How to independently write congratulations on your wedding day to your aunt or uncle from your nephews?

Every nephew or niece is obliged to come to the wedding with an aunt and an uncle. These are not always small children. From the closest people, the bride and groom are waiting for congratulations. On this day, they will be especially pleased to hear them from their beloved nephews.

When an aunt has no children, she gives all her feminine warmth to her nephew. Therefore, you will have to prepare well in order to repay your aunt or uncle with good. And this can be done with the help of a congratulation prepared specially for a wedding celebration.

How to choose a congratulation to your uncle for a wedding.

How to congratulate your aunt on your wedding?

Aunt’s nephews are usually young. Accordingly, they are on the wave of the fashion and technology industry. It is much easier and easier for them to prepare an original greeting. Women love to be praised and loved very much.

Therefore, the following innovative options can be offered as an original congratulations to your aunt’s wedding:

  1. Photo collage – you can make it using the program for creating presentations. Earn some money and retouch your aunt’s favorite photos and let them music. In this case, it is also necessary to pick up a photo with the image of the groom. It can be a video sequence from childhood to the present day. Ask relatives or close friends of the groom to provide them with photographs. In this case, you will be able to make a real wedding surprise to your relatives.
  2. Video congratulations – unfortunately, it is far from always possible to call absolutely all friends. Only very wealthy people do this. Their celebrations have over 500 guests. The rest call for 50-70 guests, considering that this is a lot. However, there are those acquaintances who will definitely not get to the celebration – colleagues, classmates, fellow students, neighbors and just acquaintances. But they also have something to say about the wedding. It is necessary to edit a video, where everyone will say warm and kind words to the bride and groom.
  3. If you have the ability and skill, then you can do the editing right at the wedding. To do this, ask each guest to say a few kind and warm words addressed to the newlyweds. At the end of the evening, edit the resulting video sequence. As a result, you will be able to create a truly interesting and original masterpiece.

How to congratulate your uncle on your wedding?

If you need to congratulate your uncle, then you can do it with humor. Absolutely all men love to make fun of each other. Uncle is no exception.

  1. Scene – to perform the roles, it is worth calling the groom’s close relatives. They are given roles. All of them will represent adult babies who have come to congratulate the groom. Give each relative not only words, but also attributes that indicate a similarity with a baby. These can be bottles and nipples.
  2. In a comic form, you can play your uncle. To do this, several of his friends can dress up as oriental beauties from the harem, covering their faces in advance. Then you can call the groom and put him in a chair. Turn on the music “If I were a Sultan”, after which all the “brides” will come out and circle around the groom. Believe me, this act looks spectacular and spectacular only if everyone present has a sense of humor, they are not afraid to look funny in public.
  3. Video congratulations – lately humorous programs are very fashionable. Therefore, you can use this idea and shoot a video greeting in the style of your favorite. For example, dress up like Serge Gorely and try to portray his voice. The groom will certainly want to leave such a video congratulation for a long memory and will review it more than once.

Examples of toasts for aunt’s wedding from nephew and niece

In the event that you still want to dwell on the classic versions of congratulations, then the poetic and prosaic form will be the best options. They are not only full of meaning, but also simple and versatile. With quiet on the wedding of his uncle niece suitable for any celebration, even a case.


The poetic form is suitable for reading loudly and loudly. Emphasis should be placed correctly in intonation and expressions. Wedding day aunt of a niece:

  1. On this spring day,

    We will say warm words.

    And let them sound, nightingales,

    Kind and sincere from me.

    I wish you dear aunt,

    Blossom and smile every day.

    Let the days and nights pass,

    But there will be no shadow in your life.

    Stay young not only in body,

    but also in soul.

    And then

    love will sing again in your heart .
  2. What can I wish you, my aunt?

    Love, but more.

    The sun is hotter.

    Clouds are not necessary at all.

    Let there be only clear days.

    To you, dear aunt.

    I wish you do not get older,

    And get younger day by day.

    Forget all the inhibitions,

    Today you are the bride.

    And on this day, rest, have fun.

    Let everything be in your life … as it should.

In prose

A classic genre loved by many writers. It is no coincidence that a lot of literature is written on it. P ozdravlenie with the wedding of my aunt’s niece:

  1. Aunt Ira, today is your day and this is not a fairy tale. You are a wonderful person who has surrounded me with warmth and care since childhood. I am glad that you are in my life. Thank you for always understanding and supporting me even in the most difficult moment. May all your dreams come true and desires come true.
  2. What is an aunt? That’s a lot for me. This is the person who will help, support and love. In fact, being an aunt is very difficult. It is necessary to find the right balance between love and severity, warmth and sincerity. Thank you for your upbringing. I know that your children will be happy because of what kind of mother is with them.

Examples of wishes for an uncle’s wedding from nephews

When preparing a speech for your uncle, you should avoid excessive sentimentality in advance. Men do not like it and avoid it. However, traditional methods in the form of poems and prose will be a great option.


Verse for Uncle’s Wedding:

  1. Well, what should I wish, my dear uncle?

    I’ll tell you again that you don’t go behind in life.

    After all, you need to run in front,

    Yes, not just like that, but quickly, instantly.

    Then plant in life

    All your enemies will remain.

    You, uncle, are brave, strong, brave.

    Today he became the head of the family.

    And with this I congratulate you,

    After all, you deserve it.
  2. Unusual sunny day

    Today started in the morning.

    And it was no coincidence

    that it suddenly seemed to me so.

    You, my uncle, got married,

    which means you now have a family.

    Here you are gloriously, profitable.

    What kind of lady you are.

    She is beautiful, wise, slim, cheerful.

    With this, and I will congratulate you.


If you express your wishes in a prosaic form, then they can quickly reach the addressee due to their simplicity and ease. P ozdravlenie nephew of Uncle wedding day:

  1. Uncle Vanya, I congratulate you on your Wedding Day. Let him be remembered for his bright events, ringing laughter, perky jokes, funny contests and kind guests. Pay attention to your bride. Her eyes radiate warmth and love for you. Let them be like that all their life, and you do not get tired of basking yourself under her sunny and bright gaze.
  2. The wedding day is always exciting and anxious. But you hold on and don’t show your nervous tension. You have always been like this: confident, strict and honest. Always stay the same as your parents raised you. Be honest with yourself and happy throughout your long life.



Congratulations on the wedding to your uncle and aunts always sound interesting and original, because they are pronounced by their nephews with all the warmth, love and care.

These words are written and learned in advance, because they want to thank their relatives for how they helped in their upbringing.