How to express gratitude to the host for the wedding?

After the wedding banquet, which was held according to the preliminary plan, the newly-made spouses, their relatives, friends and invited guests are overwhelmed with vivid emotions for a long time.

Everyone is exchanging memories of how they had fun at the birthday party of the family, which was well and modernly conducted by the master of ceremonies. In this post, we will look at how you can express gratitude to the host for hosting your wedding at and after the event.

Thanks to the toastmaster

Thanks to the host for the wedding.

Traditionally, a toastmaster is called a respected person at the festive table, who makes toasts in honor of the heroes of the occasion and gives the right to say a toast to other guests. The wedding host has a much wider range of responsibilities.

Of course, he also gives the floor to the guests to congratulate the newlyweds and proclaim toasts, but besides this, he leads the event, coordinates everything that happens and is responsible for the entertainment program of the banquet. But many people prefer to call the host of the wedding the toastmaster. Therefore, in the article, we call the host of the wedding celebration, including the toastmaster.

At the end of the banquet, the newlyweds are given the floor to express gratitude to everyone who took part in the preparation and organization of the event. Be sure to separately express gratitude to the host who hosted your wedding from start to finish.

Prepare a short speech in advance, because at the end of the holiday, emotions overwhelm. If the newlyweds say gratitude in the form of a kind of toast, inviting the guests to raise glasses to the presenter, then you need to have a drink with him.

Words of gratitude after the celebration

Thanks to the host for the wedding.

The atmosphere of the wedding is largely dependent on the toastmaster. He sets the tone and rhythm for the holiday. For a long time, the guests remember the competitions, relay races and rituals held by him and share their impressions with the young spouses.

Despite the fact that the holiday is over and the money has been paid to the toastmaster, it is quite appropriate to thank again for the work done with the soul in several ways:

  1. Call your personal phone and thank you for a perfectly organized important day in your life.
  2. Call the administration of the wedding agency if you invited the host from them. Praise of employees by customers is reflected in their moral and material motivation.
  3. Write a review on the host’s personal website or the website of the wedding agency where he works.

We recommend using the three indicated methods. It will not take you long, and the facilitator will be pleased to hear kind words and to know that the efforts made are appreciated.

By writing a review, you will not only leave a gratitude in writing, which is stored for a long time, but you will advertise the activities of the toastmaster and help other people to organize a good wedding.

In prose

It is possible to thank the host for the wedding held in prose. It is important to speak sincerely, giving smiles and positive emotions. Sincere gratitude is worth a lot. It may look like this:

Dear host of our wedding! We are grateful to you from the bottom of our hearts for the impeccable conduct of the wedding celebration. From the very beginning and up to this moment, you saved the holiday from boredom and laziness. You did great. We raise our glasses and ask everyone to join in, for health, good mood and endless imagination of the host!

Dear presenter! You had a very good wedding, transferring your cheerful charge to each guest. The contests you held gave us real pleasure. Thank you for the celebration that you have arranged, for toasts, for dances, for songs, for merry relay races. We raise a glass to your honor. Have a drink with us!

We have brought to your attention two congratulations in the form of short toasts. In one address, the newlyweds turn to you, and in the other to you. The form of address largely depends on the age of the toastmaster and the preferences of the young couple.

In verse

If the newlyweds decided to thank everyone in poetic form, then it is appropriate to read the verse to the host. With gratitude to the host for the wedding:

Thank you, toastmaster,

For all your jokes and songs.

For the fact that you, as always,

Gathered us at the table together.

Thank you for the warm speech,

For each glass raised,

We will cherish in our memory

That day that you walked with us.

Thank you for your toasts

About mom and father.

Thank you for the speeches of love that

warmed our hearts.

Thank you for

not forgetting your guests .

Thank you for being

at our wedding at all.

The newlyweds ask everyone to raise their glasses to the toastmaster, and him to join.

Feedback on the site

Leaving a review, in addition to gratitude, write shortly about the work of the presenter and note the positive points. In fact, it serves as a live advertisement for a specialist. Here’s an example of a review:

We sincerely thank you for the warm and cheerful atmosphere created at the wedding. From the first meeting, we were sure that the celebration would go as we dreamed and planned. At the holiday we saw a professional and were calm about the most important day in our life.

You had a wonderful celebration, and the contests and quizzes were worthy. This moment was noted by all the guests. Thank you very much! We will be glad to recommend you to our friends, relatives and acquaintances.

At the end it is appropriate to write: respectfully and indicate your names, and then when and where the wedding took place.

Symbolic gift options

If desired, the newlyweds can prepare a gift for the toastmaster, making a pleasant surprise. There is no need to give cheap trinkets, but there is no need to present too expensive gifts. Make a useful symbolic present that can evoke positive emotions. Here are some options:

  1. Present a nice fountain pen engraved with your names and wedding dates.
  2. Order a friendly cartoon based on a photo. Take a photo of the presenter on your phone during the meeting before the wedding or download the photos on the website. On the caricature, you can only depict the presenter or you with him and be sure to indicate the date and place of the wedding.
  3. Order a T-shirt with a photo of the toastmaster and an original inscription, for example, an invaluable presenter.
  4. Buy a beautiful tea mug and order an inscription on it with heat-resistant paints: The coolest wedding presenter! Checked and confirmed, and then indicate the names and date of the celebration.

Having no time to prepare original presentations, prepare a bottle of high-quality alcohol as a gift.


At the end of the wedding banquet, the newly-made spouses are given the floor for gratitude to everyone who took part in the celebration. It is imperative to thank the host who created the festive atmosphere, and if you wish, give a small present as a keepsake.

We have provided options for gratitude in poetry and prose. The wedding field should be thanked to the host by phone and leave a review. He worked so hard to make the wedding so wonderful. We wish you a happy wedding!