How to competently come up with author’s congratulations on the wedding?

A wedding is, on the one hand, a joyful event and a happy moment in life, but on the other, a real panic. One has only to think about it, when you receive an invitation to a marriage ceremony, a real panic begins.

After all, you simply do not understand what to wear, what image to choose, what to give, and, most importantly, what to say when there will be a celebration.

How to write a wish to the newlyweds on their wedding day?

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Congratulations on your wedding are far from an easy and easy task. It is necessary to write it in such a way that it is successful, beautiful, and memorable. Just imagine how many guests there will be at the celebration.

Accordingly, you need to stand out. In addition, the option in which you find the first greeting on the Internet will not work either.

In this case, there is a great chance that you will not be unique and just repeat someone else’s speech. To avoid such mistakes, you need to refer to the author’s congratulations. Of course, the author’s congratulations on the wedding would be the best option. Moreover, you should be the author of the text, not otherwise. If you are a close relative or friend of the newlyweds, then it will not be difficult to write your text.

After all, it is you who know and understand the married couple best of all. It will be completely banal to wish only love and happiness, think and remember what they dream of and what they most need. Let your congratulations differ from others in less poetry and lyricism, but it will be individual. Everyone loves this kind of speech.

Every action has its instruction. Likewise, writing wedding greetings has a clear plan, following which you can get a decent text.

  1. If you can imagine and understand how to write a poem. At least a little familiar with this literary genre, you can try yourself in it. There is nothing complicated, but you should understand what it is and have sufficient experience in this matter. The lyrics are not so difficult if you love and understand them. She is rather a creative and poetic impulse. Sometimes in a few minutes you can compose beautiful lines, and sometimes a few days will not be enough for you to somehow move forward.
  2. Think and say in your mind what you would like to wish the newlyweds. Close your eyes and visualize the complete written text. What will you reflect in it first of all? And what about the second. It will be great if you have a full-scale picture in front of your eyes.
  3. Congratulatory speech is not only continuous wish. It will not be superfluous to include stories from life together, hikes and adventures in it. They must be appropriate. For example, if you talk about the fact that a girl always cooked deliciously for everyone on hikes, then tell me how lucky the groom is, because he has such an excellent hostess. All stories should only exaggerate the dignity of the bride and groom. Stories about your friend’s failures will be inappropriate. On the contrary, in the eyes of others, he should become ideal.
  4. In the event that smart thoughts do not come into your head at all, you can use other people’s ideas. It is not at all necessary to completely rewrite someone’s congratulatory speech. You can only take a small passage or a general meaning. The site contains author’s congratulatory speeches, which can be called unique and original. After reading them, a muse can visit you, which will make it easier to write wishes for a married couple in the future.

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Rhymed poetic forms from relatives and friends always attract attention on any special occasion. They are certainly not as easy to write as they are to pronounce. However, your creativity and work will be worth the positive emotions that you give to the married couple.

  1. Our dear newlyweds. The day you met, two angels sang in the sky. They were incredibly happy that this union took place. Try to make sure that the song of the angels does not stop for a second. Only your love can do this. Trust in its power and direct it in the right and right direction.
  2. Guys, you have entered into a difficult family life. From now on, she will always be noisy. But let this noise be not from your quarrels and screams, but from the joyful squeals and laughter of young children. Let the noise only grow, and your money inexorably flows out of your wallet. And daily spending will be only for gifts and joy for children and relatives.
  3. Do you remember the day you met? And when did you fall in love? And I can tell you that that night a lot of little stars lit up in the sky. They are all your children. Help them sink into your hearts and appear in your family. Heaven has blessed you for long-term marital happiness.


Everyone chooses in which format it is best to write the author’s congratulations. It can be both prose and poetic form.

Well, if you have a voice and an ear, then you can take advantage of vocal opportunities and perform a musical composition for the newlyweds. She will become a beautiful number at the wedding ceremony of marriage.