How To Maintain A Distance Relationship

Surely you have wondered, at some time, how to maintain a distance relationship or if it is possible to build a healthy emotional bond miles away.

Distance relationships have always existed; At present, it could even be said that they have increased.

For reasons of work and seeking economic improvement, for reasons of study and professional achievement, for health reasons or specific treatments of their own or of a family member, the causes could be multiple. Long Distance Relationship Tips can help you.

Distance Relationship Advice

In fact, there are relationships that from the beginning are conditioned by distance.Do Long Distance Relationships Work

That is, you met someone while you were on vacation, taking a work trip or surfing the internet you found your soulmate on the other side of the world.

The way you came to that relationship does not matter, the really important thing is that you have decided to continue it.

How? Simple is not, I will not deny it, but, after all, what relationship is simple?

Many people do not understand this type of relationship, or have gone through them and it has not worked for them and, therefore, you will believe that your case will be the same.

Keep reading and you will find that help you need so much to know how to maintain a distance relationship , against all odds of failure!

How to Handle Distance Relationship

Start With You

When the boy you love is close to you, you try to look attractive, pretty and seductive to him; Well, that can’t change even if you are far away!

Negative Thoughts

Dealing with the feeling of nostalgia and sadness that inevitably arises with distance relationships can be very complicated.

You miss him all the time, you long to spend moments with him, you think they will never see each other again or that this love will be broken with remoteness, AWAY THOSE THOUGHTS!

If you think like this all the time, you end up getting depressed and because you care less about the world in which you live.

Don’t Neglect Your Appearance

As you do not see your boy frequently and all those feelings that I talked about arise, at some point you begin to neglect yourself.

“What am I going to do if he is not here?”, “Who am I going to shave for if I am not going to have a crazy night of passion with anyone?”, “Why am I going to put on makeup?” … STOP !! Stop thinking like this!

It is important that you do not neglect your personal appearance. For whom? Well, for you, you are the most important person in your life.

It does not matter that your boy is far away, he will appreciate that you do not neglect because your physical appearance also influences your psychological aspect and the health of the relationship in general.

Everything Enters Through The Eyes

You always have to think that maybe your boy can surprise you with a short visit without you knowing, what a squeeze you will go through if he finds you without shaving and all disheveled!

Go outside with your best look and surprise everyone with a smile.

Make up and fix yourself even if you’re just going to talk to him on the phone; You will see how the difference in your mood is noted.

Ah! and don’t forget to keep in mind a resource that can become your best ally: female body language.

How to maintain a distance relationship will be easier than ever, continue reading and take careful note of the other recommendations!

Love Yourself A Lot

It is no use depressing by absence, it is the opposite.

Go for a walk, meet new places, plan visits with him.

All this you can tell in conversations, everything you’ve seen and enjoyed that you can share together even if they are separated.

Give yourself something nice from time to time, or whenever you feel like it, it depends on how your economy is, although it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Pamper yourself a little, take a relaxing foam bath, or a simple shower, but adorned with aromatic candles.The distance relationship, like any relationship, begins with oneself: you cannot love the other if you do not love yourself first.

How to Make the Spark Come Back in a Relationship

Use your free time to learn something new, this will have your mind occupied, moving away from thoughts harmful to the relationship!follow the Long Distance Relationship Rules

Find what you’ve always wanted to do, what catches your attention since childhood, take advantage of the space where you can’t be with your boy and learn!

It can be a language, a manual art, a dance, a culture, the possibilities are endless.

And what about learning something that affects both of you later, or that you can show him, or what you can please him with?

This is the most interesting thing that is far away: you can learn new things to drive him crazy when they meet again.

Take Advantage Of Your Time!

There are millions of possibilities: it can be a cooking course with aphrodisiac products for you to prepare exquisite dishes that will make your desire increase by just trying them with you.

Here is a suggestion, see the article Types of kisses: Know them and put them into practice! so you don’t fail with anyone when, at last, they see each other and leave you fascinated and dreaming of your kisses in your absence.

You can also learn some massage to be ecstatic and wishing that your hands touch it again.Surely you will get that boy who wants so much more than ever that the distance that separates them is shortened forever!

Deaf Ears To Criticism

Well, it is no less true that you have to pay attention to the advice and experiences of other people, but always keep something in mind: because it happened to another person does not mean it will happen to you.

People constantly try to fix the lives of others without looking at theirs.

It is like the saying, “they see the straw in the foreign eye but not the beam in their own.”

We all like to issue criteria, or what is the same, criticize the other; and, when it comes to giving opinions and censoring, there you will find professionals!

With distance couples it seems that the world has its target to throw darts and, sometimes, they are darts that hurt a lot or are poisonous.

Everyone thinks they can say their opinions and most think, and tell you, it won’t work.

“That has no future,” “they will not know how to maintain a long distance relationship ,” “that will fail,” ” distance love , happy all four,” and much more they will tell you!

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Given all this, it is best not to respond, depending on the person.

You will not be able to demonstrate what you do not even know, only time and life will give you the indicated signals.

How many couples do not fail and live together all the time? Long Distance Relationship Problems And Solutions

Failure or triumph does not depend on distance or closeness , but on each couple itself and the love and trust they have.

If you have frequent doubts it is normal, even if they lived together.

How To Maintain A Distance Relationship: Teamwork

After you work on yourself and what you feel, work together even if they are separated!

Every relationship is about mutual work, in pairs; And learning how to maintain a distance relationship is not going to be different.

Trust In Each Other

The first thing that has to exist between the two is an infinite trust.

If you don’t trust your boy, if you want to control him all the time, if you want to know all the time what he does and with whom, if you don’t give him space to make his normal life and overwhelm him more and more:

Your distance relationship is doomed to fail without remedy!and How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

It is impossible for you to control the entire life of another person, since it is another different from you, that it is not you, and you cannot, however much you wish, be aware of every detail of it.

Two Important Keys: Calm And Patience

Control your possessive impulses if you are one of those, and trust him, more than anything, because you have no other choice!

You have a choice to make: trust or leave the relationship.

Another thing, in my view, would be to torture you silly.

What is the point of squeezing your brains thinking about what (or not) you may be doing?

Why wear yourself thinking who will it be with?

Why suffer for the possibility that he is cheating or lying to you?

It is time wasted in vain.

The Importance Of Security

It’s not about going dumb and believing everything. The spark you always have to leave it on, but you also have to learn to trust.

Everything may be happening with your boy, but you have a 50% chance that it is or not.

Then, the lesson, learn to trust each other and never give reasons for the opposite.

Of course, you can also put things in your favor: if you become the unforgettable girl you want for your life and to share all the time with her, you will have no reason to look for other things or other girls.

See How to make a man miss you Infallible ways! and you’ll have him crazy about you without thinking of anyone else.

Next, I will show you more clues so that you are clear on how to maintain a distance relationship.

Don’t lose sight of yourself!

Sharing Is Important

Another vital aspect in any relationship is sharing things.

To keep your partner in a distance relationship, you must also share, all the time, things with him.

On the other hand, so they look every day, there are many ways to enjoy something together, as a couple.

They can watch the same television program, even at the same time if the difference in space and time permits, and talk about it and what they liked or not.

The same with a movie or a video; They can comment on their impressions without needing to be next to each other.

Transcending The Distance

The enjoyment of things together does not necessarily mean that they are in the same space and time, they just have to be together in spirit and desire.

They can also have the same hobby and talk about it later.

They can even play an online game if it is of their choice, or make a virtual and one virtual visit to another museum or gallery, or read one book at a time and discuss opinions.

The possibilities here are also many!

It is only about having a little imagination and desire to find activities that can continue doing together even if they are not in the same space and time.

Maintain Communication

This is another crucial aspect to understand how to maintain a distance relationship .

And don’t be discouraged, even that at this moment is easier!

With current technology, communicating with other people is very simple.

However far, lonely or deserted the place where your boy is, at least there will be a telephone line there.

But, I am completely sure that most likely there is internet even if it is via Wi-Fi.

So you just have to feel like not to neglect communication.

Even once a week they should talk on the phone, or at least plan calls regularly.

Send emails telling you everything that didn’t give you time or didn’t have the courage to do it over the phone.

Don’t neglect healthy communication as a couple!

Express Yourself!

Almost always people find it less difficult to write what they feel they have to say even if it is over the phone, so you know, to write emails in style!

Tell him how you feel, tell them your most intimate things, your worries and desires with life in general and with your relationship.

Encourage him to write to you and, if you feel inspired and can do it, write him a poem or song just for him!

The important thing is to let him know that you dedicate that time to write to him.

And what about video calls? Do you see how technology facilitates the relationship?

That is why it is significant, as I told you a while ago, that you get ready and make up not only to see it personally, because it can also surprise you with a video call.

Extra Tip:

And if your style goes beyond modernity and you want to return to previous practices, write a letter of your handwriting!

There is nothing closer than a letter from your own hands.

I recommend the article   How to make a love letter: Let your feelings speak for you! to create the most romantic letter for your boy.

how to maintain a distance relationship

Don’t Forget Dates

If they are far, every moment counts, and every occasion to celebrate too.

Take advantage of the significant dates for both of them and don’t forget them.

You meet them, Valentine, the anniversaries; Do not miss them and you will have one more reason to celebrate as a couple.

If you want an extra help, see How to surprise my boyfriend on his birthday: With happiness and love! and apply what serves you there to rejoice the birthday away from you.


Do not rebuke him very strongly if he forgets an important date for you.

The masculine mind does not work the same as the feminine one and, for them, the dates are difficult to remember; He doesn’t do it because he loves you less.

Let him know in some way that you do care about dates and that you want to celebrate them in some way with him.

When the appointed day is near, tell him something about this, that there are so many days left, that he is coming or something; This way you remember it without noticing so much.


Sexuality, of course, is also crucial.

That they are separated does not mean that they do not have intimate life, there are many ways to have sex with your partner!

You can send erotic messages that have him thinking about you all day.

Telling imagined stories of what you want them to do when they see each other again works very well to make you crazy about you.


Visual stimulation is very important for man, so use this aspect in your favor by creating images in his mind narrated by you.

Dare a little! They can have phone sex.

It may not work in the first attempts, but if they continue practicing, you will see how confidence grows to achieve it.

If you prefer, you can also send provocative photos of yourself by email, but beware of this! If these photos begin to circulate in error on the web, there is no turning back.

They may even have privacy in video calls if they do them in private places, but be alert again!

All this can lead to your intimacy becoming public and viral on social networks, you choose.

Surely you will have clarified many doubts regarding how to maintain a distance relationship and you will be considering this alternative more seriously.

By properly focusing on this type of relationship, the kilometers that separate them will mean nothing because love means everything.

See Each Other Whenever Possible

The relationship is at a distance, of course, but to keep it, it can’t be that way all the time.

Within the possibilities of each one, they should try to see each other as many times.

Every month, or every two months, plan a meeting, an outing, a weekend together.

There has to be skin-to-skin contact as often as possible, because otherwise the passion cools.

That is the key moment to take advantage of every second and demonstrate, live and live, how much they love each other and how much they have to give each other.

It is not time to discuss, but to solve the problems (although that involves some discussion, it should not be insurmountable).

It is the time for the two who have planned and craved so much, we must take advantage of it!

Plan Deadline

Distance relationships must have a deadline, to end the distance or to end the relationship once and for all.Without getting pessimistic, we are left with the first option.

They cannot be forever like this, life and economies will not allow it.In addition, a couple’s interest must be for their common future, together.

It is important, then, to think about that future, in the possible ways to solve what separates them and in the different ways to get closer.Read about How To End A Relationship

Distance Means Nothing When Love Means Everything

As you can see, it is not distance that can destroy your relationship.

The persistence in love that you and your boy have, and the work in the final approach so desired, will change this situation that keeps them separated sooner or later.And How To Save A Long Distance Relationship

The important thing is to have a lot of strength to move forward, against all odds that it will not work!Since you learned everything you have to know about how to maintain a distance relationship , draw your own conclusions and risk experiencing a new way of loving.