How To Make Him Miss Me In A Long Distance Relationship

If you are currently in a relationship, the chances are that, at times, you want to read their mind. We do not speak psychically, but to know what he is thinking of you. Most of the time, we want to be deeply loved and respected by our loved ones, and therefore we need to know that we have an essential place in their hearts. The most credible glimpse into someone’s consideration is the fact of missing them when they are not there. So we have compiled some appropriate ways to find out if that special someone misses you when they are not with you. It could be the best information about where you are in your relationship. How To Make Him Miss Me In A Long Distance Relationship?

1. Turn off the phone as much as possible

In this digital age, it is very normal that we have our phones close by at all times, which means that you usually text or call them at least once a day. You could even tag him in certain posts when he’s not even sitting in front of you. There is nothing wrong with wanting to communicate, but there is indeed a “healthy” level. Being in touch every couple of hours won’t give him time to miss you, so give him a chance to realize how much he misses you when you’re silent for a long time. Put the phone down and do something else! It will be better for you, much more productive for your time, and hopefully, your boy will return surrendered to your feet. Do not hesitate to continue reading our article!

2. Make him wait

In case it’s your boyfriend calling or texting you, try teasing yourself a bit. If you rush to answer in the first ring or text him immediately, it will not increase your value. Don’t think that he would immediately give up if you don’t respond right away; if someone did that in the first place, it wouldn’t be worth worrying about him. So, practice patience a bit and force yourself to look away from their messages. Read it first to make sure it is not urgent, and respond to it once you are done with what you are doing. It’s better not to sit around waiting for it to show signs of life!

3. Be the first to say goodbye.

When you’re chatting, make sure you’re the first to say goodbye. In case of going on a date, suggest that you go home before he does. This practice is usually quite difficult, as you both want to spend as much time as possible together and are having a good time. Still, try to keep it this way to realize that he doesn’t want his time to end with you. If he has feelings for you, he will find a way to reach out and contact you again. However, this is just a practice to make him realize that he might miss you. In the long term, feel free to invite or call yourself if you wish.

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4. Don’t post everything on social media

If you are always updating your status, tweeting, and Instagram pissing, you will be seeing it all the time. In a way, it’s like you haven’t left his side. As a result, he probably won’t even miss you for a second. So the action plan here is to stop uploading every image you take together; leave something so you can find out on your own. If he is the only one who uploads images and states, you do not have to run to like him or leave a comment. Even if you have to fake it, do what you can to look like you’re too busy on social media.

5. Make use of science

The sense of smell is one of the most powerful ways to evoke certain feelings. It is especially useful for someone to recall certain memories. You can use this scientific fact to your advantage by having a particular scent! In this way, he would always miss you when he smells your same perfume or something similar. Try to use the same scent every time you go out with him, but make sure you don’t use too much, so it doesn’t get cloying. You can be sure that even if he doesn’t consciously smell it, he’ll think of you even when you’re not there.

6. Watch your availability

For your flirt to miss you, stop being available from time to time. When we get into a relationship, many of us, sadly, don’t make time for our friends; Do not make the same mistake. Use a weekend night to meet up with those close to you without your boyfriend being around for a change. Dress up, stay classy, ​​and have a nice makeover for a bit. Even if your guy likes to have space at first, he will soon start to miss it, knowing that you have other places to go than just being with him. It will make him appreciate you that much more.

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7. Keep going

It sounds a bit dramatic, but in case you’ve recently broken up with your partner and want him to miss you, you may want to show up with someone else. This new guy could be a friend or an acquaintance, but the person you want to attack is likely to get jealous when you see another man. Of course, make sure this is what you want. You should also consider the fact of not using the person who is accompanying you; imagine that he has feelings for you. You would not want them to do the same to you. And much less to capture the attention of your ex.

8. Make him laugh

Making him miss you is not that difficult. You just have to be the type of person who creates a void when you are not together. If you make him laugh when he’s with you, he’ll miss that pleasure when you’re gone. So don’t be afraid to pay a few compliments, tell little jokes, and generally bring out your most charming side. Show him your best side instead of scolding or being jealous every time you see him. If you make your encounters a headache, he will feel great relief every time he is not with you. How about? Are you missing something? Share this article with everyone!