How To Know If Someone Likes You Over Text

Starting to talk to how to know if someone likes you over text can awaken illusions and fears. Sometimes we don’t know what the person behind the screen really thinks. New technologies have changed the way of communication, but also those of linking. Through text, we cannot interpret gestures, looks, and that sometimes makes the person wonder what they can do to find out if the other person really has an interest. In Bigmatrimonial we explain how to know if someone likes you over text with 20 key signals.

Details to know if a person likes you online

How to know if someone likes you over text? There are various details that can help us know if a person is interested in us. Next we will see the gestures that show that a man or a woman likes you.

Start the conversations

If the person has a real interest in you, they will want to talk to you, a clear sign that they are interested in you is the beginning of conversations. It does not mean that it always has to be the other who starts them, but it is important that you take turns, that the interest is reciprocal.

Informs you

Another sign that can make us think that another person likes us is that when they cannot be aware of text, they communicate it to us. This fact indicates that the person takes us into consideration, knows that they will not be able to keep an eye on you and makes it known to you so that you do not worry if you see that they do not answer.

Regular communication

At this point, it is important to clarify that not everyone uses networks in the same way. Before we start talking to someone, we should ask how often they use certain networks, like WhtasApp. If the person uses it a little, we must assess how often he writes to us and if that frequency is what the other person considers normal. On the other hand, if the person frequents the networks a lot, it is expected that we maintain fluid communication almost every day.

Find conversation topics

The person not only tries to maintain fluid communication with you, but also initiates possible topics of conversation that serve to get to know you better or learn and debate together.

Says goodbye

When the person finishes his day and goes to sleep, after having been speaking, he communicates it to you and does not leave you “with the word in his mouth.”

You feel comfortable talking to the person

It is important, when we start talking to someone, to pay attention to how we feel, what emotions arouse us.

Questions to know if someone likes you

How do you know if you like me? We must also be an active part in the whole process of meeting someone through text, for this, it is also important that we ask questions that allow us to know a little more about the other person and give us information about what their intentions are. Some of the questions we can ask are:

What do you notice about a person?

With that question what you intend to achieve is to know what qualities of one person for the other are important. Thus, it will be easier to know if he likes you or not. In addition, it not only allows you to know if you are his type, but also allows you to know a little more about the other person.

What do you think of me?

Although it is a very direct question, it can be very informative. It should be mentioned that doing it just when you start talking can be somewhat violent, but doing it after a while can give us a lot of information. In these types of questions we hope to find sincerity and evolution: at the beginning what caught your attention the most was … but now that I have known you a little more I really like that …

If the person does not want to answer that question, it can also be a significant fact to keep in mind, it may be that they still do not have much confidence to talk about according to what issues with you.

What are your virtues? And your flaws?

This question allows us to know more than the other person thinks of himself, and in turn to know what qualities he considers his strengths and which his weaknesses. Giving you that information shows you that the person has an interest in getting to know you as well as the confidence to tell you.

What do you like in me the most?

Be careful with that question! A person who really likes you will tell you things about your way of being, apart from the physical ones. Those who are not so interested are left with the superficial.

Ask about your hobbies

This will allow you not only to get to know the person better, but also to see which ones you have in common. If you find any, do not hesitate to propose to practice it together or together someday.

What does a person tell you when they like you on text?

What does a man or a woman tell you when he likes you? How does this person behave? Other signs of interest for text are the following:

The evolution of emoticons

When you start talking to someone, the emoticons that are usually used are more basic and neutral, such as: the smiley face, the monkeys, etc. As the conversations progress, the emoticons transform into more elaborate emoticons, such as: the face with two hearts, the kiss face, the flushed face, etc.

It proposes you to stay

A clear sign that this person is interested in you is wanting to go beyond the screen and propose to see you someday. Or also that if you propose it, accept without even thinking twice.

Explains personal issues

As you talk more, the other person will tell you more about his life. She explains from anecdotes with her friends to family issues and even events that have marked her.

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Show interest in you

The conversation not only revolves around the other person but also seeks to know more about you, is interested in what you like. He asks you about events and hobbies. In short, it shows interest in knowing and knowing more about you.

Asks how are you

If you talk to me every day, do you like me? Yes, there is a greater chance that this will be the case. In addition, if you regularly worry about how you are and your possible day-to-day concerns, there are even more possibilities.

Remember important events for you

As the conversations become more constant and fluid, you may have explained that you have an important presentation on that day. If the person likes in you, that day they will ask you about your presentation.

It gives you feedback

It is true that there are many signs that can indicate that the person feels comfortable talking to you. Even so, sometimes it is good to receive feedback on how the person is seeing their evolution with you. Therefore, another way on how to know if someone likes you over text is by paying attention to what they think of you and your interaction by message.

Count on you

The person, as he gains confidence with the conversations he has with you, will feel more comfortable explaining certain topics such as Today I am having a horrible day!, He can look for comfort in you, as well as share his joys with you.

Conversations evolve

Like everything in life, in conversation with a person there must be an evolution. That evolution must also be in accordance with the first steps that are being taken, if you have already stayed, if you have kissed. Each time the level of intimacy in the conversation must also be higher.

How To Know If Someone Likes You Over Text

Highlight your qualities

At some point in the conversation, the person mentions something they like about you. At that point there should also be an evolution as the conversation progresses. It is normal that at the beginning, when you know yourself little, what stands out the most about you is those physical features that may have caught the attention of your photo; eyes, smile, etc. It is important that as the days go by talking, the person goes a little further and highlights some trait of your personality that has made him notice you.

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