How To End A Relationship On Good Terms

Ending a relationship can be a really difficult process. Although many believe that being the one who makes the decision facilitates circumstances, it is very complex to face who we love and share during our lives. How To End A Relationship On Good Terms?

When we decide to end a relationship, hundreds of thoughts and concerns come to our heads because we know that we must start a new dynamic, go through mourning, in addition to not wanting to hurt the other person.

However, as difficult as this may be, it is important to take that step to clear the way for both of you.

To ensure that the ending is not such a traumatic and conflictive process, one must maintain respect at all times. However, it is also important that you understand the reactions that the other person has.

It is the main factor that you must understand to face your partner; then, you can only control your reactions in such a way that you must understand if there are bad attitudes from the other party, you should not act in the same way.

You must be sure of your decision

If you feel like there is no turning back, it is time, to be honest.

Breaking up a relationship is serious and should not be taken lightly. If you’re not sure what you’re feeling, breaking up is probably not a good option.

Sometimes, we go through difficult moments in which we feel anxiety, stress, depression, or instability. These are situations that require an individual approach.

That is, many times, we can confuse personal discomfort with problems in the relationship. When we decide to end in these circumstances, it is common to feel regret.

In other cases, there are characteristics of your partner that bother you, but instead of facing it, you decide to end it when it probably only requires a good conversation and agreement.

The best thing will always be, to be honest with your partner and ask him exactly what you feel and what you think you need.

Otherwise, you could lose a good relationship or enter a harmful cycle of breakups and reconciliations.

However, if you are already sure of what you want to do and the path you want to take, there is nothing more to regret.

How To End A Relationship On Good Terms

Tips for ending a relationship on good terms

There are several important tips to break up a relationship in a healthy and non-hurtful way.

You must understand that your well-being and the maintained respect will depend on you, be understanding, and do not expect too much from the other person.


Express your feelings honestly, tell him what is happening to you and why you think the relationship will not work anymore. You must understand that honesty does not mean cruelty, select your words well, do not be brusque, and highlight positive aspects.

Find the right time.

You should not wait too long to end a relationship; however, try to find the best time of day to talk and avoid circumstances in which the other person is in a point of great stress.

Speak in person

In these times, it is increasingly common for relationships to end face to face. However, it is not correct. Speaking in person is a way to maintain respect, as well as avoiding some misunderstandings.

Don’t talk about third parties.

If you’ve already started dating someone else or are planning to meet someone new, you don’t need to hurt your ex anymore. It is enough to understand that the relationship ended for the reasons that were within it.

Do not give in to return

If you have already gone through the reflection process, understand why you made the decision, and came to the conversation, there is no reason to go back. Changes are often very difficult, and your partner could find hundreds of ways to “get the relationship back,” however, when you are so sure of the end, you should not give in, even if you feel guilty.

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Ten tips to end a relationship on good terms

Deciding to end a relationship requires determination and courage, especially when we want to do it in the best possible way.

Deciding to end a relationship requires determination and courage, especially when we want to do it in the best possible way, without hurting the other person. When the time comes when you have already made every effort to save the relationship, and still things are not going well, it is best to end the relationship before you hurt yourself. 

Sometimes we do more harm to ourselves by maintaining a relationship in which we are not entirely happy. We feel fear & uncertainty of facing our way separately from that person who has been with us for a while. 

Consider these tips

There are some considerations to take into account when ending a relationship. Here we tell you: 

1. Organize your ideas mentally before talking to your partner. Express yourself calmly and sincerely, and try to remain calm when arguments arise. 

2. Give your future ex-partner space to be upset or sad.

3. you must be aware that the way you end the relationship will be remembered forever. It will be more difficult to overcome if what leaves with screaming, reproach, and anger

4. Be nice to the mutual friends you have, and try to be objective and not tip the scales in your favor. 

5. Avoid social media posts related to the breakup, and be consistent with what you share. Respect that moment of transition

6. Choose a neutral place to have the final conversation, and don’t do it on a day when you know you or your partner have an important exam or date.

7. You should stay firm in your position, think that it is the best for you, and avoid saying phrases that give hope to your partner that it is something temporary if you know that it is not.

8. Don’t be cruel, be honest about why you want to end the relationship, but you don’t have to make a long list of all the things that bother you about him or her. The reason should come as no surprise if they maintained open communication during the relationship. 

9. After the breakup, take time to assimilate your emotions. Even if it was you who ended the relationship, it is normal for you to feel pain. 

10. List your flaws, don’t put all the responsibility on the other person

There are no rules to end a relationship correctly. These tips are a guide, so you know how to handle it in the best possible way. But it will always be a difficult and painful process.