How To Conquer A Friend

Do you want to know how to conquer a friend and move from friend to girlfriend?

Controlling who we are attracted to is virtually impossible.

How To Propose A Boy

If you are reading this, you find yourself in a situation that many people go through.

You wonder how to conquer a friend, with fear of losing that beautiful friendship, but with emotion to think how it would be if everything works.

Bringing the issue with your friend, or knowing how to escape the friend zone to show you the quality you have as a couple can seem complicated.

Finally you don’t know how to get a guy’s attention.

But following these tips you will have the best chance of how to make a friend fall in love .

From taking care of how to bring the subject, using everything you know about him in your favor, creating a new environment to be more than a friend, to adapt to seeing each other as a couple.

Here are all the tips to achieve that trip in the best possible way.

Fear Of Losing Friendship

The first step in trying to conquer a friend is almost never taken for fear.

After all, to think that he does not correspond to you or his great friendship is affected causes fear.

As popular wisdom says: whoever does not risk does not win.

By not taking that first step, only the doubt will remain, so dare!

When Bringing The Subject, Take Care That IT Is At The Right Time And In The Appropriate Way:

  • Keep what you want to say ready in your mind; This will help you look safe and help avoid any misunderstanding that gives you a disadvantage.
  • Do it in a private place where they can have their space. If it is a favorite place of the two, it will help you feel in a more comfortable environment to talk.
  • Talk about how important you consider their friendship; Still showing interest in that, make clear your intentions with him.

At that point it is important to listen carefully to your response.

You may have one of these three reactions:

  • ​He is interested in trying or corresponds your emotions.
  • Not sure about trying something with you.
  • He is not interested.​

Each of these options gives you the opportunity to conquer it but with different “levels of difficulty.”

If He Is Interested, Congratulations!

If you are not entirely sure, do not worry. Read on to learn more about how to conquer a friend …

Things can progress as naturally as possible.

Just be very careful with the awkward questions.

Keep in mind that before starting this path, you should know that motivation is the pillar of your effort.

How To Conquer A Friend: What You Know About Him

If he is not entirely sure or interested in allowing you to try something beyond friendship, things may get a bit awkward.

Even if you are interested, it is best that he feels most comfortable with you.

It is clear that the advantage of being your friend is all the knowledge you have of him.

Everything he likes and dislikes, his interests, his secrets, his way of being in good and bad times, his qualities and perhaps one of the most important things: what he seeks in a couple.

All that knowledge and trust that your friendship has created gives you everything you need to show you everything you can earn with you.

Take Advantage Of That Advantage!

  • Use all that knowledge to make him feel comfortable with you, strengthen the connection they have and start getting closer little by little.
  • Feeling appreciated in a special way is something that touches anyone; Let him see how much you appreciate those unique qualities that only you can see.
  • Recognize the characteristics you have, those that you know can find attractive as a couple and make them stand out.

How to use some knowledge of someone to bring them closer, is something we have already seen in a previous article, where in a section we talk about whether your partner is cold .

You can review that article to learn more about how to use your knowledge about your past relationships in your favor.

Anyway, the most important key is listening.So you can act with more prudence and precision in accordance with the signals that that person gives you.

The Attraction Of Familiarity 

One of the reasons why we begin to attract someone close to us as a friend is the familiar attraction effect.

When someone becomes a familiar person in our daily lives, it is easier to wake up that spark of attraction.

Becoming familiar to him is easy with the help of friendship, and it is a way of how to conquer a friend .

It is with that that you can go deeper into your life to change the environment to one beyond friendship.

Time To Move Forward

  • Occupy the moments when they leave to make you feel comfortable and familiar as you shorten that distance between friendship and partner.
  • Gradually increase your reach in your personal space. Learn to take advantage of the moments when you can be very close to him so that he can get used to it.
  • Always think about guiding things so that those moments of closeness occur between the two: don’t force them.
  • Remember that the key is to be familiar as a possible couple, so that idea grows in your mind. Do not become invasive or be an intruder in your life.

All these points are useful in person. How to keep moving forward in your plan on  how to conquer a friend when you can’t see him?

Social networks are a good tool to create distance familiarity, having a presence even if you are far from it.

By using them on a regular basis, the algorithms of each social network will show your activity to all your contacts.

This activity includes him, with things that regularly make you go through his mind.

Those things that are of your interest or interest of both will notice.

All the techniques that can help you at this stage of the conquest will be found here.

How To Conquer A Friend Avoiding The “Friend Zone” Attitude

You may feel that you are in the call friend zone and telling you with anguish ” I fell in love with my best friend “.

The “Friend zone” usually makes us think of a state of disadvantage and total loss.

As something personal that indicates that we don’t have enough to be appreciated as a couple.

This is nothing further from the truth, but in that perception there is something very dangerous.

Something that many people fail is to have the “friend zone attitude”, to believe that for certain actions or type of relationship they deserve a person as a couple.

Thinking that it is almost mandatory that the person corresponds to them.This type of attitude usually turns away who is wanted as a couple and is a guaranteed recipe to ruin the friendship.

Be it because of the strong connection you feel they have as friends, the support you have given them in good and bad times, or just think that there is no person who can value you more than you do.

Always keep in mind that each person searches and sees things differently and this does not mean a love failure.

Understanding and empathy are the main weapons to combat that attitude and to achieve  how to conquer a friend.

Enter your text hWhatever your interest, if he sees something in you with which he appreciates that opportunity to be conquered, or is not entirely convinced …ere…

Understanding his point of view, respecting him and showing understanding is not just something that will protect his friendship from any danger.

It will also make you see one of the best and least common partner qualities you have.

how to conquer a friend

Making You Feel Comfortable With A New Love

You have taken everything you know about him to show that you have the best as a couple.

Approaching little by little but firmly you become someone familiar and as a possible partner.

All these changes that bring you closer to moving beyond a friend, will clearly have you excited.

But keep in mind that sometimes changes can scare you.

In this stage of greater closeness the most important thing is that both can enjoy a new kind of affection between the two.

If you don’t want all that effort to be in vain, look closely at the 25 mistakes women make and ruin relationships and they could turn back everything you’ve accomplished.

How To Conquer A Friend: Learning to Be a Couple

This is the part you always expected of how to conquer a friend .

He has seen your quality as a couple, you have aroused his full interest by gradually approaching and with the great help of the Magnetic Desire Method.

You have correctly followed all these tips on how to make a friend fall in love.

He has seen how natural it is to be with you expressing and growing a new kind of love.

Since you are managing to have that shared place, all that remains is to learn to be your partner.

You have probably heard him talk about his other relationships in the time of his friendship, or have seen him behave as a couple with other people.

All of that is very different from living it directly.

After the conquest, this is the final part. In short, the most entertaining part.

Enjoy every moment to get to know that full version of each one.