How To Make A Relationship Last

Every day it is less frequent to find love relationships of many years. The reasons can be many and varied but the truth is that we have more and more short-term relationships. what are the secrets by which we can find how to make a relationship last?

If, in addition, we seek that these couples feel full and satisfied, the number is reduced even more.

How To Make A Relationship Last A Lifetime

Doesn’t The “Happily Ever After” Get Along?

The economic difficulties associated with the crisis we are facing are dissatisfaction and conflicts, but beyond the economic problems there must be other deeper reasons.

Perhaps the fact that society is increasingly complex makes it difficult to find someone with whom we think about sharing our whole lives. Perhaps the very fact of thinking about sharing your whole life with the same person produces rejection in a culture in which when something breaks or we get tired of it, “we go out to buy a new one.”

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how to make a relationship last

We may not have the same values as the partners before. Life itself is not as it was before. Finding time to devote to caring for and reinforcing emotional ties with our partner can be a difficult task since we dedicate a lot of time to other facets of our lives such as the professional.

Perhaps an interaction of all these factors results in a feeling of not wanting to “complicate our lives more” having to also attend to the state of our love relationships, as if it were “one more responsibility” in a life full of them.

And to all this we must add the distorted idea of the relationships offered by the media (my generation has grown with Disney movies that ended with the wedding of the protagonists and little or nothing showed of the coexistence and overcoming of couple crises).

In any case, whatever the reasons, the truth is that, although few, you can still find love relationships of a lifetime in which the members feel full, satisfied and happy.

These couples usually build their relationships on the basis of a series of keys that we discuss below how to make a relationship last.

15 Keys To Building Lasting Love Relationships

1. Respect:

We had already heard that respect is one of the basic pillars of any full relationship, however, it is not so clear, in view of statistics, that we fully understand its meaning. Are we able to respect our partner and ourselves in relationships? Do we respect the essence, the decisions, the way of being, the external aspects, the freedoms and the needs of our partner and ourselves ?

2. Unconditional Support:

Whatever happens, “in health and disease”, that is the idea. Give and receive support in love relationships, in any circumstance. If we want our partner to stay by our side and stay with us, you should know that you can count on us no matter what happens, that we will always be there to support you in your good and bad times. In the end, in addition to lovers, we must be life partners.

3. Space:

Lasting couples do not invade each other’s space, they do not suffocate. The two know the need of the other to maintain their independence and freedom. The more it overwhelms and “oppresses” the other, the more we move it away from us and the more we cancel it as a person. Lasting couples are not to “hold” the other, but to worry about being the place where the other “wants to return” every day.

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how to make a relationship last

4. Trust:

In relation to the previous point, in the same way that they respect the space of the other, they grant the necessary confidence to the other party and strive to earn it each day and maintain it. If there is distrust, conflicts appear on a regular basis and the stability and duration of the couple suffer.

5. Commitment:

Lasting couples are committed to the relationship and work for mutual happiness.

6. Solve Conflicts:

And don’t let them pass. Conflicts that are not resolved are stored and when the glass is filled the entire contents are turned over. For this reason, these couples are resolving conflicts on the fly, as they appear, and do not allow anything to stay “in the inkwell.”

7. Forgive (and Forget):

Because the two are clear that they are not perfect, that they make mistakes, but that the positive aspects continue to tip the balance in favor of forgiving.

8. Turn The Page:

This is one of the most common mistakes of today’s couples. It is enough for the spark to jump so that we can take out the “dirty rags” of the month or last year, ending the same conversations in all discussions. And this happens because they do not meet the previous point, neither forgive nor forget. On the contrary, they accumulate resentment and will be there to remember each other’s mistakes whenever they have a chance. Lasting couples know the wear and tear that these situations produce, so they avoid removing the past.

9. Keep The Flame Alive:

Obviously, the passion of the early stages of the relationship is very difficult to maintain (it may even be counterproductive), but we do not mean that flame. We refer to the compliments, the compliments, the words of affection towards the other. Words that abound in the infatuation phase and that we are losing. It is important to keep them as they keep complicity alive.

10. Do Not Try To Change Your Partner:

And, although a certain degree of change is inevitable (click on the link below to learn more), the truth is that many couples try to change aspects of the other that they previously worshiped or did not give importance. In lasting love relationships this intention is not given. Members accept each other. Changing our partner means changing the person we fall in love with, with the risks that entails. Do you know someone who has changed their partner and is happier like that? Surely not.

11. Details:

Show affection and gratitude with small details frequently. From preparing a romantic dinner to a simple “thank you” accompanied by a sincere smile. It is these little things that provide the greatest amount of happiness.

12. Loyalty And Loyalty:

Infidelity can end in a stroke with lasting relationships, for many years that have lasted, everyone is known. But loyalty is equally important. Stay next to our partner and be clear that the place of the other is by our side.

13. Foster Growth:

Couples that foster the personal growth of their members last longer and live more satisfied. They learn, collaborate and care about their own development and that of the other, avoid making judgments, their criticisms are constructive and encourage the other to reach their goals.

14. Communication:

These relationships, like the rest, are not always a path of roses, they go through their crises, they have problems and they face situations that put the couple in danger. The difference is that they communicate with each other, tell their concerns to each other, their desires, their shortcomings, their frustrations and try to solve them from both sides, working as a team.

15. Never Get Bored:

With your partner. This does not mean that every day is an adventure full of emotions, but that in these love relationships, its members have fun, enjoy their company, their conversation and laugh together, themselves and life. In the end, laughter may be the best ingredient when others disappear, right?

So these are the 15 ways on how to make a relationship last. Like, share, and comment, if you like the post.