How to Have a Successful Relationship in College

A relationship should be a happy and peaceful experience, but it gets a little more complicated when university commitments are added to the engagement. How do you organize your time? Do university relationships work? 

We all have one friend at the university who is involved in all things. He is a member of the student body, is in a research group, gets good grades, plays sports, eats right, turns in his work on time, is a very good son, goes to parties every Friday, and besides that, he has a very stable relationship. And we think: how is it even possible?

Because in the midst of exams, studies, classes, and all the other commitments that young people have, relationships can get complicated if we don’t know how to organize our time and our priorities. 

So if this is your case, when you are drowning in unfinished university matters, you have no room for anything, and you have to devote time to your partner, read the tips we have prepared for you. 

1. Be clear about your priorities

Your partner is not everything, and you should know that from the beginning. It is unhealthy to be in a relationship in which your professional life is completely ignored. The same goes for the opposite case: your career is not everything, and the people who love you are a fundamental pillar for maintaining balance. This is where the key to balance lies. 

Allocate and organize your time so that you can devote yourself to both your partner and your studies. You can set aside one day of the weekend to be with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and divide the rest of the time between family, friends, and studies. 

On the other hand, communicate very clearly with your partner, set non-negotiable relationship terms, and emphasize how important it is to you to be with this person, but without neglecting your grades and other aspects of your life. So talk to each other when you feel that some kind of university delay will prevent you from spending time with her, make arrangements, and, for example, maybe you won’t see each other in person during final exams, but you can make a video call to study together or talk a little bit. 

The key is to be clear about your priorities and achieve balance in all aspects of your life. 

2. Have your own space

As we’ve said before, neither your relationship nor your career is the most important thing. It’s also good that you are self-focused, and that you have your own time and space where you allow yourself to do what you are passionate about and share time with others close to you. 

This may seem simple enough, but in practice, it’s not that simple. We recommend that you incorporate into your routine an activity that you enjoy and that you can do alone or with whomever you want to do it with. 

For example, if your lifestyle is more fitness-oriented, you can go to the gym and exercise in your free time at university. Or, if your favorite hobby is reading, you can do it on public transportation while you drive to class, or, if you like movies, invite your girlfriend or boyfriend to the movie theater to watch something together. 

The idea is that you identify what you’re passionate about and what connects you to yourself, regardless of your partner, and make time for it in your daily life. This will allow you to focus and keep your mind and energy from going solely to the university and your commitment to your partner. Remember that if you feel good about yourself, everything else around you will flow at its best. 

3. Integrate the U with your partner

A relationship is not just about getting to know each other and showing affection for each other, it is also an opportunity to grow together and improve the skills you both possess. 

So if you feel like you don’t have much time to spend with your partner at university, the best college paper writing services recommend making study dates and getting together to catch up on work, study, and complete your university commitments. This way, you will spend time with your partner without neglecting your academic life. 

In fact, these shared activities help strengthen your relationship and create shared ideas that will allow you both to do better in your university work. 

On the other hand, invite your boyfriend or girlfriend to a family reunion or outing with friends so you can make sure you give your time and energy to the people you love and who love you.

4. Have separate spaces

In addition to having time for you, your partner needs to have their own space to do what they enjoy, and avoid a relationship where there’s more dependency than love. For this reason, if you’re at the same university, for example, make sure you each have your own group of friends and take different classes, avoid seeing each other every day and allow yourself time apart. 

If you are at the same university, you can agree that you will only spend a short time together at the institution and will see each other, quietly and quietly, on weekends. 

This allows everyone to have their own space and ensures that the relationship doesn’t become monotonous because of being together all the time.


Your time at university should be an incredible experience, and the people who accompany you on this journey should bring you the peace of mind and security you need to get through this phase with the best memories.