How to deal with husband’s alcoholism: ways and tips

Alcoholism refers to the physical or psychological dependence on alcohol. Therefore, a person suffering from alcoholism is not able to control the amount of alcohol consumed, as well as refuse alcoholic beverages. Which affects his professional, social relationships, as well as health. To preserve marital relations, it is important to know how to deal with alcoholism, regardless of whether it is a beer or a weekend? What steps can be taken to help an alcoholic husband? We will look at some ways to fight and what can be done at home on your own?

It is extremely difficult to deal with the problem of alcoholism because an alcohol-dependent person does not consider himself addicted. He sees himself as a healthy, normal person who doesn’t need to struggle with anything.

In addition, schools or universities do not teach how to deal with an alcoholic in the family. Therefore, it is difficult for many to imagine how exhausting the struggle with this insidious disease is until they encounter it. However, it can be successful if you act correctly and consistently. To do this, you first need to help the patient admit his addiction, convincing him to accept help.

How to convince a loved one of the need to fight

First, tune in to the fact that it will not be easy to convince, as an alcohol-addicted person will begin to deny the existence of a problem. Remember that denial is used by a person for unwillingness or inability to recognize some truth. In this case, alcoholism.

Therefore, he will argue that he can refuse to drink on his own without outside help. That he does not drink more than others and is quite capable of controlling himself. Accuse you of over-dramatizing the situation, when others do not consider him an alcoholic. When struggling with the alcoholism of a husband/wife, avoid believing such arguments of a marriage partner.

Second, make a list of activities, behaviors of your life partner that affect you or your relationship. Since many alcoholics deny and do not admit the existence of a problem with addiction. Through the list, he will be able to see objective examples of his problematic behavior due to alcohol.

Third, calmly discuss behavior problems with your husband or wife, asking how they plan to deal with them. Try to pick a time when your mate is sober so that the conversation can take place. Avoid blaming, and the words should not feel attacked, criticized, as this is ineffective.

How to deal with alcoholism husband at home

Recognize the existence of alcohol addiction in a loved one

Understand one thing: when family, friends, relatives refuse to admit that they are dealing with an alcoholic, he continues to drink. Perhaps they are afraid to bear the stigma of “living with an alcoholic” or afraid to meet the condemnation or pity of other people. But by hiding this, they are wasting time in the fight against alcoholism. What factors will help to recognize the existing problem, and not hide it?

  • If you do not fight the alcohol addiction of your marriage partner, then in the end it will harm the whole family.
  • Alcoholism has a negative effect on the alcoholic, slowly killing him.
  • Alcohol addiction, if left untreated, can cause serious physical and mental health problems.
  • By not fighting this addiction, you become an accomplice of alcoholism in harming your husband/wife.
  • If at the moment of strong intoxication an alcoholic commits a serious crime, then the non-drinking party may be indirectly guilty of this. Hiding the dependence of the marriage companion on alcohol. Is it worth it then to hide it from others?
  • By refusing to admit that you are dealing with an alcoholic, you prevent others from providing psychological help and professional support.

Get ready for a long fight

Be prepared for the fact that the fight against alcoholism is exhausting, requiring a long time. After all, the husband or wife himself will actively resist this. Feeling that the other half wants to correct them against their own will.

For example, they may begin to do everything out of spite, destroying any attempts to help them. Want to prove to everyone that without their desire, any imposed help is doomed to failure. Thus, the drinking person is oriented not to finding a solution to the problem, but to confronting it.

Tune in to relapses, breakdowns that take place

Many men who make promises to their women that they will stop drinking will start drinking again after a while. It seems to them that they are already able to control their addiction or the amount of alcohol they drink. As well as the effect of alcohol on your body, which is not reality.

Having fallen under the influence of such self-deception, he will again be under the control of alcohol in every aspect of his life.

Get rid of any alcohol in your home

Remove alcohol from your home and stop buying beer, wine, liquor, or other alcoholic beverages for your family. This reduces temptation, especially during times of stress or tense periods. Also, warn guests or those you attend in advance that the event will or should be alcohol-free.

Seek professional help

Talk to professionals to get help with your spouse’s alcohol addiction. They will tell you how to deal with the drunkenness or alcoholism of the husband on their own or, for example, without the knowledge of the patient. A counselor will suggest new, healthy ways to interact with an alcoholic when sober.

People who can help

  • therapists
  • Social workers
  • Support for Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Trusted friends or members of a religious community

What to Avoid

  1. Stop making excuses or apologizing for the alcoholic.
  2. Take on his responsibilities.
  3. To cover up or cover up the consequences of an alcoholic’s actions.
  4. Give him a drink.
  5. To be an accomplice in his drinking.
  6. Arguing with an alcoholic when he is intoxicated.
  7. Let the alcoholic drag you into solving their problems. He created them, let him decide.
  8. Blame yourself for the alcoholism of your life partner.
  9. Help pseudo-healers, sorcerers “grandmothers” with their conspiracies and prayers. The end result will be wasted time, money, effort and nerves.

Ways to deal with alcoholism


A person suffering from alcohol addiction takes pills or drops that act on the liver and help relieve cravings for strong drinks. After completing the course, the life partner will begin to feel a strong aversion to alcohol. Even the sight of alcohol itself or its smell will cause an attack of nausea.

In modern medicine, there are several drugs to combat drunkenness, but they should be chosen on the advice of doctors and used only after consulting with them. They can help you find the best drug for your life partner. And also adjust the dosage for better results.


Many try to mix these drugs into food and drinks without the knowledge of the marriage partner. But such a struggle with alcoholism is unlikely to help, rather harm if, for example, it reveals individual contraindications.

Clinical Approach

When the problem with the drinking of a life partner has become protracted, the best option is to seek professional help at a specialized clinic. Where you can be shown that their methods of dealing with alcoholism are effective. Googling the Internet, you can find many clinics that cure people of alcohol addiction.

Moreover, there is a lot of evidence of how hopeless alcoholics after a course of rehabilitation refused to drink alcohol forever.

Folk remedies

Some people prefer to fight drunkenness with folk methods that are used at home. Thanks to the Internet, you can find many different recipes from decoctions of medicinal herbs that our ancestors used in the fight against the scourge of alcoholism.

For example, they fought with an infusion of thyme, which is used together with alcohol and causes discomfort in an alcohol-addicted person. Also used tincture of red capsicum helps to overcome cravings for strong drinks.


Some plants cause allergic reactions, so this method is not suitable for everyone. Rather, this method can be used as an addition to the two previous methods, since it is pointless to fight with an alcoholic only by him alone.

Hypnosis, conspiracies

Hypnosis, conspiracies, prayers of “grandmothers” with magic pills – charlatanism only aggravates the situation. Coding is ineffective since it does not cure but simply keeps a person from drinking for some period. In addition, it can be dangerous with a fatal outcome when a person uses alcohol again.

Therefore, relatives of an alcohol-addicted person should understand that half-measures or endless encodings do not help, but exacerbate the situation of the patient. Understand that alcoholism is a disease and the help should be, first of all, medical.


If you’ve struggled with your loved one’s alcoholism, you probably know a lot about the disease. You know that the desire to drink decreases over time, but never completely disappears. After all, alcohol leaves a lasting effect on brain chemistry.

Therefore, it is important to adhere to a clear plan of action that you and your husband/wife have put together in the fight against alcohol addiction. When you feel that patience is running out, try to understand how difficult it is for your marriage partner to resist the intense and also strong craving for strong drinks.

Also, do your best to maintain your own physical and emotional health. Because exhausted, you are unlikely to be able to provide the necessary long-term support to your life partner. Exercising, hobbies, nature walks, and social activities can help you stay balanced, focused, and patient when you feel like you can’t fight anymore.

Maybe you have your vision of how to deal with your husband’s drunkenness effectively and correctly? Then we offer to share your methods with blog readers.