How To Get A Guy’s Attention

Do you want to know how to get a guy’s attention on social networks and you don’t know?

Have you seen someone who has stolen your breath on social networks?

How To Get A Guy To Like You Online

The Internet not only helps us stay close to all our loved ones, but also allows us to meet new and interesting people.

If you wonder how to get the attention of a boy in social networks, here you will discover all the secrets to achieve it.

Finally, social networks are no longer considered interesting places to get a partner, on the contrary, it is very common.

Captivate All His Attention To Attract Him To You Making The Most of Social Networks

I will explain every detail about how to always be present in your virtual world, how touches, likes and comments can bring you close to your direct messages.

That guy that has caught your attention: you can attract him without any problem.

Learn everything you need to know how to seduce a man online !

It is time for you to steal his breath from him.

how to get a guy’s attention

How Social Network Works

Social networks are designed to always show us the most interesting for us, filtering a huge amount of content to make sure we want to be online as long as possible.

They allow you to show the virtual version of you that you want to design.

Knowing how the social networks you use work will allow you to get the most out of them to get the attention of the boy you want very easily.

We will focus on Facebook and Instagram, being two most popular platforms.

But all these points are applicable to the rest of the social networks you use: Twitter, Badoo, etc.

Facebook emphasizes interaction: always show you what your friends do, what they comment and share, the new relationships they create.

It’s All about Connection

Facebook always wants you to see what others do to invite you to interact more.Instagram on the other hand, is more dedicated to show you everything that may seem interesting to you.

With this, take into account not only what you like, but what the people you follow like it.

The Basic Rules To Follow

Your Profile Picture:

Nothing to put pictures of your pet, your favorite character from the movie, series or anime you like; no phrases, etc. It must be a picture of you.

When interacting, which we will see later, social networks will show a notification with your profile picture.

This is practically your brand, so choose it carefully as it can be one of the female seduction strategies .

It may be a photo taken by yourself, but a photo taken by someone else, reflects more characteristics of a social person than a “selfie”.

Your Privacy:

The rest of your profile is the second part of how you reflect your person in social networks.

All the content you put online and share with others projects certain personality characteristics.

You have to familiarize yourself with how to keep everything you think does not suit you in private, all without giving the appearance of being a closed person.

Facebook is the network where this matters most.

Take a look and ask yourself if there is anything that could discourage the interest of the guy you are looking at:

Perhaps those memes of “all men are equal”, make you think that you already have a very fixed position on the opposite gender and do not want to try to approach you.

Instagram Is Something Different

There you can have the option of having a public or private profile.

In private profiles other people can only see your profile picture, the number of people who follow and follow you, the number of photos you have uploaded, but not the photos.

Of course, a public profile helps a lot in how to get a guy’s attention.

You can freely browse and learn more about what you reflect: if you have similar hobbies, how social you are, etc.

But of course, many people feel that a public profile is something very exposed. They like to share, but only with a select group of people.

If you have chosen your profile picture well and follow the rest of the tips you will see later, even if you have a private profile, you will have your request to follow you very soon.

Knowing how to get a guy’s attention on social networks is about thinking about which version of you will see that captivates his interest.

To know how to reflect those qualities in such a way that you attract whoever you want, just take advantage of all the knowledge and techniques of the Magnetic Desire Method.

Meet Your Prey: Use Your Profile

We have already talked in different articles about the importance of knowing a little about the person you want to captivate their attention.

Fortunately, social networks have done a very good job of making their users feel comfortable with sharing virtually everything.

how to get a guy’s attention


What tastes do you have? What is the content you share most? What kind of accounts do you follow?

¿ How to get the attention of a boy on social networks? It simply reflects what he projects!

On Facebook you will be able to know all that in a more orderly way, so that you can interact with it in a better way.

Commenting assertively about your favorite movie or sharing the same kind of humor.

On Instagram you will only have what is available on your profile. By following it you can see what he is interested in from what he likes.

Viewing your profile externally, that is, without adding each other, may prevent you from seeing the whole picture. But this is something that has a solution …

Be Present: The First Step

The first contact can be a simple like a photo of yourself or a reaction to a post or comment.

But to raise interest more thoroughly you will have to have a little more presence.

This can be easier on instagram. Sporadic Likes and comments often enough that they feel like a prize for what they share.

If he starts following you, give him the same gesture. If you notice that it takes a while, you can follow it so that the gesture returns.

You can remove it later, no problem with that.

The important thing is that he follows you to take advantage of the algorithms that each social network uses to have a greater presence even.

How to Call The Attention Of A Boy In Social Networks With Likes And Reactions

Here comes a key part, the secret of how to take advantage of social networks to your benefit and how to get a guy’s attention.

Especially if you want to know how to find a partner on the Internet through these networks.

As we have talked about before, both Facebook and Instagram, they have different ways of keeping their users interested and connected most of the time.

On the Facebook website you can find at the beginning, a constant thread of movement: if someone liked, reacted or shared something.

This can also be found more quickly and orderly in the bar on the right.

On Instagram, most people spend a lot of time in the explore section.

There Instagram offers everything you think the user might like, that includes what his friends like.

Rest assured that if you like something, it will appear in the explore section of the boy you are interested in.

How to occupy this in your favor? Simple…

Showing Common Interests

Same sense of humor, similar lifestyle, sharing musical tastes …

No person is really the same as another, so meeting someone with similar tastes can arouse our interest.

It is familiar enough to call something in us and with a touch of difference to arouse our curiosity.

Showing competition: Have you seen that something everyone wants is more attractive?

Psychologically, people attribute greater value to something or someone who has social support.

Take advantage of this psychological trick by showing how other people are interested in you. Like or answer some flattering comments that other kids make to you; Of course, within what you feel comfortable.

Leading It To Direct Messages

There is a different level of interaction when talking with a person, it is not the same to do it in a public space surrounded by people, to one where there are only two.

This difference is also felt in social networks. Publications, comments and others are given in a space that is visible to everyone.

If there is something important that you must understand to know how to get a guy’s attention on social networks, there is no better option than direct messages.

Once the interest grows enough, it is there that you can completely captivate it.

Being in a more comfortable and intimate environment, even if it is virtual, you have all the tools to achieve the goal you set.

Conquer it? Of course you can! You just have to know how to chat.

If you don’t know how to do it, there are some phrases and ideas that can help you conquer a boy.

For example, you can use the phrases to fall in love with Facebook . Dare yourself!

How To Call A Child’s Care For Social Networks And Make It Fall

So here you have it: all those little details that will give great results to get your attention.

From how to take care of the image you give, to how to use Facebook and Instagram algorithms to make yourself present and captivate your interest, whether online or not.

Knowing a little more about other social networks and with a dash of creativity, you can identify how to get a guy’s attention on social networks, regardless of whether it is Twitter, Badoo, Google Plus, Pinterest, Snapchat, Periscope, etc.

Almost all social networks have similar ways of filtering and displaying content.

With All This You Can Ensure That You Will Show A Version Of You That Will Impact You!

No doubt these are keys to conquer.

The last recommendation I want to make is that you be cautious with these sites.

In them there is always a latent risk that can be prevented, but for that you have to know a little.

Remember that prevention is the best option.

How To Get A Guy’s Attention On Social Networks- Video