How To Know If Your Friend Likes You

We all like to know what others think about us, especially if they are important people in our lives. Normally, when we want to know what a close person thinks about ourselves, we ask them directly, but there are times when this can be more uncomfortable and complicated, as in this case, when we want to know if a person likes us or not. friend. This is why in this Bigmatrimonial article: how to know if your friend likes you, we are going to introduce you to some signs that can be good indicators that your friend likes you.

How to know if my friend likes me: 5 signs

Despite that, there are certain signs that we can take into account to give us a better idea and finally know if this special friend likes us or not, when there is emotional chemistry between two people, those signs are inevitable:

1. His gaze

One of the signs that your friend likes you is that you have surprised him many times staring at you and in a different way than your other friends do. Sometimes a glance can say more than a thousand words.

2. Looking to spend a lot of time with you

He calls you continuously to agree and schedule what your next meeting will be. He always looks for your company and wants to spend a lot of time with you.

3. Jealousy

You notice that when you’re dating someone or when you talk to them about your ex-partners or other people you like, they tend to get uncomfortable and even do or say things that make their jealousy evident. It is important to comment that jealousy is not a positive sign, it can develop and become a toxic dynamic.

how to know if your friend likes you

4. You are his priority

You realize that for your friend you are such an important person that on many occasions he makes you see that you are his priority and that he prefers to be with you rather than with other people.

5. treats you differently than others

When your friend treats you differently from others, that is, in a more special way so he pays more attention to you and has more details with you.

More signs that my friend likes me

If you are still not clear if your friend likes you or not, these signs can help you get out of doubt:

  • Physical contact. She tries to have more physical contact with you, so each time she has the opportunity she will get closer to you, whether it is to give you a hug, caress you, etc. There are many types of nonverbal communication that indicate that person likes you.
  • Unconditional support. She will always try to help you as much as she can and will try to be available to you when you need it. So she can let you know through her words or actions that you can always count on her in any situation that happens to you.
  • Smile when he sees you. When you are in love the chemistry of the brain changes and it is for this reason that we feel happier especially when we are with the person we like. So it is normal that if your friend likes you, he smiles frequently when he sees you.
  • You suspect that his friends know he likes you. Another sign that is usually quite clear is that your friends act strangely when you see them together either because notes that talk about you and smile, they pay a lot of attention to both of you when they are talking, etc.
  • He gets nervous when he’s with you. If your friend is somewhat shy, a clear sign that he likes you is that he becomes nervous when he is talking to you, when they have some kind of physical contact or just when you see eye to eye. For example, you may blush, stutter, shake your hands, etc.

What to do if a friend of mine likes me

In case your friend likes you a lot, some time has passed and you notice that you cannot be completely sure that he feels the same for you, it would be good to consider talking directly with him about what you feel.

talk with your friend

This is important because if you really are in love with your friend and you get to make a wrong idea about what he feels for you, then you may be disappointed. When there is love in between in a friendly relationship, if one of you does not feel the same, you can get hurt. So the first thing you should do is clarify your feelings and once you have it clear, if you have doubts about how your friend feels about you, it is advisable to talk to her.

Remember that first of all he is your friend and there is trust between both of you, so it is good to speak to him sincerely and express to him what your true feelings are towards him. By doing this and knowing what your friend really feels for you, you will be able to make the decision that best suits you, whether it is to continue the friendship and even distance yourself from that person in case it is hurting to take you with a person who does not see you with the same eyes.

This article is merely informative, in Bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.