How To Conquer A Shy Man

How to conquer a shy man and steal his heart may seem a bit complicated, especially if your forte is not the art of seduction and you have no idea what to do to get him to attract you.

How To Get A Shy Guy To Chase You

Take the initiative, dare to address it and discover what lies behind that silent and mysterious man!

Next, I will share the best seduction techniques for you to apply, captivate it intensely and awaken a storm of desire in your mind.

How To Show A Guy You Like Him

Seduction is a universe where body and verbal language play a very important role; looks, gestures and words are signs that help build empathy between two people.

The process of conquest and attraction is complicated when one of the two parties is shy or introverted.

In this case, you must change the plans and rethink the tricks to persuade him and make him notice you, slowly but surely.

how to conquer a shy man

Check out the following methods, suggested by experts; Surely they will be of great help!

1. Establish Casual Relationship

If the guy who runs out of you is shy, you will know that due to his way of being, it will take you longer to gain his confidence and you should keep in mind that he will never be encouraged to take the initiative.

Shyness will prevent that boy from socializing with you and will choose to move away.

How to conquer a shy man requires a lot of patience; This time, you will have to take the first step.

The key is that you are his friend, first of all, which will help you to know him more thoroughly and give him security.

The most advisable thing is that, at the beginning, the conversations are casual and of funny or general topics, never personal or that bother you.

Do not make the mistake of being reckless or daring because he will flee from you; go as far as he allows it and bet on the delicacy and gentleness.

Late that early your patience will be rewarded, he will open his heart and correspond with much love.

2. Take Advantage Of Social Media Relationships And Contact Him

Social networks, apart from providing the possibility to meet, contact and interact with people from anywhere in the world, are an ideal tool for those who suffer from shyness because they will not feel as intimidated as in a personal interaction.

Take advantage and learn how to get a guy’s attention on social networks .

Try to give him the opportunity to start the conversations and establish a closer bond with him.

Be flirtatious, but without exaggeration, touch on topics of interest and strive to understand and know more about him through his publications, comments and interests.

How to conquer a shy man and seduce him with phrases to fall in love with Facebook , phrases to fall in love with WhatsApp or captivate him by chat will be easier than you ever imagined.

It’s about creating a strong bond, virtually, and then strengthening it in real life.

Remember to be authentic, simple, interesting, fun and excellent conversationalist, show him that you are a unique woman and so you will know how to get him to see you as the most special woman in the world and will soon fall in love with you.

3. Importance Of Body Language In Communication

Your body can be your best ally when knowing how to conquer a shy man is about.

Your lips, your deep gaze, your smile, your movements and your gestures will send you the correct signals without the need to be direct or use verbal language.

It is a matter of being aware of the power of the importance of body language , since it is a secret trick that never fails and that no man, however shy or difficult, can resist.

Now, if you combine that language with verbal, you will get a winning duo, that is, the basis of a successful seduction and a transcendental connection.

4. Stimulate Your Senses And Do Not Forget About Physical Communication 

Although he is a shy boy, he is still a man and stimulating his senses will help him to notice you seriously. Take a look at the following tips !:

  • Look beautiful, highlight your natural beauty and leave it with your mouth open every time you see each other; It is certain that you will conquer it and will not be able to stop thinking about you. Remember that men are very visual and with little touches of coquetry, you can impact his mind and seduce him quickly.
  • Although the physical appearance is very important, the smell is also essential and bewitching. There are aromas that fall in love; make it impregnated with your fragrance and remember you better through your smell.
  • It draws your attention positively; you should not lose sight of the fact that to understand how to conquer a shy man it is not convenient to be a lady too striking in the way of dressing, putting on makeup, combing or interacting with other people, because the only thing you are going to achieve is to intimidate him. Encourage him to feel curious about you and feel the desire to have you very close, but with subtlety.
  • The physical connection will attract him to you; See that your friction is casual and naturally occurs to seduce you without realizing your conquest plan, so you will know how to drive any man crazy and arouse their curiosity .

5. How To Conquer A Shy Man: Do Not Mention His Shyness Problem!

There is nothing more uncomfortable for a shy person who is reminding him of his trust problem.

Therefore, avoid bringing up the subject or making comments that may intimidate you even more, as this will cause you to move away and you will lose the opportunity to fall in love with it.

Make yourself look a little shy too, in order to feel identified with you and less insecure; Maybe playing to have your own shyness can help you overcome your complexes.

Check my recommendation, read each of their attitudes or signals and try to imitate them!

6. Praise Him And Highlight His Strengths

You’re probably wondering: Is it really convenient to praise a shy boy? And the answer is yes, but with caution.

Let him know how valuable he is, bring out his strengths without bothering him and find a way to increase his self-esteem. It is up to you to achieve it intelligently.

Men love compliments and reaffirm their strengths, you just need to find the right situation to let you know everything that stands out.

Whether in some musical, sporting, intellectual ability, etc., know the best compliments for your husband .


You know him better and for sure you will have his qualities in mind, express to him what you feel without fear and analyze his reaction!

If you ultimately perceive it more intimidated than ever, subtly change the subject and try to bring it back to your comfort zone.

The most important thing is that you are very agile to know how to interpret your emotions and, thus, begin to have power over your thoughts.

7. Give Clues That You Like

After earning his trust and becoming a special person for him, it’s time to send him clues, show him that you like him!

When you feel that it is time, move on to another level with that shy boy who drives you crazy.

Your intentions should, at first, be implicit in the conversations so as not to scare or scare you away.

In the same way, you should start reading his body language and go at his own pace in matters of love, he will point out if you should continue moving forward or slow down.

Will you Feel The Same?

In case you need to know if he feels the same as you, I invite you to read the article ” How do you know if he likes me ?: 10 confirmed signals “.

Which will solve all your doubts and help you to conclude, once and for all, what are the intentions of the man you are interested in and if it is worthwhile to transcend sentimentally with him.

Or if on the contrary, you must choose to follow your path and discard the option of being by your side and trying to conquer it.

8. Keep Him Interested And Curious About You

There is nothing sexier than an interesting and mysterious woman, seduce her with your overwhelming personality and forget her shyness!

Share your same interests and try to start talks with topics that attract your attention; Don’t tell him all about yourself, give him the alternative of feeling curious.

Respect Your Space:

It is also advisable to give him space; that is, don’t talk to him every day, let him think about you and miss you amounts.

The moderate distance is positive to some extent; You will get me to see you as a challenge, which is a very effective female strategy, never forget that men love the thrill of persecution.

With Caution:

Do not give everything at once because all you will achieve is that you lose interest.

If you want to know how to influence a man’s mind and how to conquer a shy man , see the following article: “ The Mirror Method Amazing! 

This will solve many of your doubts and help you build a more conscious and meaningful relationship!

How To Conquer A Shy Man- Video

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