How to come up with a cool toast for a wedding yourself?

A wedding requires preparation not only from the bride and groom but also from the guests.

Everyone present makes a congratulatory speech. It can be in completely different forms.

Fun creative toast options

One of the best options is toast.

It is such a diverse and interesting genre that it can be:

  • eastern;
  • wise;
  • a parable;
  • folk;
  • comic.

Funny toasts are more popular and interesting since everyone gathered at the celebration to have fun, so this version of the speech will come in handy.

Absolutely every guest who comes to the wedding wants to stand out and be remembered. Not surprisingly, as a rule, only the bride and groom look bright at the celebration. It is quite difficult for the rest of those who came to declare themselves.

Photo 1

An excellent option and a way to become brighter than the rest of the guests will be a unique speech delivered to the young spouses.

Cool wedding toasts from friends

Friends very often like to make fun of each other. A wedding celebration does not rule out this.

If you and your friend have a warm and friendly relationship, then he will appreciate a funny toast addressed to him.

  1. Marriage has two meanings.

    On the one hand, this is a marital union, united by strong love, mutual understanding and harmony. On the other hand, it is a defective product. I would very much like to wish our newlyweds that their marriage has only one, positive meaning and never intersects with a defective product in production.
  2. Once a guy came up to a beautiful princess and began to ask for her hand, and she took it and refused.

    The young beauty pointed out two reasons. The first is the guy himself. And the second is someone else. Let’s raise our glasses today to Ivan, who managed to become someone else for the princess.

Merry toasts for a wedding from witnesses

The difficult mission of the wedding falls on the witnesses. As a rule, these are the closest people for a married couple. They went through a lot with them.

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Therefore, the words from them will be important in the life of the spouses.

  1. They asked a sage how it happened that he lived with one wife for so long.

    To which he revealed his secret. It turns out that they lived together and then met. Let’s drink to today and to the happy young people who will be happy from each other.
  2. One day a woman went to court after an accident.

    The judge asks her about all the intricacies of the case. The wife skillfully replies that she was driving a car, but her husband was driving. Let’s drink today for Ivan and Anna to accurately and deftly drive their car, whose name is “Family”.

From relatives

Sometimes, at a celebration, it is enough to tell a funny and short anecdote on the topic to make the guests laugh and cheer them up.

  1. The woman is heading south, while her friend oversees the collection of her suitcases.

    Then the friend makes a precise remark and indicates that it is not at all necessary to take a black dress with you. The woman immediately replies that her husband does not swim well, and she must always look good. Let’s raise our glasses to prudent wives and strong husbands who always do only well.
  2. There was an accident on the road.

    The police saw a woman passing by and asked her to become a witness. She agreed with pleasure, and after a while asked what happened after all. Today we all know what happened and why we got together. Therefore, my proposal is to drink to all the witnesses, knowledgeable, intelligent and literate.

W weft toast at a wedding with gag

You don’t have to start a 10-minute monologue to deliver a pleasant speech and warm words to the young people. It is very easy to tell a parable or a short version of a comic congratulation. Both versions are good in their way.

The parable, although small in size, contains a deep thought. After it, the so-called aftertaste remains. But a short comic toast is loved by all guests. It is enough to tell a short story to cheer up those present.

Parables in your own words

This version is always popular at weddings.

Photo 3
Toasts for the wedding: beautiful, short, funny.

She makes you not only laugh, but also think.

  1. There were two brothers in the world.

    One had a big heart, but an empty wallet. The second brother had keys, but a completely callous insides. That one, that the second brother found themselves by his wife. After some time, the wife of the first brother blossomed in love, became only more beautiful and younger. The second, on the contrary, withered and turned into the same bigot. I would like to wish young spouses to follow the call of their hearts, not to pay attention to tight wallets. Know that together with each other’s love, you will achieve much more than others.
  2. In the sky, the Falcon lived high.

    He was a proud and beautiful bird. The Falcon always hovered above the clouds, delighting those around him. After a while, he saw a gentle dove on the tree. She was sitting on a branch next to the sky. The falcon flew near her every evening, but he was so proud that he never dared to fly closer. Let’s raise our glasses so that everyone does not hide their feelings, succumb to emotions and say goodbye to their negative qualities.

Short toast

Nothing else will amuse guests like short toasts.

They are capacious in content and biting in humor.

  1. Remember, there are always two people in a marriage.

    The first is fair, intelligent and reasonable. He is always right. The second is the husband. Let’s have a drink so that the spouses follow the established rules.
  2. An unforgettable night awaits yours today.

    Only on this fabulous night you need to arrange flowers, count money and unpack gifts. The rest can all wait.
  3. My friends.

    I have always been against your wedding. But today the day has come when it is too late to resist. And besides, it is not necessary. You are the perfect match.


Comic and funny wedding toasts are a great alternative to boring congratulations. Cheer up the guests and entertain the young couple. Where, if not at a wedding, is it worth laughing, having fun, and joking?

Just make sure that your humor is not offensive and offensive to your friends. Include facts and dates in your speech that only you and your spouse know. This will make the toast more capacious and meaningful.