How To Have A Healthy Relationship?

There are different types of relationships that can arise throughout your life, here we explain the most common ones and how to have a healthy relationship?

Have A Healthy Relationship

  1. What kind of relationships are there? Healthy, toxic and neutral.
  2. Women’s roles that avoid creating healthy relationships.
  3. Destructive fantasies of women
  4. Roles of man who avoid having a healthy relationship
  5. Destructive fantasies of man
  6. Things that both should remember

Non-Health / Toxic Relations

1. Survival Relationship

  • The couple feels they cannot live without the other.
  • The choice of partner is not very selective.
  • The experience is reflected in the phrase: “Without you I am nothing, with you I am something”.

2. Validation Relationship

What to do to have a healthy relationship
  • The couple seeks to validate each other, through one or more areas, such as: physical attractiveness, sexuality, wealth, status, etc.

3. The Planned Couple

  • It has been planned for a long time, trying to fill all dreams.
  • Dreams and fantasies take the place of reality.

Neutral Relations

1. Relationship Experimentation– The couple is learning various aspects of life.2. Transition Relationship– They help move from one stage to another.3. “Out of Place” Relationship– They are made out of the normal life of the participants and imply a certain reservation in the delivery.

4. Recreational hobby relationship

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What to do to have a healthy relationship

Health Relations

1. Healing Relationship– The relationship serves to heal one or both of some injured area.2. Acceptance Relationship– The couple is accepted to some extent as they are and can easily grow and find meaning.3. Relationship of Individuality– There is a deep respect for what each one is and an acceptance of individuality, as well as mutual support for each one to find his or her fulfillment in their own way.

Roles In Women That Avoid Creating Healthy Relations

1. Cinderellais waiting for the man, his prince to rescue her, giving him: identity, affirmation, approval, purpose and security.

2. Rapunzel or the Pure PrincessThe girl who has never left her castle has been overprotected and / or imprisoned by her parents, not allowing her life to touch her “outside.”

3. Sleeping BeautyLives in a fantasy world, asleep and unconscious, and like Cinderella, is waiting for her savior.

4. Demanding little princessAs they consented to her so much in her father’s house, she now hopes that the world will treat her equally, without them being willing to give anything in return, except for her “divine” presence.

5. Queen of emotional baggageIt has been loaded with experiences rich in negative emotions, feeling that the world owes them, they see themselves as victims, becoming selfish and self-important, they act as tyrants to achieve justice.

6. Sacrificed WomanIs the one who has decided that her value consists in losing her value, and dedicates her life to serving and giving herself to others, especially her partner and children, no matter what she feels or needs.

7. Super feministIt is one that lacks a healthy integration with its masculine part, the recent one and does its best to demonstrate its superiority to men.

Destructive Fantasies Of Women

  • The other will change over time, with marriage or with a child.
  • If I accept everything, the other will love me more.
  • Confuse intimacy with attachment, with extreme dependence.
  • To love means to need. The more I need it, the more I want it
  • “If I need it more, I want it more”

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Roles In Man That Avoid He Relating In A Healthy Way

1. The Andante KnightAn unrealistic way of creating a situation of unreal equality and intimacy by holding a platonic vision. Loving the pure Princess, or rescuing the ladies in trouble.

2. Don JuanDon Juanes, looking for trophies not intimacy, are experts in making the woman believe that she is special and that this will be different from what she has had with others.

3. The Independent Theyfall into the illusion of not needing anyone, so their needs are never met, but if they are repressed.

4. Eternal ChildThey never grow up, they always remain mommy’s children.

5. The MachínHides his lack of personal power, pretending to be stronger than all, tends to abuse to show his strength.

6. The CompaYour friends are more important than your family, live by seeking recognition and acceptance.

7. The BenefactorFor him, the important thing in life is to be recognized for what he can give or do for others, sacrificing himself or even his family.

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Destructive Fantasies In Man

  • Orgasm is everything.
  • Rigidity and lack of contact is structure and discipline.
  • Being sentimental or showing emotions without alcohol is being effeminate.
  • Housework is a thing of her (although she also works and contributes to the home)
  • Acting decidedly and abruptly without thinking or advice, is a sign of masculinity. Being in control is intimidating.
  • Hold on like the males. (Crying and feeling is old)
  • Choose beauty over character.
  • Asking forgiveness is a symbol of weakness.
  • Believe that you do not have to report or notify when you are late
  • Believe that after you are married, you no longer have to make the effort to please your wife.
  • Not speaking things is a solution.
  • Forget that the sexual relationship begins with caresses… many!
  • Put more importance in pleasure and satisfaction of needs than in spiritual transcendence.
  • To think that “to fulfill him” is to have sex and give him money.
  • To think that it is worth for its success.
  • Not spending enough time with his family.
  • To think that the children will go well, without effort on their part.

Homework At Home

  1. Identify if you have fallen or are falling into any of these destructive roles, with whom you do it, if it is in a specific situation.
  2. What destructive illusions have power over you?

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Things Both Must Remember

  • You can’t share what you don’t have.
  • Strategies to get the other to do what we want (blackmail, manipulation, demands, control, complaints) destroy love.
  • If in doubt, give yourself time.
  • Do not jump to the next stage of the relationship just so that it continues.
  • Possessiveness is a sure path to fear, hate and jealousy.
  • Respect-admiration-appreciation-character-affection-cooperation-honor-sacrifice, exist in a good relationship.
  • Marriage and having children is FOR ADULTS ONLY!

Now you get many ideas on how to have a healthy relationship, so start act. Best of luck.

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