How To Make Conversation Over Text

Currently, many people have realized the importance of certain applications to maintain contact with other people. These days when we have had to be at home, we have been able to observe the importance of staying active on social networks and in instant messaging applications, while some people have managed to keep their crush interested, others, on the contrary, have seen how they were moving away little by little. In bigmatrimonial we are going to give you 15 keys on how to make conversation over text.

Ask questions

A very simple but very effective way to keep someone curious is to ask yourself questions.┬áThe questions allow on the one hand to know the person more and on the other hand it also arouses more interest – depending on the answers and their affinity with the other person – to get to know them more deeply.

Leave with intrigue

Another strategy to maintain a person’s interest in WhatsApp is the game of intrigue. It may happen that some of the things you have said to the other person has caused some intrigue, do not respond to the moment take the opportunity to play a little with that curiosity.

  • Example: “If you want to know you will have to earn it -emoticon with a wink-.”

Don’t always start conversations

It is important that in all conversation the interest is reciprocal, so it is recommended that you are not always the person who opens the other, but to arouse interest you should not always be the one who started the conversation, let the other person too take the initiative.

how to make conversation over text

Do not force

It is important that the conversations are fluid but not forced, in case you see or detect that everything is being too forced it can be good to give a little space. Perhaps forcing something can be harmful, since the other person can get overwhelmed. If we give space we are indicating to the other person that we know how to detect when we have reached a limit, this can arouse more interest in the other.

Start a series together

How to maintain interest in the distance? If we are separated from the other person and without the possibility of seeing them, we can start a series together. If the person you are talking to has gone on a trip for a while or has been quarantined separately, a good solution to keep the conversation going is to start a series together and discuss the chapters together. Furthermore, the mere fact of choosing the series will already be a topic of conversation.

Tell personal facts

Another strategy to maintain a person’s interest in WhatsApp is to give important information about yourself, open up and explain important personal events. It is true that on many occasions people prefer to tell certain things face to face, even so, when there is no possibility of seeing you tell small personal events it can be a way that the person knows you more and in turn has more interest in you.

To make video calls

There are people that only writing to one person knows little and can get boring, WhatsApp has the perfect option for these people, video calls. Seeing the other person’s face from time to time and hearing their voice can keep the flame from going out.

Find conversation topics

Another important point to avoid losing interest in a person is that the conversation does not decay. Now that you know more thanks to the questions, you can search for conversation topics that can trigger a fluid and exciting conversation.

Make a list

Another strategy to maintain a person’s interest in WhatsApp is to think about when you can see each other and make plans. To keep the desire alive, another trick you can use is to make a list of things you are going to do when you could meet again. Not only will it make the other person keep the interest, but they will think about you and the plans that you have left to make, this fact will keep the desire alive.

Make games

You can organize a stay online and to make it a little more mischievous, play games that allow you to laugh while getting to know each other better and what better than to play me ever!

Or you can make other kinds of games with emoticons, like playing movies which have to be deciphered from the different emoticons.

Give feedback

It is important when talking to someone and so that interest does not evaporate, giving feedback on how you feel when talking to this person.

  • Example: Hey, the truth is that I really like talking to you, you always know how to get a smile out of me, even if you don’t see it -you can add a smiley-.


We have all heard of sexting, sending the odd risque phrase or explaining what you would do to the other person if you were by your side. Even so, we must be careful about this practice, here are some tips to practice safe sexting :

  • Don’t do it with someone you don’t trust.
  • In case of sending a risque photo, do not show your face or any identifying trait (birthmark or tattoo).
  • Make sure the other person is going to delete what you send them and do it yourself.
  • Do not practice it if you do not feel safe, remember that it is something that must come out of both of you but under no circumstances should it be forced by any of the parties.

Prepare an appointment

How to surprise by WhatsApp? You want to do something special to the other person but nothing occurs to you, you can make an appointment. You’ve been talking for a while and you want to do something different, propose an hour and a day and make a romantic dinner. If you know her address and it’s not far, you can even have dinner delivered to her home and it will make it even more special.

Plan something surprise

You can book to do that activity that the two of you have talked about that you would like to do, or in that Japanese food restaurant that you have wanted to go for a long time. Once you have it done, put a little excitement on it, play around a bit before giving him the surprise.

Send him a song

You always listen to a song that reminds you of that person, don’t think twice! Send it to her and give her the reasons why she makes you think of her. You will surely love it.

If you know how to sing, you can record an audio with a song or that you have done a cover song , that will make it even more special.