How To Know If You Really Like Someone

Are you not sure if you like someone? How do you know if you like someone or if it’s just friendship? Sometimes we confuse getting along with a person we like. So that does not happen to you, in Bigmatrimonial we want to help you make sure if you like someone or not with 25 signs on how to know if you really like someone.

How to know if you like someone you don’t know

It will not be the first time or the last time that someone tells us about love at first sight. And it is that sometimes with just a glance we fall in love with that person, but do we really like it?

If it has ever happened to you, what is clear is that you physically like it. But that you like the whole person, that is, their way of being, behaving, their education…, that is no longer so clear. Let’s keep in mind that we are talking about someone we don’t know, so if you feel like you it is because you are probably forming an image of him or her about how you would like him or her to be.

We usually project everything we look for in someone who attracts us. Little by little we are looking for attitudes that we like and idealize the other and all of him or her seems wonderful to us.

A few decades ago we would have even gotten to marriage without really knowing that person. However, that is little seen because we currently have the opportunity to meet someone really (or almost) before getting into such a commitment.

So if you want to know if you really like someone you don’t know, I have to tell you that you can’t really know until you meet him. Neither what they tell you about that person, nor what you think you see will ensure that it is really how you perceive him/her.

Once you meet the idealized person you can check if you were right or not. Maybe in the end it will be different but you will still like it or maybe everything you thought you felt will vanish in one fell swoop. Be that as it may, you will have to take the step of knowing it to verify it.

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How to know if you like someone or just friendship

How to know if you really like someone

Do you have such a good relationship with your friend that you think you are starting to like him? Be sure before making statements because you can jeopardize that wonderful and difficult to find friendship.

There are some circumstances, which can make you believe that you like your friend, that you should take into account. For example, if you have been looking for a partner for a long time, if you have just come out of a relationship, if you feel something in need of affection…

Another possibility is that you hold your partner in such high esteem that you think you would like a partner with these characteristics. This can lead to error. Obviously, she is your friend because you like her but she does not have to like you in a romantic way.

If once you have discarded the above, you still think that you like it, that it attracts you, that you would like to start a relationship with that person, you are probably right. You can ask yourself these questions to confirm it:

  • Do I see myself in the future with him/her?
  • Would I like to get intimate with him/her?
  • Do I feel happier after an encounter with that person?
  • Has anything changed in the way I act in our friendship relationship? (maybe you have more nerves or shame when you are together or together)

If you answered yes to all or almost all of them, it seems that you clearly like it. If you still do not have it clear below you can see 25 more signs, but do not forget that nobody knows you better than you and if you stop to think about it and meditate on it you will know the answer.

25 signs that you really like someone

Keys to identify if you really like that person:

  1. You feel nervous when you see that person appear.
  2. You are interested in the things he likes.
  3. You feel like staying with him or her regardless of the plan.
  4. When you’re with that person, time flies by.
  5. You talk about interesting topics and the conversation flows naturally.
  6. You are looking for any excuse to send him a message.
  7. You can distinguish its characteristic smell.
  8. Everything reminds you of that person.
  9. You feel like spending time together.
  10. You always laugh with his jokes.
  11. You are looking for information about her or him.
  12. You are interested in their hobbies.
  13. You remember the little details of meetings and conversations better.
  14. You follow him on social networks.
  15. You know their tastes and preferences.
  16. You take him into account to make important decisions.
  17. You feel sexual attraction and tension.
  18. You want to establish a good relationship with your close people.
  19. You want to read books or watch the series or movies that he recommends.
  20. Your values ​​coincide.
  21. You enjoy his company.
  22. It brings you joy and fun, but also calm and well-being.
  23. When something important happens to you, you want to explain it to them.
  24. You imagine the future with that person.
  25. You just notice it, you know it.

If you identify with these signs, you may really like this person. In which case, you can express it to them.

On the other hand, you may also be interested to know if these people like you.

This article is merely informative, in Bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.