How To Make Him Afraid Of Losing You

16 effective ways to make him afraid of losing you

There are times when a relationship becomes difficult to manage, especially if you are with someone who is not ready to change their mind for you. In this article we will discuss about how to make him afraid of losing you.

Many women are taken for granted by their long-term partners just because they are kind to them.

Guys probably think a good wife will always be kind even though they behave badly.

But even the best wives will eventually implode and decide to give up what they fought so hard for.

But before they get to that, they’ll likely consider the possibility of getting revenge on their unworthy husband or mate who took them for granted for so long.

Now you have to be wondering if there is any way to make your man afraid of losing you, right?

Well the answer is yes of course. If you want to find out how to make him afraid of losing you, you can follow some of the tips below.

They are likely to help you complete your plans and show your man what he will lose if he continues to behave the way he does.

1. Make him afraid of losing you by showing you are unavailable

If you want to indirectly show your man what he will lose if he continues to behave like an idiot, be unavailable.

Be away when he needs you and live your life the way you always dreamed of it.

Don’t tell him too much about your daily life and your friends, but let him guess what you may have been doing in your free time.

If you continue to adopt such an attitude, you will make him think more of you and he will necessarily make more efforts in order to improve your life as a couple.

2. Mention future projects of which it is not part.

If you tell your man you’re going to spend a weekend with friends in some interesting place, he’s bound to be wondering what you’re going to do there.

Spice up the story by telling it that there will be some of your coworkers, men and women, and that you are planning to have a barbecue by the river.

He will then wonder why he wasn’t invited and constantly imagine some of these men taking their chances with you.

He knows that in this kind of party, alcohol flows freely and he will therefore be worried to see you cheating on him.

It will be a real wake-up call, showing him that you have your own life, friends and that your happiness does not depend on him.

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3. Do not respond to messages immediately

Men get tired of clingy, addicted girls very quickly.

So if you want to make him afraid of losing you, don’t answer his calls and messages immediately.

Make him wait and he will respect you all the more.

He will understand that you are not available every time he thinks so and that it will take some effort if he wants to keep you in his life.

If you keep doing this, you will see that your relationship will improve.

And remember that by changing your behavior, things in your life will change for the better too!

How To Make Him Afraid Of Losing You

4. Surprise him with new sex positions

That’s the plan: if you want him to be afraid of losing you, try making some changes under the duvet.

In doing so, he will think “where did she learn this?”

And at the same time, he will be surprised at how well you do it.

Then, with a snap of your fingers, you’ll catch him thinking of something he wouldn’t reveal for the world.

If you ask him why he’s so distant, he’ll deny it and change the subject.

But in fact he will wonder if you learned all this from another man and that feeling will eat into him.

Congratulations because you just got him to think about you and his recent behavior.

And once he realizes his mistake and the fact that he neglected you, he will try to change, to make you happy and to make you feel fulfilled.

5. Pamper yourself

In order to make him afraid of losing you, do things for you.

If you’ve put on a few pounds, start exercising so that you feel better.

You will make him wonder why all of a sudden you want to regain your beauty.

And once your workout is over, once you look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, her gaze will be on you constantly.

He will feel bad for taking you for granted and will try to be a better man for you.

Make sure to do something like this as soon as you feel your relationship isn’t what it used to be.

If you wait too long to let him know that he needs to change or that he will lose you, it may already be too late.

6. Flirt in front of her eyes

If you want to make him afraid of losing you, use little tricks to show him that you have other options.

When a nice looking man walks past you, look him straight in the eye, admire him and most of all make your partner see you. He will be jealous of it and think that another man is threatening him.

It will be all the more effective if a man approaches you and offers you a drink.

Your man will be ready for implosion but it’s a lesson he needs to learn since he doesn’t treat you the way you deserve.

Doing this once will be enough since he will understand that he does not have you.

He will realize that another would treat you better and will make an effort if he wants to keep you in his life.

7. Stop being sticky

If you’re clingy and addicted, your man won’t even miss you.

He’ll take you for granted and think you’ll always be there for him.

So if you want to make him afraid of losing you, be independent and don’t seek his attention all the time.

Show him that you can have fun without him and that you don’t need him to be complete.

In doing so, your man will see that you are not the same and that it is possible that you will leave him if by chance he does not treat you correctly.

In doing so, you will get what you want and your man will perceive you to be stronger than he thought.

8. Try to be a little more distant

Who said love shouldn’t be a little sneaky? If there is anything that can help you achieve your goals, don’t hesitate!

If you notice your man is being rude or no longer interests you, use trickery to change his mind.

Playing it distant always helps because he’ll be wondering what else is on your mind besides him.

If he asks you if everything is okay, say yes and keep doing what you were doing.

This will show him that he does not interest you as much as before and that he will have to make efforts to regain your love.

9. Don’t satisfy him all the time

If you teach your man that as long as you are there everything will be fine, he will eventually take you for granted.

So whatever you do, don’t satisfy him by giving him what he wants all the time.

You have just as much a right to enjoy life and to do things that make you happy.

Don’t prioritize him because he doesn’t deserve it.

If he deserved it, he would never have done to you what he did to you.

You have to understand that men will take advantage of you, if you let them do it, and the better you are with them, the worse they will be with you.

After doing this, he will see that you are not fooled and that you are serious.

This will cause him to change his mind and do his best to satisfy you.

10. Have your own friends

Go out with your own friends. You don’t have to share everything with him because you already share a lot.

If you go out with friends while he is at home, he will start to wonder if you are having a good time and so he will be afraid of losing you and will change his mind about his behavior as well.

What’s the gist here? You have to do this kind of thing, not to hurt your mate but to show him that you can survive without him.

This will benefit your relationship and force both of you to learn that it takes sacrifices to make good things happen.

11. Be independent

If you show your man that you are a strong, independent woman, he will look at you differently.

But if you are constantly addicted and clingy, it will inevitably take you for granted.

It will just be a sign that you will always be there no matter what.

So whatever you do, avoid it and make him see you as an independent woman.

All men prefer strong, badass women to women who always need their approval.

Show her that you don’t need a man to be complete and that you can handle things on your own.

This attitude will make him think twice about the woman by his side and he will wish to keep you forever.

12. Be “flirty”

If you want to make your man afraid of losing you, do everything possible (and even use unlikely tricks) to show him that you are worth it and that men are lining up to be with. you.

If you put on sexy clothes, he’ll probably be afraid that you have another man in your life and dress like that for him.

It will inspire him to see you as an individual and to think about all that you have to offer in a relationship.

Hopefully, he’ll realize he’s been neglecting you all this time and it’s time for a change to give you the love you deserve.

You will notice a change in his behavior as soon as you start playing this little game and it is bound to make him want you with all his might.

Sometimes you have to be a little sneaky to get what you want, right?

13. Be yourself

Don’t allow him to treat you differently than you deserve; no matter what, be yourself. Do whatever you want and never be sorry.

He must understand that he has no control over you and that things will turn out as you see fit.

If you show him that you are difficult to deal with, he will see that it takes an effort to keep you happy, and if you wanted to, you could easily find someone else.

Show him that you have a lot to offer a man, from the way you look, the way you think or act.

Show him that he could never find a woman like you, no matter how long he looked for her.

Make him want you to death and feel bad for treating you so badly.

14. Don’t be his second option

If he makes plans with his friends and they cancel at the last minute, don’t be available for him.

Show him that you respect yourself and that you won’t be a second choice.

If you really want to make him afraid of losing you, you have to play this game smart and cunning.

It will make him think more of you and love you more because the woman he is with is taking care of her.

You just don’t want to be there every time he needs it when you don’t even know what it’s like to have someone take care of you.

If you get your man to think you’ll always be available, he’ll no doubt take you for granted.

Maybe that’s not what he wants, but his actions say the opposite.

So be strong and never settle for less than you deserve.

15. Post funny photos with your friends on Facebook

It’s a great way to show your man you’re having a good time even when he’s not around.

Post lots of pictures of yourself with your friends on social media to show them that they are not the most important person in your life.

To avoid a conflict, you can post a few pictures of the two of you but be sure to post more with your friends.

This will make him afraid of losing you because he will think that you don’t need him to be happy.

If he tends to think too much, he will even think that you already have another man in your life and that you don’t want to be with him anymore.

While this trick is easy to pull off, be sure to do other things that make him think more of you.

If your plan is solid, it will work for sure.

Men don’t think about love and romance as much as we do, every once in a while we need to remind them of what they could lose if they don’t wake up.

16. Don’t show too much interest in his stories

If you want to make him afraid of losing you, show him that you aren’t as interested as before.

Show her that her stories aren’t as much fun anymore and that you have better things to do.

When he says something to you, pick up your phone and tap while looking at him from time to time.

He will wonder what is more interesting than him on your phone and that feeling will eat into him.

He will wonder if he has a rival and wishes to find out whether or not there is another man in your life.

It’s a trick as old as the world but it always works, so don’t hesitate and spice up your married life a little bit!

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