How to come up with a comic instruction to the newlyweds for a wedding?

Absolutely all guests do not go to the wedding empty-handed and empty-handed. As for the hands, it is clear here that it is required to present a gift for the newlyweds.

What it will be, it is up to you to decide based on the imagination, financial capabilities and desires of the young. But if we talk about what else the newlyweds need, then congratulations should be definitely noted. Most often, spouses hear wishes in their address in the form of prosaic or poetic. Both options are acceptable.

But the most popular are the orders. For the most part, the order is comic and funny, therefore it is perceived by the guests with a bang. Especially if you can beat him in an interesting way.

Tips and Tutorials for Newlyweds

The order can sound from the lips of absolutely any guest. As for the parting words, there are limitations. Such speeches are mainly delivered by respected and respected family members. Often these are mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and godparents.

But the mandate is so unique and peculiar that it can be pronounced on behalf of friends. There are several variations on the themes. Initially, you can write a speech dedicated only to the groom and the bride separately. This option will amuse everyone. It will resemble popular bad advice.

Order the bride

Remember that the main idea of ​​the order is to convey a clever thought in the most simple speeches. Each sentence should have a deep meaning.

The bride, after reading your text, must understand the basic rules of domestic family life.

  1. Dear bride, teach you how to cook tasty, satisfying, appetizing. Try to do this so that the cabbage stump tastes like ripe juicy grapes.
  2. Do not forget to spend the family budget on your beauty, believe me, your husband will be happy with it.
  3. When you disagree with your spouse’s opinion, don’t be categorical. Try to be cunning and dexterous like a twig by a tree.
  4. If the husband is tired or upset, then he must be reassured. If he wants peace, then give him peace.
  5. Don’t become a rusty saw for your husband. You are a young lady and a beautiful friend, a faithful wife. Nobody likes rusty saws.
  6. Spend most of your free time every day with your husband and family. Nevertheless, at least once a week or a month, do not forget about yourself and your friends.
  7. Be loving, then your friendly family will always be strong.

Order of the groom

The words spoken to the groom should help him understand in what direction to build a married life.

  1. Provide your home financially. It should always be a fortress for you, where it is pleasant and comfortable to be. Build your fortress while protecting your family.
  2. You must be a real athlete who carries your whole family. Yes, it can be difficult, but worth it.
  3. Help your wife to run to the store, and do it without asking.
  4. Give a woman your flowers, it will be the most pleasant and unexpected moment in your life.
  5. Do not be afraid of the baby and the baby that will appear with you. Learn to wash them and help your spouse.
  6. Do not argue over little things, be a man, do not pay attention to empty sounds and words.
  7. The family steering wheel is in your hands, hold it firmly and a fair wind to you.

Comic and funny instructions to the young

In the event that you want to amuse the guests and make the newlyweds laugh, funny instructions will do. They should be beaten in an original way. To do this, you can arrange a small dance scene.

You need to ask a man from your company to play the role of a king, but one couple would become newlyweds. In a comic form, the king should state the decree that he issued. From now on, all married couples must strictly adhere to it.

Prepare the decree itself in advance. This applies not only to the semantic part itself, but also to its design. Contact a print shop where they can print a decree on beautiful glossy paper.

As for the semantic part, the mandate itself can be both in poetic form and in prosaic form. From this, the meaning will remain the same.

In verse

The most common form due to its ease of pronunciation and memorization. In addition, in all literary tales, the tsar’s decrees were in verse.

  1. Listen, hurry up, my friend you are my decree.

    Hurry, hurry up to fulfill it.

    Let him become a mandate for you, you

    must remember him.

    You love your spouse like a diva,

    Dream about her every day and hour.

    And let her be always so beautiful,

    As at this moment for us.

    My friend, do not forget about money either, The

    material side is very important.

    Your dear wife should be satisfied in full.

    She, in turn, will

    bake sweet pies for you.

    Don’t you like sweets?

    Well, we will change the whole minced meat.

    Do not forget you, dear ones,

    That you are not just a couple.

    You are a real and happy

    married family.
  2. Well, Seryoga, dear.

    You are on holidays and on weekdays.

    Protect your wife’s peace.

    And do not go to the left,

    You do not walk for a beer,

    But only with your little wife You walk

    along the alley.

    You take the stroller

    And all the days you go for a

    walk, hurry up with your little wife, just about.
  3. Our Svetochka, beauty, what

    Well then, after all, quickly listen to our order.

    ust everything in life will be wonderful with us.

    You, Svetlanochka, from now on wake up early in the morning.

    Yes, not just like that, do not think,

    Let’s bake pies for my

    husband, and for my son,

    For my daughter.

In prose

Prose can be considered words spoken from the bottom of the heart. They seem to be born from the head and reach the soul of everyone.

  1. First of all, from now on, you Love, must become a good wife. But few people know what a good wife is. She should not follow the call of her heart, but the advice of her husband. As soon as you receive an instruction, you should immediately follow it, putting your thoughts into the background. In addition, you should be as attractive and sexy as possible for your husband, while not attracting the gaze of other people’s men. On weekends, get up an hour before your husband wakes up to put on your makeup and hair. Then you need to lie down as soon as possible and pretend that you have just woken up. If the husband went out with his friends for a walk, then you can start calling them only a day after the disappearance of the husband, not earlier.
  2. The spouse must become the real head of the family, who will earn money for all its members, and will not even glance at other beauties. Let the wife honor her husband as a real hero who is able to move mountains. Self-confidence and marital faith will help her husband achieve new heights and unconquered heights.


Cool orders to the bride and groom are always held at the wedding with special passion and interest. The newlyweds will be pleased to receive a postcard with a written text later, which they can then re-read again and again.

Do not be afraid of funny moments, because such a speech should be completely with humor and jokes.