How To Compliment A Guys Eyes

We are used to saying that women love with their ears, and men need “eye candy.” In principle, this is true at the initial stage, but later, when the relationship is tested for strength by living together, the male half needs verbal feeding of feelings. Compliments have an extraordinary effect on men’s self-esteem, and nothing more, nothing less than the emotional climate of relationships depends on his self-awareness. How to choose a password for a man’s heart so that he understands the sincerity of your feelings, is ready for anything for you and feels like the master of life? The secret is in the right words. In this article we shared how to compliment a guys eyes.

Beautiful Eyes Compliment

The attractive power of your bottomless eyes is hard to resist!

When I look into your lovely eyes, I see the look of an angel!

With thick and long eyelashes like yours, you don’t need mascara!

With thick and long eyelashes like yours, no mascara is needed!

Your eyes are like a fire – tender, bright, but you can burn without a trace in them!

Behind such incomparable eyes should be hidden no less beautiful soul!

You have a gentle, embracing look!

Have you ever seen a precious crystal shine? Your unmatched, beautiful eyes shine in the same way!

I close my eyes and see your bottomless look and charming eyelashes

It’s hard for me to turn away from your unforgettable eyes!

Your eyes are like two lights – bright, flickering with a bewitching brilliance!

Today your eyes are just shining! Apparently, you have a long-awaited happiness!

Never before have a girl’s eyes touched me as much as yours!

What an interesting scarf you have! Even the color matches the color of your unforgettable eyes!

I feel indescribable joy just looking into your magic eyes!

Your eyes are like a raging ocean – there are waves of joy, splashes of happiness and endless depth in them!

You need to be able to swim perfectly so as not to drown in your lovely eyes!

On these cold days, your eyes are warm like the spring sun!

There is infinite warmth and attentiveness in your eyes!

How To Compliment A Guys Eyes

The Universe gave you beautiful eyes, so that when you look at you, your heart sank with admiration!

Your eyes twinkle like stars in the night haze!

You always find a reason to smile and shoot eyes!

I love to look into your eyes! In them I see a whole universe of feelings!

You have very beautiful eyes! They cause a surge of tenderness!

If there is anything unforgettable in the world, it is your beautiful eyes and a sweet smile!

The best moment of every day is to feel your joyful look in the morning!

The longer and more often I look into your charming eyes, the harder it is to look away!

Remembering you, the first thing that comes to mind is big and insanely beautiful eyes!

I’ve never seen you with your head down. You are always cheerful, cheerful and your eyes shine with life!

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Your beauty is not at all perfect! You are unique, and this is the main thing! And your stunning eyes are like a starry night!

Your cornflower-field eyes make me perceive the world in a different way!

Your eyes are extraordinary! They have a lively sheen that is difficult to see in people on the street today!

There is nothing more beautiful in the world than looking into your smiling eyes!

When you frown, you look like a kind cloud, behind which the eyes sparkle with the sun!

A cunning little imp lives in your eyes! How else to explain such a playful, groovy look?

Sometimes I envy your eyes – there is a kind of unpredictability in them and that makes them incredibly beautiful!

Tenderness lives on your palms, and you look like a cute naughty kitten!

You have clear, open and trusting eyes! It is impossible not to fall in love with such eyes!

You have an indescribable expression in your eyes – as if an artist painted them and put all the emotions of the world!

The Earth is full of beautiful places, but the most wonderful is the place where you can meet your unforgettable eyes!

Your eyes are very attractive, with a touch of shamelessness!

Your eyes catch! Directly magnetic look!

When you are very passionate about something, your eyes are filled with burning passion!

You have tender eyes! Genuine emotions are always reflected in your pupils!

You have different eye color in different light! But most of all I like the color of the eyes of a wild cat in the twilight!

Your eyes, with or without makeup, look natural and very, very attractive!

The romantic image of “gentle naivety” suits you! You can even see girlish dreams in your eyes

My favorite picture: hot coffee, vanilla smell of your hair and eyes… your enchanting eyes…

Your eyes are naturally endowed with special strength and insight!

You are adorable! What eyes! Cling so that already goosebumps. They just don’t let go!

You have a very deep look, at the bottom of which an exciting secret is hidden!

You have eyes the color of a blossoming blue cornflower!

Your gaze is endowed with some kind of magical power! All the guys are speechless when they see you!

A catchy brown look, dark tender skin – in one word Chocolate!

You are great at using makeup to emphasize the depth of beautiful eyes.

There is nothing more beautiful than a hitch spark slipping in your eyes!

A cheerful sun is reflected in your dear eyes!

Your ardent gaze is able to light a fire in your heart!

Light, warmth, and good revelation are visible in your eyes!

The brighter a person’s eyes burn, the more vital energy he has. And your eyes shine brightly!

The brighter a person’s eyes burn, the more vital energy he has. And your eyes shine brightly!

Tell me, which fairy tale are you from? You have very kind fabulous eyes!

Seeing your eyes, I realized that kindness has a color! The color of your eyes!

When I look into your eyes for a long time, it seems to me that they are decorated with the shine of distant stars.

You are like an ocean: waves of joy, splashes of happiness and the bottomless depth of beautiful eyes!

You have such a mischievous look from under your gorgeous bangs!

Now I know what color happiness has eyes!

Your eyes are more eloquent than a thousand beautiful words!

You have a magical look!

Your shining eyes are much dearer to me than the sun!

Your gaze makes me shiver

You have such an interesting look! The feeling that you see even what I think about!

You have a unique sparkle in your eyes!

You have very expressive eyes and a wise look

When you laugh, your eyes laugh too!

Every look into your beautiful eyes makes me fall in love with you even more!

Your gaze opens the doors to unknown worlds of crazy passion and love!

Eyes are one of the most expressive areas of your attractive figure!

Your lovely eyes are the mouth of your soul. And I can hear how they talk about love and tenderness!

Your eyes are full of love and tenderness. And from this they become even more beautiful!

When you sulk at me, you have a cute and touching look!

Curious how many men have already drowned in your bottomless, beautiful eyes? I’m next!

Your eyes are clear as a mountain stream!

Your boring, mesmerizing look will not stand even a diamond, let alone men!

You have very cute but sometimes sad eyes

Today your eyes shine more than ever!

Your eyes are like the sky in diamonds!

From your gaze men melt like snowmen under the spring sun!

Your eyes are like magical underground lakes – not everyone can understand the hidden meaning lurking in them

Your eyes are like doors through which the warm, calm light of your soul flows!

The light in your eyes bewitches and captivates!

Your eyes are like the Ocean – it is not even possible to measure their depth

Only you have such an incomparable look with a taste of mystery

You have divine eyelashes – like the lace wing of a flying angel

Your eyes are full of coldness of ice and flame of passion at the same time

The touch of your big and fluffy eyelashes is like a butterfly kiss!

Under your charming gaze I feel like a gun

You have magical, passionate eyes, as if interspersed with agate!

The Milky Way is reflected in your divine eyes!

Your eyes are like a gentle pool!

The flickering of your wonderful eyes attracts and beckons!

Your black eyes are like two bright buttons on a white face!

There are stars in your eyes! Tenderness is in your hands! There is happiness in your smile!

It is impossible not to fall in love with your eyes!

Elusive star glare flickers in your bottomless eyes

Your childishly clean and naive eyes are incomparable!

You have an amazing look: when you look, it feels like I feel your touch

There is everything in your gaze: mystery, romance, intrigue, flirting, coquetry, power, love and tenderness. This look is impossible to forget!

A hot unearthly fire burns in your witchcraft eyes

Your eyes are both a reward and a punishment for me

Darling, your look is enchanting, you are able to hypnotize anyone!

No matter how you make up your eyes, you always have a very expressive look

Your eyes are like two bright, black beads that cannot be overlooked in the stream of pedestrians

You have magical eyes! It is not for nothing that they say that eyes are the mirror of the soul! You have it, too, magical!

You have very loving and happy eyes!

The radiance of your eyes is captivating!

Your look can be very different: it can both caress and burn

You have indescribable eyes the color of a cornflower field!

All my sorrows are drowning in the deep water of your eyes

I look into your eyes and cannot see enough – you are all in them!

Magic dreams lurk in the corners of your expressive eyes

Your eyes are like two grains of rock crystal

Your eyes are flammable – they kindle hearts!

You have such an expressive look that I can feel your touch from a distance

Your domineering gaze exudes strength, confidence and courage

The shots of your unforgettable eyes always hit the mark

The shining of your eyes illuminates my path of life

Your eyes … Look … I’m overwhelmed!

You have wonderful brown eyes. The enchanting light gives them a different meaning each time

Your sea-colored eyes and rosy cheeks make my heart beat faster

The insinuating look in your eyes says a lot

Your eyes are a bottomless ocean, but in this ocean I am ready to drown

Your eyelashes … I dream of them at night … And I just can’t escape this captivating look

Your eyes … I just burn from your gaze

Your eyes sparkle like New Year’s snow

I’m drowning in your eyes like in a bottomless sky

Your look is impossible to forgive or forget

Some inexplicable mystery is hidden in your eyes

You have a truly magical look. I always feel when you look at me

Your eyes and smile are just charming

Like a ray of sunshine, you illuminate my path on this bad day

Such a crazy spark is sometimes kindled in your eyes!

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