

Far from settling for this reality, you are going to transform it into the starting point to be able to make that woman fall in love and make her faint in love for you. Everything is possible in the world of seduction and today we have to tackle a difficult case on how to impress a friend to be your girlfriend: the woman who only wants friendship. Some girls use this strategy as a defense shield so that no one breaks their heart again. However, others do it for pure fun, while a minority uses this trick to make you despair more and more for their love. Regardless of the motives behind their behavior, we will make them a torrent of love for you. In a very short time, you will have a relationship full of passion and companionship with her.

I am here to offer you the necessary tactics that allow you to reach the heart of the girl who today only wants to be your friend. Let’s see how to impress a friend to be your girlfriend.

Bring her friendship

The first thing we must do to make a woman fall in love is give her what she wants. If that’s friendship, then let’s start right there. It is true that it is not a very attractive strategy for you, but you can be sure that it will gradually work.

Through the moments they share as friends, she will get to know you and you will have the opportunity to show her your best qualities. Talk to her and suggest that they spend time together in different settings.

Once you become their reference, they will want to be with you permanently, since you are the person to whom they associate something as important as good company.

Use hints

Being friends does not have to limit you in your attempts to move the relationship forward. If you feel like telling him that you think they would make a fabulous couple, you can try something like this:

“We understand each other so well that if we were a couple, all your friends would be jealous of the harmonious relationship we would have.”

Immediately afterwards you laugh and everything returns to normal as the friends they are. Say phrases like that every so often and watch their reaction. If from one week to the next you notice any change in the way you look at yourself when you say it, it is that you are making important advances.

Highlight what they have in common

how to make your female friend fall in love with you

Begins to pay close attention to the aspects that unite them. Girls love to check everything they have in common with a boy they like, even with a friend who is looking for something else.

The more common ground you find, the weaker their arguments are that they do not share the same interests. Use the maximum of your creativity to find these aspects, since sometimes it is difficult if we only focus on music or television series.

Remember that there are aspects such as food, places, climates and animals, which can also be of great help in uniting couples. Maybe they both love penguins and can plan a trip to southern Argentina to get a closer look at them.

Remind her that you won’t be there forever

Women have a habit of believing that one will be there forever. We will sit next to her to heat the chair waiting for that elixir that is a kiss of hers, while we see them pass from the arms of one boyfriend to another. This passive attitude can play you very against.

If she believes that you will be there forever, waiting for her to decide to give you a chance, then she will make you her wild card, that person who leaves her relegated to a tenth plane and who knows that she can go if all her other loves fail him.

Being in love with a woman who just wants to be our friend does not mean that we should lose our self-esteem. Valuing yourself is the first thing, since if you do not, you not only lose as a person and fall into depression, but the message you convey to her is that you have nothing interesting to offer, then you agree to be the last option.

None of that is what you will do if I can prevent it. Clearly tell her that you will not be there until she makes up her mind, but that the time will come when you will decide to go ahead and conquer another love.

Make her jealous

If your warnings weren’t enough, then it’s time to take action. Agree with a girl who doesn’t feel anything for you, she can even be a cousin of yours if your girl doesn’t know her, and pretend to be interested in her. Appear with her in places where you know that the woman you want to love is going to be.

This will show you that when you say something, you mean it. The instinct for competitiveness in women is very high, so it is precisely at this time that she will also plan her strategy to seduce you.

State your feelings clearly

It is time to close the circle. First you got close, then you let him know that you were interested, you put an ultimatum on him and finally you showed him that you are capable of looking at another person if she doesn’t decide.

Now is the time to speak from the heart and make your feelings clear. They have gone through various stages and she may also be confused. May be she doubts if you still love her or not. So you have to be very clear and sincere.

If you are a sensitive man, this moment will be magical, because you can turn it into a romantic and sentimental experience. What has been a game until now, will become a reality full of feelings and emotion that both will always remember with illusion.

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