How to fill out wedding invitations correctly?

A wedding is the most exciting and exciting moment in the life of any couple. Spouses embark on a new path for themselves, where they have the status of husband and wife. The newlyweds want the closest people to share this touching day in their life.

Therefore, the guests are relatives, friends, comrades, and colleagues. In order not to personally explain to each guest where and when the marriage ceremony will take place, it is customary to send invitation cards to the wedding, which include a full description of the upcoming event.

How to write a wedding invitation correctly?

A couple must be able to fill out invitation cards correctly. They should not contain unnecessary information. An invitation is a short story about the most important moments of the upcoming event.

The postcard indicates:

  • location;
  • time spending;
  • wedding date;
  • the style of the celebration (if it is necessary to comply with the dress code);
  • address to the addressee (the name and surname of the guests are indicated);
  • signature.

If your celebration will be attended by no more than 20-25 guests, then you can write all invitation cards personally by hand. This way will make them more individual and original.

However, if the wedding includes 100 or more people, then, of course, no one expects you to sign each postcard personally. But if you wish, you can leave an empty line, which implies the indication of the first and last name of the guest. You will have to fill it in by hand, which will give a more personal and intimate character to your invitation card.

The very style of the text of the postcard will depend on the planned celebration. If you are organizing a light buffet party, then it does not imply formality. There is no need to use clichéd words in your expressions.

The European style implies the mention in the postcard first of a woman, and then a man. However, most couples do the opposite. There is no big mistake in this.

You can address guests in different ways, using standard phrases:

  1. Dear.
  2. Honorable.
  3. Expensive.
  4. Dearly loved ones.
  5. Dear.

Samples of beautiful invitations

Official templates can be used to create an invitation card. They do not lose their relevance because they are suitable for any celebration, regardless of their style.

“Dear ___________. We sincerely hope that you will come to the celebration dedicated to our wedding. It will take place on March 13, 2019, at 13.30 at the Staraya Pristan restaurant. We will be glad to see you among our honored guests. With love, your Maria and Anton. “

For grandparents

Grandparents are one of the most important people in the life of newlyweds. Since childhood, they worry and take care of the groom and the bride. The most touching and sentimental invitation card is required for grandparents.

  1. Loved ones and relatives, grandparents. With all our hearts we would like to invite you to the wedding celebration, which will take place on October 25, 2019 at 13.00 in the Mirage restaurant. It’s hard to imagine our wedding without you, Anna Yurievna and Sergey Nikolaevich. We will be happy if you come to share this day with us. Your grandchildren.
  2. Anna Ivanovna and Anton Sergeevich, you have been living together for 40 years. For us, you are a real example. We would like to become like you and get married. The wedding ceremony will take place in the Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh on August 27, 2019 at 11.30. We sincerely hope that you will come to share this happiness with us. Yours, Yana and Anatoly.

For friends of the bride and groom

You can make a comic and humorous postcard if it is addressed to the friends of the young. In such speeches, as a rule, official phrases are not used. They are based on personal messages, life stories, and funny moments.

  1. Dear friends, Artem and Ekaterina. We decided to surprise you and sign before your wedding day. I would like to believe that you ironically evaluate the current event and be sure to attend it. Only you will have to appear not as ordinary guests, but as witnesses, whom we await at 14.00 at the door of the registry office number 4. You should have a good mood, combat readiness and an inexhaustible charge of cheerfulness with you. Your sly friends, Tatiana and Sergey.
  2. Exactly 2 years ago you introduced us by doing a great service. We are grateful to you for bringing us together. We would like to repay you with the same kindness and invite you to the ceremony of solemn conclusion of marriage, which will take place on August 25, 2019 at 14.30 at the White Shark restaurant. We will be glad to see you among the most honored guests. Your dear friends, Anton and Milena.

For family and friends

As a rule, typical invitation cards are sent to family and friends, replacing only the name of the guests.

  1. Dear Anna Yakovlevna and Nikolai Petrovich, we will be happy to see you at our wedding ceremony, which will take place at the Osinki tourist center on July 24, 2019 at 14.30. Dress code is free. Always yours, Maria and Sergey.
  2. Dear, Antonina Sergeevna! On December 24, 2018, the wedding ceremony of Ivan and Maria will take place. We will be happy if you are present at this solemn moment. It will take place at the Almaz restaurant at 13.30. We ask you to additionally inform about your presence by phone. Happy couple.

For witnesses

Witnesses are chosen by the newlyweds from among close friends and relatives. These are best friends and childhood friends. In most cases, witnesses are not married couples, so they will need two separate postcards.

  1. My beloved friend, Anya. You and I have been friends since school. You have always supported and helped me. It is impossible to imagine a better friend than you. I would like you not only to share the happiest day in my life with me, but also to become an integral part of it. Anya, on September 16, 2019 at the restaurant “Azhur” there is a wedding ceremony, where I would like to see you as my witness. With respect and love, your friend Maria.
  2. My friend, we have known each other for many years. You are my support and reliable shoulder. I would like to inform you about the imminent wedding ceremony, which will take place on September 16, 2019 at the Azhur restaurant. I ask you to appear at it as my witness. Best regards, your friend Mikhail.

For parents

Most couples when creating invitation cards start from the addressee. The closer a relative or friend is, the more personal the postcard becomes. The text for parents is very special and touching.

  1. Our beloved, mom and dad. We decided to unite our hearts by uniting them in a sacred union called marriage. We hope that you will share this happy moment in your life with us.

The solemn wedding ceremony will take place in registry office number 12, on August 25, 2019, at 12.30. After the marriage ceremony, we will go to the Luchik restaurant, where a festive banquet will take place.

With love, Tatiana and Alexander.

  1. Dear, Elena Anatolyevna and Sergey Ivanovich.

The day will come very soon when we will all become one big family. We, like you once before, decided to set foot on a new, unknown path for ourselves. We hope that you will support us in this endeavor and come to share the joy of the wedding celebration.

The event will take place on December 27, 2018, at the Chaika restaurant. It will host an off-site registration and a gala banquet.

With love, your children.


The text of the invitation card is always laconic and capacious. His style often depends on the addressee who is entitled to the card.

This is a formal style suitable for a festive ceremony. In your text, it will be superfluous to mention the dress code, if it is supposed to be a ceremony.