How To Compliment A Guy On His Looks

Here is a collection of how to compliment a guy on his looks. They are also intended to be posted to his photograph. Written ‘in their own words’ (not in verse).These words are addressed to any representative of the stronger sex (boyfriend, beloved, friend, just acquaintance), since they all Love pleasant words about their appearance, no Less than girls.

Recommendations for use are at the end of the page.

You have not only appearance, but also brutal energy.

You should be placed on the cover of a women’s magazine. The sates of this edition will break all the tops.

Any girt wilt envy your hair. How do you wash them?

Such a Light unshaven significantly increases your sexuality.

You have amazing expressive eyes here.

With a physique like yours… I wouldn’t be surprised if girls hang in dusters on you.

You can brag about a man Like you as an expensive purchase… or maybe take money for watching.

You don’t need anytuning either. Nature has done a great job creating such beauty.

In this photo, you alone are striking from the crowd. A very bright man.

You have a very thoroughbred appearance. Were There aristocrats in the family?

I won’t steep tonight. Your embossed belly excites my magination.

You have such a smile… seeing it you are no Longer interested in the size of your income, Level of education and the number of bad habits.

l thought that such cool ones Like you are shown only in beautiful. firm and they don’t walk the streets.

In this photo you Look like a thoroughbred, graceful cat…you just want to hug you and not part

Your taste in clothes is impeccable.’ wilt Learn the style from you and ask for advice.

You stand out unusually brightly against the background of the monotonous mass.

Deceiving Looks…this is not about you. Your beautiful facade fully reflects the beautiful contents.

Absotutety all women definitely want children from you. You will make them the most beautifuL

The darting of fate is immediately visible! Everything you have as a selection: radiant eyes, gorgeous hair, a dazzling smite and the figure of a sex symbol.

Oh, what a man! Present!

How To Compliment A Guy On His Looks

This photo would have won first place in a competition for the most Luxurious man of the century.

You are simply the embodiment of all feminine ideals and fantasies.

Your Lips are flawless.

You are completely irresistible. With an appearance Like this,

you don’t have to make an effort to seduce anyone.

How sexy you are.

You have an amazingly Laconic, masculine, calm and restrained style.

You just radiate positive, kindness and confidence.

ALL friends should hide you from their girls. You are a very strong competitor… or rather, they are not your competitors at all

How do you manage to be friends with men? They should avoid and dislike you…Any woman will run away from them to you as soon as she sees.

You have such a romantic, pensive Look here…Immediately you want to cook you dinner with candles and not Let you out of bed for three days.

You have such a Look in this photo that in my stomach butterflies start fluttering.

Your kind just screams: here he is -a real man!

You Look amazing! lust a star man.

This photo made my day! I admire her as a painting of a great artist.

Can i take this photo to my collection? !will admire and brag to my friends that’ have such a macho friend.

My friends will be choked with envy when they see that I am familiar with such a handsome man.

I don’t believe that you didn’t do plastic surgery… everything you have is no correct and harmonious … I cant believe that all this is reaL

Thank you for decorating my life.

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I thought that the most beautiful men are shown in the movies… Now I see that- no. The most beautiful. is in this photo.

You’re just the perfect man. Best among the best. And the most effective one.

How to Live now… No man can compete with you. You will be my cherished dream!

When a man is not only smart, charming, physically developed and, in addition, handsome… he becomes a Legend. All this is about you.

Everything about you is of excellent quality. Even if !wanted

to find fault with something,’ could not find a flaw.

Where did you cultivate this taste in your sett? You have a completely unique, inimitable image. Once you see you, you will not forget, you are on charismatic and memorable.

You have fingers Like a musician… Have you studied music somewhere?

You have an aristocratic head set…You are exactly a descendant of kings.

I have never seen such a high forehead as yours. You are probably a genius.

You have such a keen eye,njust an x-ray. I get goosebumps you probably can’t hide anything from you.

You rarely meet such beautiful people. You are admired not only by girls, but also by men.’ am sure of this.

l envy your eyelashes. You can give everything for them.

Men like you are created exclusively for Love.

I Look at you and understand what it means when nature has given all the best to someone atone.

You have a very fine sense of style, you are beautifully dressed.

But over if you dress up in rags, you will stilt remain luxurious.

You don’t have to wash, shave or cut your hair… you will Ala be irresistible.

Time has no power over you …you still Look dizzy. Oh, even Loose jeans do not hide your weighty advantages.

In this photo,’ see a real conqueror of women’s hearts.

What bright eyes … I’ve met such only with colored contact tenses.

One can only envy your physical shape… nothing superfluous and everything is very harmonious.

Such a gorgeous man could turn out only if he was fed with black caviar in childhood, and not milk

With this haircut, you are fantastically fataL

A serious Look suits you very much. I immediately want to hug and not Let go.

You have amazing dimples when you smite.’ will delight you more often to admire them.

How much strength, patience and will do you need to make such a beautiful body.

Your beautiful name is in perfect harmony with your image.

When in my childhood I dreamed of the prince of my dreams, I did not think that I would meet him in reality… He is the spitting image of you.

Man, I think I saw you on the cover of a magazine. You have a very regal posture and just a mesmerizing gait.

Your hands are very strong and very gentle. every girl’s dream.

You can tum on anyone with just your Look and Look.

You are Like a state-of-the-art airliner: revolutionary design on the outside and innovative inside fittings.

phis immediately obvious from your piercing eyes that you have a very sharp mind and an amazing sense of humor.

I M afraid to show you to my friends. they won’t Leave until they take you away.

Are you from rest? You Look very fresh.

The color of this shirt is especially in harmony with your eyes.

I get numb when I Look at your figure. Do not take your eyes off.

Any clothes on you Look amazing.

Your butt is amazing in these jeans. Never take them off.

You have the most courageous and handsome face I have ever met.

You are perfectly photogenic. The camera just adores you. ALL pictures are amazing.

You Look the way you want to ask for advice on style, fitness, nutrition, and good manners. How do you manage to combine so many beautiful. things in yourself?

(“This is what excellent genetics means. You can’t cob it off with
your finger. Everything in your appearance is top class.

When you squint, you Look pretty damn charming.

In this photo, you Look absolutely freak…You always have that when you Laugh.

With such height, with such shoulders. with such Lips. You are just a gorgeous man.

When’ Look at this photo with you,’ get the same feeling of admiration as when’ see a reaL exclusive.

You are incredibly sexy in these jeans.

Your chin betrays a strong-witted person.

enjoy your photos… especially those where you are brooding…You have the perfect male face profile.

You have very good skin … It stays young for a Long time.

Your tips are just blatantly sexy.

Of all the mate torsos I’ve seen on the beach, yours is the most brutaL

If you always Look at me the way you do in this photo, I will dream of you every minute.

Your charisma, even in the photo, is so strong that it seems that you can touch it

Your smite gives one strength for the whole day.

You are very perceptive and understand everything about everyone. Your eyes in the photo give it away.

I wanted to say that you are dressed the best in this company,

but I remembered that you do everything the best.

You have such a relaxed face here that you immediately notice how beautiful. you are.

Crou have very aristocratic hands … especially fingers.’ see there were nobles among your ancestors.

Cron have a verythin, ironic smite that betrays a very wise and experienced man.

All your photos have a magical, radiant aura around you. Perhaps it is the Light of your eyes that creates this effect.

It’s not easy for your girls, probably…You cannot help but be jealous.

You have amazingly beautiful, strong, even teeth.’ just can’t believe that all this wean is natural

Your tattoos are expertly crafted and fit perfectly into your Look. They cannot Leave indifferent any girl.

Your tattoo hypnotizes me. Did you come up with this drawing yourself?

  • If you are not in a close relationship with a man, the best solution would be to choose a veiled (not direct) compliment. For example, something Like: “How do you wash your head so that your hair Looks Like after styling in the salon?’ In this case, flattering words will be in the form of a question and will not be as stressful. as direct praise.This should be done because men often do not understand how they should react to a direct flattering review of their appearance and feel discomfort. For them,this is simply unusual After aIL, it is usually accepted to praise a woman’s appearance (a fthough men adore pleasant words for their appearance, no Less than women).The situation changes when you are in close relationship with the object of praise.
  • When you are already in a close relationship with a man, you can safely choose any (even the most frank) compliment from the list above. In this case, it is even better to use direct, specific praise. Because men perceive the specifics better.And since you are already close, flattery does not embarrass him as in the case when you are just acquaintances with him.
  • Choose the item on the List that best matches the photo under which you place your praise. Do not write what is not For example, you shouldn’t write about a powerful. physique if your boyfriend is the smallest (in size) in his social. circle. It will Look Like a mockery or as if you are not writing to him, but to someone else. However, if you decide to praise his torso, and he does not differ in greatness, then the situation is not hopeless _lust focus not on the size of the body, but on its beautiful. relief, lack of fat, aristocracy, accuracy, etc.
  • You need to know the character of the person to whom you are going to say flattering words. To choose the one that suits you from the List and make the praise as successful. as possible, think about which part of his appearance is most significant for him. Usually this is the part that he himself considers the most successful. (beautiful) or the part that he pays the most attention to. For example, if he goes to the gym, it means that he is paying attention to his body (his physical. Oxen). If you are keen on proper nutrition, then it will be optimal. to praise his weight, skin, hair and the rest, the type of which directly depends on the nutrition system.
  • In addition to obvious advantages, a person also has hidden ones, or not too obvious ones. If you carefully study his image, you can find them. As soon as you find them, do not hesitate to praise thorn. Such praise for implicit merits (which are not noticeable to everyone) will not only bring pleasure to the man, but will do honor to you too…After all, you noticed something that not everyone and not always notice. This means that you are already special since you turned out to be more attentive to him, more perceptive than everyone else.
  • It is best if you are guided not only bythe desire to say something pleasant, but also sincerely (from the heart) to admire the person. Only then your flattering review will not be Like a routine (format) praise and will bring you an excellent result – it will raise the mood of both you and the object of
  • your attention, give pleasure and satisfaction from communication.

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