How To Excite A Man


To know for sure how to excite a man and provoke him intensely, it is vitally important that you know what this pleasant term refers to.


First of all, you should keep in mind that arousal is the body’s first response to sexual desire, which is triggered by a series of sensations and conditions both physical and psychic, such as a subtle caress, a kiss, a look or a smell.And, secondly, you should never forget that the factors responsible for arousal vary from one man to another.

how to excite a man

At the end of the reading you will know how to identify the weak points or erogenous zones of men and to stimulate their senses to achieve a maximum excitement of your partner, both in a subtle and mental way with words or delicate touches, as well as directly in intimacy.

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How to Excite Your Man

Erogenous zones are those areas of the body that are more sensitive to stimulation and cause sexual arousal.

Men, in addition to the genital organs, have parts of the body with a greater number of nerve endings, which implies new possibilities to strategically intensify their desire and drive them crazy.

Would you like to know what button you must press to activate the brain and thousands of sensations in your man?It’s simple, know its erogenous zones: hidden secrets of male pleasure and start seduction games, the possibilities are endless!

You can also complement reading how to influence a man’s mind .Now, let’s start the tour!

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A light hair massage, to start.Remember that the head is full of nerve endings, which will relax you, but at the same time it will fire its hormones and with it, its fantasies, a great step to know how to excite a man.


Gently close your eyes, kiss and caress your eyelids, it will be a new but pleasant experience for him!When you close your eyes and feel so close, your imagination will fly and the expectation will increase your excitement.

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Your boy will react instantly to your caresses, kisses or soft bites in his ears.The lobes are very sensitive, so take advantage of this data and increase your partner’s libido; also if you whisper a couple of phrases with sexual connotation to the ear, you will stimulate him to the bone!


It is an obvious place because everything starts with a good kiss, but I could not stop bringing it up in this list of erogenous zones because, according to research, the lips are the second most reactive zone and that produces greater degree of excitation in the mens.

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Neck And Neck

The endings of the neck can be your best allies, a soft caress or a series of kisses on your collarbone, will make the situation rise in tone.

To further excite your boy you can combine the stimulation of the lobe of his ears with neck massages, going through the back of his neck and slowly rising to his scalp.Continue with these steps to get to know how to excite a man .

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In this area you can stop for a long time, there you can test your creativity and what you do will be decisive to multiply your excitement.Kiss, bite, lick, massage and resort to countless tools related to body language to boost sexual energy.

He will love you to slowly cover both his pecs and his shoulders, his abdomen and his pelvis.Your nipples are also extra sensitive, so if you play with them, you will revolutionize it inside! that way you will know how to excite a man .

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Low Belly

Focus on your belly button, look at it mischievously, go down and up with caresses and kisses but don’t get where you want. The wait will excite him even more.

The answers regarding how to make a man excited, based on his main erogenous zones, you will find in his own body, reactions, movements and words.

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Inner Thigh

Wake up your passion and make it burst with pleasure just by brushing your inner thigh.Do you want to check it? It is a matter of your fingertips doing their thing in this area and causing it with caresses.

Ideally, you should start at your feet, another quite sensitive area, and go up, coquettishly, by your legs, you enter the back of your knees, your thighs and touches, innocently, as if by accident, in the middle.

And you know what I mean! The degree of sexual tension that accumulates, in the previous moments, will be proportional to the pleasure you will feel in your release.

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Key point and mandatory exploration if what you want is to excite without limits, since the perineum is the part of the genital area that most concentrates nerve endings.

It is located at the back of the scrotum and is highly excitable; Massages at a good pace will make you hallucinate with satisfaction!

You will leave him stunned and waiting for more, so you will see that you are on the right track to know how to excite a man.

Genital Area

The perineum, mentioned above, next to the scrotum and the glans, are considered important areas in which you should emphasize when it comes to causing much more than a fast heartbeat or a bad thought.

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It is absolutely feasible to know how to excite a man without touching him, but you must be an expert visual stimulator and try the different language options.

Would you like to know how to seduce him without a single touch? Take a look at these 7 steps, they will teach you to accelerate your senses !:

Dress Up Sensual:

The physical appearance is essential for a man, what they see is decisive and can excite him greatly or, on the contrary, encourage him to look the other way. You must take care of your appearance, seduction is an art! Do not throw it away. Choose a sexy garment that accentuates your beauty, it can be a dress where you show your arms and legs or some other tight garment that leaves a lot to your imagination.

Whisper Something To Him:

Do not get close to his ear but enough to hear what will inevitably excite him. With only three well-thought words and an adequate tone of voice, your man will feel that a torrent of emotions and sexual energy runs through his entire body. No doubt this is a very important step to know how to excite a man .

Intense Eye Contact:

Look at him and let him know your intentions; flirt with your eyes, go all over your body and combine this seduction trick with the expression of the rest of your face. You will be delighted and excited in a matter of seconds, men love naughty looks!

Hot Messages:

Get out of the routine and surprise him with a message or call that immediately shakes him, his mind and a couple of other parts will be exalted. In addition to the written or voice message, you can send some insinuating photographs, unleash your desire simply and effectively! Learn more by reading the Male Desire in the open .

Show Him Some Skin:

Do you want to see him agitated, excited and thirsty for you? Let him see some skin! Make it look like something casual and unexpected but make sure it is suggestive. It is not so complicated to get a man’s attention and arouse his sexual desire without touching him. 

Your boy will love to see your belly button and belly and, likewise, it will drive him crazy to spy on your lower back or any of your tattoos, in case you have. He will not stop thinking about what he saw and will hardly get you out of his mind, so you will understand how to excite a man .

Use Body Language:

Caress your hair, bite your lip, smile delicately, go through some parts of your body while looking at it, approach when you’re talking to it, cross your legs; in short, take advantage of situations and try to provide many reasons for your thoughts to connect with your body and get excited just by looking at you. Find out more in Female Body Language .

Let Him Know That You Are Excited To Have Him Around:

As soon as your boy senses that you are excited, that simple reason will excite him. Letting them know is no cause for concern; There are two options: either you tell them explicitly or you insinuate it, he will be able to notice it without much effort.

How To Arouse a Man in Bed

After having knowledge of the male erogenous zones and knowing what excites him without touching him, it was time to consider the excitement on a more intimate level.

The tips and recommendations that I mention below will help you strengthen your knowledge or instruct you to understand, exactly, how to excite a man in bed and dominate the situation.If you want more advice, I recommend you read how to seduce a man .

Tempt It, Touch It And Kiss It

Physical temptation is an excellent seduction tactic; prove it, pretend that you do not know that he is watching you and move, eat or talk sensually, you will be fascinated!

And if you add a good dose of caresses and kisses to the above, you will instantly excite him !; You will already notice or feel it and this will be the definitive signal so you can move on to the next level.

You should not forget that the previous moments are paramount because they function as a prelude to the intimate encounter, and augurs its success or failure.Try to make both of you comfortable with what is happening and always show a lot of security.

Dance For Him

It does not matter if you are not a professional erotic dancer, what matters is the attitude and sensuality with which you move. The underwear you choose for the occasion will be crucial.

This trick will excite you yes or yes; Besides, the surprise is going to be a heart attack, it will feel very exclusive and will not let you go from your life so easily.Novelty is always exciting so dare without fear and make your boy happy!

Massages With Oils

Is there anything more relaxing, pleasant and sexy than an oil massage?The mere fact that you are so close, slippery and with little clothes, will cause strong episodes of excitement.

I recommend that your massages be slow and include many areas of his body, he will not be able to resist so many stimuli together! That way you will know how to excite a man .

Temperature Changes

Your partner is likely to feel very excited to experience gradual temperature changes.One idea that may work is to pass an ice cube down your back or chest, then lick it with your tongue and finish off by heating the area with your breath.

It is a sensation that the body assumes with great intensity and because of this, it will vibrate!

Fulfill Your Sexual Fantasies

Listen carefully when he confesses his hidden fantasies and tries to fulfill some or all of them, as far as possible.Pleasure has no limits; try turning him on with a costume, changing roles or sex toys.

Men love women with an open mind because they are not forbidden in any way, they are not afraid of new experiences and they are aware that sex is an exercise in reciprocity.

Turn Up The Heat With Your Lingerie!

Wearing sexy underwear, you are sure to turn up the temperature and its degrees of excitement!Try not to be typical and common; Go to a specialized store and allow yourself to choose, without fear, clothes that make you feel comfortable with your body, there are thousands of options!

You just have to take the risk and delight your man visually with a sensual body, garters, lace, a corset, transparencies or provocative pantyhose.

Try New Positions

Research new positions, take the initiative, give a surprising turn to the situation and excite it to the fullest with innovative positions and movements.

In addition to this, I recommend changing the place of the sexual encounter, it does not always have to be in the room, in the darkness of the night and in a traditional way.Activate your creative side, let your imagination fly and remember that you have control!

Hot Shower

Hot water, soap, foam, your naked body, wet and slippery, are words that answer the questioning, how to excite a man ?Do not hesitate and take a shower with your boy so that you can verify my affirmation, both will enjoy that unforgettable bath.

Words And Sounds

Express yourself! Don’t hold back and let him know how much you want him, how good he is in bed or what you want him to do to you.

The words, like the sounds, have a strong influence on the male mind, therefore, a couple of words “dirty”, unusual or indicate desire, do not dislike your partner and, even more, if you want Let him get excited.

Finally, keep in mind that to know how to excite a man , it is important that you know his tastes and desires.Learn more by reading How to make a man naturally want you.However, the male gender is very predictable and interpreting his mind does not represent greater difficulty.

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