How to congratulate a man on a wedding and do you need to congratulate an ex-boyfriend?

Love is not always eternal, unfortunately, or fortunately. And almost every person has the same former passion with which they once had a warm relationship. Currently, they have broken up and now the boyfriend or girlfriend has already become an ex.

There is nothing wrong with that, the main thing is to survive such a sad moment in life. Although it also happens that people come to the decision to leave consciously and do not see anything negative in this.

Should you congratulate your ex on your wedding day?

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Congratulations on your ex-boyfriend’s wedding.

If you find out that your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend will have a wedding very soon, then a very reasonable question arises, is it worth congratulating him on this event.

We note right away that women are always more emotional and vulnerable, so this issue is the most relevant for them. It is more difficult for them to survive parting, and the further wedding of the former is regarded as a betrayal. Often, women only dream that the ex-boyfriend will be killed all his life, remembering the happy moments spent together.

It’s worth congratulating the guy. This will not be considered a sign of your weakness or eternal love. You will rather show yourself as a well-mannered person who can congratulate, despite the breakup. Therefore, remember that if you want to look decent, then it is best to send a congratulation.

You don’t have to write a poem yourself or compose a long, complex speech. It is enough to make a small text, which in any case will be pleasant to the bride and groom.

You should congratulate not only on the wedding ceremony, but also on the occasion of another joyful event. For example, a birthday or a promotion at work. This should be done with restraint and delicacy. Before sending the text, ask someone close to read it.

As a rule, both parties are to blame for the breakup. Both overlooked somewhere, so there is nothing wrong with the fact that you, having realized this, continue normal communication, not going beyond the framework of a friend.

If you still have children together after the breakup, then as adults you simply have to sit down and discuss how your life will develop in the future. You just need to congratulate each other on any events, as children will suffer from your silence. And they are certainly not to blame for anything. Therefore, your and your partner’s adequacy and prudence will fully and completely affect the child.

However, in any rule, there are exceptions. So it is here. There are several situations when you, with peace of mind and conscience, may not congratulate your loved one.

  1. If your partner cheated on you, this can be considered a real betrayal, which not everyone can forgive. Therefore, there will already be your initiative on how to behave after parting. Basically, no one continues any communication. Because cheating is a hidden deception and a real crime.
  2. In a relationship, you were humiliated, beaten and insulted – often there are such partner situations when a woman is subjected to violence, both physical and moral. A man simply should not behave like that, so your further communication can be considered impossible. You should not forgive a man who at least once allowed himself to hit a woman. This is the lowest that the stronger sex is capable of.
  3. He began to lead an asocial lifestyle – if your husband began to drink alcoholic beverages from day to day, use drugs and morally decay, then you should not expect support from him in the future and continue to communicate. Such a partner is hardly worthy of communication with the child and you.

Options for wishes for an ex-boyfriend

Note that congratulations, on the one hand, should be beautiful and interesting, and on the other, not contain warm words and ambiguous statements. Everything should be clear and understandable from the first line.

  1. Congratulate your ex on your wedding. May we parted with you,

    We are not friends now.

    But the wedding has come,

    Not mine and ours,

    But yours.

    I hasten to congratulate you

    At such a wonderful hour

    And may your happiness

    Always surround you.

    Take care of your spouse,

    Do not deny her anything

    And you yourself become a reliable husband,

    And a strong, indestructible shoulder.

    1. Happy wedding day I hasten to congratulate you,

      It’s strange, you say, but what?

      I will give you happiness,

      And hug your wife quickly to the shoulder.

      She’s a real clever

      girl , Beauty, a girl anywhere.

      Now you deserve real happiness.

      Live with her for many years.

      Don’t let your conscience torment you,

      You are doing everything right, that’s for sure.
    2. I would like to heartily congratulate you on this magical day. Once the flame of our love went out, so let your love shine brighter and brighter after this day. You are a dignified and beautiful couple. I want to admire you every moment and day. Love each other and then you will definitely live a long and happy life.


    Congratulations for your ex-boyfriend can be written on social networks or sent by phone. It will not be superfluous to call, however, it is better to do it after the wedding celebration, since on this day he will definitely not have time for old memories.