How to make wedding invitations for a grandmother or grandfather with your own hands?

Guests will learn the news about the upcoming wedding from the invitation card. It is sent by the newlyweds to all those they want to see at the celebration. The invitation card is given a lot of challenges. She not only informs about the celebration but also adjusts the guests to the style of the upcoming event.

At large ceremonies, typical invitation cards are usually sent to all guests. But a grandmother wedding invitation for grandparents looks very special.

How to properly sign invitations for grandparents?

The most important guests at a wedding are the parents of the bride and groom. They help organize the wedding, participate in direct discussion of it.

Grandparents are considered the second most important invited guests. The newlyweds try to express special honor and respect to them.

Text granny wedding invitation.

For grandparents, the wedding of their grandchildren is the most touching and emotional moment in life. Perhaps they have never been so worried and worried as before this event.

When drawing up an invitation card, you should consider:

  • text;
  • stylistic design of the postcard;
  • way of delivering the message.

As for the method, then, of course, the best option would be a personal visit to the groom with the bride. Elderly relatives will be pleased that they were noted with such great attention. Even if your loved ones live far away, try to take the time and go to them in person.

As for the text of the postcard itself, several specific requirements are imposed on it:

  1. Brevity and conciseness – without further ado, let us know where and when the wedding ceremony will take place.
  2. Decorating in a classic traditional style is unlikely, grandparents will understand modern fashion trends. Especially for them, make a simple, beautiful, but at the same time stylish version. Lace makers or Tiffany-style postcards are perfect for this one.
  3. The text will begin with a personal appeal. It is worth starting from how you call your relatives. It can be either “Grandmother Nina and Grandfather Ivan” or “Granny and Grandpa”. The address should not come as a surprise to relatives, so try to avoid too formal phrases mentioning the name and patronymic of relatives.
  4. At the end, be sure to indicate that you will be grateful and happy if your grandparents come to the celebration.


The traditional option would be to write the text of the invitation in an official form. It involves the use of:

  • clichéd phrases, expressions;
  • lack of sentimental speeches;
  • appeal to you.

The official form is understandable for the older generation since its tradition and correctness are not questioned. T No lyrics wedding invitations grandmother:

  1. Grandmother and grandfather! We are pleased to invite you to our wedding, which will take place on May 15, 2019 at 12.30 in the Volna restaurant. We will be glad and happy to see you as guests of honor. We are grateful for your love and hope to see you soon. Your grandchildren.

Grandma’s wedding invitations:

Free style

If you want to do without unnecessary pathos, then consider the option for a free invitation format.

  1. Beloved grandma and grandpa! We decided on May 15, 2019 at 12.30 in the Volna restaurant to seal our union with the state seal, uniting destinies for life. We invite you to a festive event dedicated to this occasion. There will be a sea of ​​joy, laughter and fun. Always yours, newlyweds Natalia and Ivan.

A letter can be used as a design option for such a postcard. It needs to be aged to give a mood of romance and mystery. You can put the letter in the mailbox and wait for your grandmother to call you.

For a special antique feel, place a thick white leaf in a container of strong tea. The drink will be able to color the leaf without damaging it. The freestyle also implies the presence of humor. But you should use it carefully so that your loved ones understand the whole point and are not offended by a joke.

Wedding invitation in verse

You can originally invite your loved ones to a wedding using a poetic form.

“Grandma, dear,

I hasten to surprise you again,

I have a new dress

And it’s not anyhow.

This dress is not just a princess, it

is the dress of a real bride.

I have a veil and blooming roses.

Grandma, open your eyes soon

And dry your tears.

Grandma, this is just a miracle, a real miracle,

I am inviting you to a wedding,

Where I will be so beautiful.

You come for sure,

And be an honored guest.

This solemn moment,

From which tears of happiness.

Invitation texts for grandparents

If you are not strong in poetry and do not know how to correctly and competently compose the text of your invitation, you should pay attention to the template version.

Your loved ones will not even notice that you followed the prompts. But the postcard will turn out to be competent, structured.

  1. Grandmother and grandfather. We would like to tell you an important message on May 15, 2019 at 12.30 in the “Volna” restaurant, we decided to seal our union forever. From this day on we will be officially husband and wife. We invite you to such a joyful event. You are the people we would definitely like to see among other guests. We deeply believe and look forward to your visit. Respectfully yours, yours Maria and Anton.

If you manage to make an invitation card with your own hands, then grandparents will be doubly pleasant from such a gift.

You can use the techniques popular in modern times:

  • scrapbooking;
  • sweet cake with an inscription;
  • fruit basket with a postcard;
  • chocolate bar;
  • Handmade soap;
  • foamed.

Watch a few master classes on making postcards, then you can repeat what you have conceived on your own. For the first option, use one of the simplest techniques.

Scrapbooking only requires the acquisition of a small amount of material and tools. By combining them, you will be able to create a beautiful postcard.


Grandparents are the people who will leave an invitation card for long memory. Therefore, it is extremely important to carefully compose the text and try to choose the appropriate decorative design option.

The postcard should be informative, in a classic traditional style. This format will appeal to your adult relatives, grandparents.