How To Get Ex Back

A person may experience a desire to reconcile with their partner after a breakup. In that case, it is recommended that the protagonist take time to reflect on his feelings. If being in this situation, through introspection and self-knowledge, you conclude that you are still in love, the question about how to recover your partner begins to take more prominence in your life. As you can see from your own experience regarding the beginning of this love story, uncertainty is part of life. You cannot know with certainty what will happen in the future between you, but you can try to act in a coherent way with this desire for reconciliation. In Bigamtrimonial we reflect on how to get ex back and we offer tips to recover the love of your partner, to win back your partner or to recover your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend.

How to get your ex-girlfriend back

What can you do in this circumstance to make the other person fall in love again? Here are 7 tips to get your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend back:

  1. Create new memories . A possible mistake in this type of circumstance is to take the reference of the previous time as a moment to return to. Recovering your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend is not about going back to the same point you left off, but trying to build a new present from now on. New memories that can be linked with details and conversations.
  2. Patience . It may happen that the other person is also clear that they want to reconcile with you, but it can also happen that they have doubts about it. How to recover your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend in these cases? Avoid impatience. For example, if in this time after the breakup you have noticed your own mistakes that caused a distance between you, now you can transform those mistakes into a learning so as not to repeat yesterday.
  3. Try to maintain frequent contact over time, but finding the balance to leave a space so that they can also miss you and notice your absence. In order to recover an overwhelmed couple, value your initiatives, but also observe the other person’s response. Well, beyond your desire to be by his side again, if his feelings are different, you have to accept this reality.
  4. Have a pending conversation . When you want to go back to your ex you have the feeling that there were many things left to express after the breakup. If you have the need to involve your interlocutor in some of these points, try not to postpone that talk for fear that their response is not expected. This dialogue will help you clarify yourself by being able to broaden your own perspective with her point of view. This conversation is important whether you finally decide to return or if the outcome between you is different.
  5. Don’t use jealousy . Don’t make the mistake of wanting to get your ex back by trying to make him jealous with someone else. Invest your time in growing internally and show your best version from yourself.
  6. Live your present without conditioning your happiness to the moment in which the sentimental reunion between you definitely occurs because that can happen, or perhaps it will never happen. Act in such a way that after a while you feel satisfied with the initiative you have had at this time.
  7. Be aware of the situation . Each case is unique and you must adapt to the situation.
how to get ex back

How to recover the love of your partner

Most couples experience crises and partner conflicts that can deteriorate the relationship if they are not managed properly. In these cases, how to recover the love of your partner? Here are 6 practical tips to recover the love of your partner:

  1. Make him feel like he is a priority in your life. A person may feel that they have little space in the life of their partner for different reasons. If you want to recover her love, it is important that you dedicate that person your main gift: your time. A time measured in terms of quality and quantity.
  2. Demonstrations of love . How to recover the love of your partner? Expressing what you feel. There are infinite ways to express love. For example, by means of a romantic letter. But you can also demonstrate what you feel through actions that are a manifestation of this love. The abundance of words and deeds that express this commitment can help you feel closer to the person you love.
  3. Decision making . Reflect on what it is that has changed between you in recent months. What do you think you could do to shorten the distance generated after this distancing? Write a brainstorm with different possibilities.
  4. Remember the time when you fell in love with your partner. What qualities did you especially like? Share your answer to this question with your partner.
  5. Dating couples . It is convenient to nurture creativity against the predictable routine to take the initiative in the relationship and make plans for two. These activities can revolve around common hobbies, travel, walks, movies, music, theater and other possible ideas. Conversation plans are especially important at this time.
  6. Show your admiration for the person you love. Even if you have done it before, the love expressed through the admiration show is not exhausted by this abundance of positive caresses that nourishes the self-esteem of the person you love.

How to get your partner back: considerations

What gestures should be avoided at this time? If you want to recover your partner, you must take into account the following considerations:

  1. You must be good with yourself first. If the main reason for this desire for reconciliation is based on fear of loneliness, it is important that you do not transform this initiative of seduction into a way to get away from this fear.
  2. What happened should not be ignored. The desire to return to be with the other person can make this yearning seek the immediacy of the reunion. However, it is important to strengthen the foundations of this new stage based on a dialogue that deals with essential issues for both.
  3. The relationship is between you two. It is not recommended to involve more people. Both when you were with your partner and now that you are estranged, the situation affects only both of you. Although you have friends in common, they are not protagonists of this story of two if the balance of the relationship has been positive so far.
  4. Taking time to reflect, after the breakup, on the relationship itself and on your own life before evaluating this possibility of returning is highly recommended.
  5. Make a decision based on reflection and do not get caught in indecision. It may happen that if it takes too long to show this initiative after the breakup, it will be more difficult to fall in love with him again.

This article is merely informative, in Bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.