How to correctly pronounce Georgian and Armenian toast for a wedding?

The Caucasian wedding ceremony has special traditions and flavor. At any celebration there are guests who are greeted with special trepidation and respect. Armenians and Georgians love Caucasian wedding wishes and sincere speeches, so when going to a wedding, you should prepare in advance and write a congratulatory speech or poems.

In order for the wedding ceremony to pass sincerely and warmly, it is necessary to choose the right words. Sometimes, this is not easy to do. It is necessary to know the traditions of the Caucasian peoples in order not to offend anyone and to look dignified at the celebration.

What congratulations are heard at Caucasian weddings?

Caucasian weddings are still different from other national marriage ceremonies. We can say that the main difference is identity. Surprisingly, Armenians and Georgians still observe the traditions of their ancestors. Failure to comply with them is considered disrespect for your family and the whole nation.

For many countries, Caucasian weddings are like shows. It is not surprising, because they have everything: bride kidnapping, ransom, dances in national costumes, and even traditional songs. Having been at such a celebration, you certainly can fully feel the flavor of the people to which you are going.

Georgians always prefer national cuisine at their own ceremonies, unlike many other nations. Please note that no one eats soups and pies for a wedding.

All have long since switched to European cuisine. A large number of nationalities did this. But it is precisely the Caucasians who are trying to preserve their originality as much as possible.

Before starting to write a congratulatory speech, you should think carefully about what you need to wish for:

  1. Health – without this it is difficult to imagine at least one wish. Much depends on the general state of the human body: its success, well-being, and a happy life. Therefore, the stronger and healthier a person is, the more pleasant and successful his whole life will be.
  2. Material well-being – it is worth noting that Caucasians, like no other people, prefer finance to many things. For them, money plays a big role in everyday and everyday life. They love to surround themselves with luxurious things. These are cars, jewelry, and gadgets. Everything they have is in line with the latest fashion trends.
  3. Patience and long years of life together – without patience it is simply impossible to live together. After all, it is necessary to understand that your partner is also a person with his own character and needs. Therefore, only by realizing this and accepting him as he is, will it be possible to live a long and happy life.

Wishes at Caucasian weddings always come from parents and older relatives. So, for example, first of all it is customary to listen to grandparents. They speak the wisest words that have accumulated in their entire long life.

Georgian wishes on the wedding day

Everyone knows that Georgian toasts have a special meaning. On the one hand, they are very beautiful. On the other hand, they always have several meanings. There is the first, superficial, which is understandable and understandable immediately after reading.

And only after a few seconds you can understand how interesting the second meaning is. Fortunately, Georgian toasts are translated into all languages ​​of the world. They no longer sound so melodic, but still retain their emotional color and semantic load.

  1. At one point, God decided that he needed to create a woman. To do this, he took the beauty of sunsets and sunrises, the talkativeness of a magpie, the inscrutability of nature, the mystery of mountain gorges, the voice of a nightingale and a flute, the gait of a mountain deer and the rolling of thunder and lightning. This is the mixture he got. He made a woman out of all this. And then he gave it to the man and told him to enjoy the variety of images and sides of one person. Let’s raise our glasses to the beautiful ladies who, despite their long years together, do not get tired to amaze their chosen ones.
  2. Once a young couple decided to get married, having done it on the highest mountain in order to be closer to God. They took out their rings, but the young man was so worried that he dropped his ring in the gorge. Then he told his bride to wait for him while he went in search of the ring. Many years have passed since then. When he returned, he saw that in front of him was not that slender beauty, but a wrinkled old woman. In spite of everything, he approached her and put a ring on her finger. In an instant, the old woman turned into a charming young bride. Let’s raise our glasses to love that heals, empowers and makes us better.
  3. Three brothers lived in one village. The youngest was 40, the middle 50, and the oldest 70. A 70-year-old man looked and felt his best. His dexterity, strength and beauty were envied by everyone around him. The brothers decided to find out what the secret of his longevity was, and went to visit their brother. He decided to treat them to a watermelon and asked his wife to bring it. When my wife brought a watermelon, my brother cut it open and realized that it didn’t fit. The old man sent his wife for one more, and this happened 6 times. After that, the brothers could not resist and asked what the secret of longevity was. The man replied that they have lived with their wife in peace and harmony all their lives. Nobody annoys anyone and they have no quarrels. Let’s raise our glasses to our spouses, let them live their whole lives in harmony and happiness.

Toasts in Georgian

It is in the native Georgian language that toasts sound with special melody and beauty. If you are present at the celebration and do not even understand what it is about, then in any case, congratulatory speeches will touch you, since they sound with special tunes and words. P ozdravleniya the wedding Georgian

  1. In the high mountains lived a beautiful flower, its beauty maddened all around. Its scent was attractive, many travelers passed by and loved to enjoy the passionate scent. But the flower has never been taken only for the pleasure of travelers passing through the beauty. Let’s raise our glasses to our bride that very flower that our groom received. Let her keep it safe.
  2. In the distant mountains lived a shepherd who fell in love with a beautiful daughter of a rich man. A father refuses to marry off his only daughter. A few days later, the daughter married a friend of her father. This celebration was the shepherd and asked to postpone, tomorrow’s wedding. She invited the groom to pick up a wand and from whom the next day she was Bloom, Tommy and the groom a beautiful bride. In the morning the shepherd appeared with a flowering stick. Let us raise our glasses to the power of love that can do anything.

3. Family life in a stormy sea. Sometimes it is calm and peaceful, nice to look at it and want to enjoy the day. And sometimes the sea is furious, then I want to quickly calm down and relax. Let a married couple, family life will be different but always happy.

Congratulations in Armenian

At any wedding celebration, toasts at Armenian weddings are always relevant . They are beautiful, interesting, full of comparisons and metaphors.

Armenian wedding toasts can be heard not only at national weddings, but also at any other celebrations.

  1. Our beloved bride and groom. We would like to warmly congratulate you on this happy day in your life. We want to live a happy life. And before that, you need to do something more serious and challenging, that is, to survive this wedding. Yes, not all newlyweds can survive a wedding. After all, there will be a lot of laughter, joy and happiness today.

2. I would like to climb the most famous mountain of glass today. He did not come to Magomed. But friends can always come to the rescue. Why everyone? Because they have something to drink. Raise our glasses for friends who will always be at the rescue in any difficult time.


Congratulatory speeches in Armenian and Georgian are always rich and suitable for any celebration.

Toasts can be humorous or make you cry. Which option is right for your event is up to you personally.