How to choose wedding congratulations in verses for newlyweds?

After important events in the life of each person, the closest and dearest people seek to congratulate them on the performance of solemn deeds. A wedding is a special sacrament that promises God’s grace.

Not all couples decide to carry out such a procedure, because they know how important and responsible it is. After the wedding, each close person seeks to say warm words of love and support to the young spouses. You definitely can’t do without it.

Wishes and congratulations to the young in prose or poetry

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Many newlyweds invite guests after the wedding to celebrate this event. Someone invites you to a restaurant, while someone wants to celebrate at home in a relaxed atmosphere. Regardless of this, all those present need to prepare a solemn speech. With her, you will feel calm, not worrying about the fact that you have to say something awkward.

In general, psychologists advise preparing such speeches in advance. All this is associated with excitement, which very often prevails over any person. An exciting and disturbing environment can simply ruin all those words that suddenly appeared in your head.

But if you think over your own speech in advance, write it down on a sheet, then you will have a wonderful opportunity later to voice everything without worry.

The most touching and lyrical speeches are always born in poetic form. Poetry is capable of influencing human feelings in a unique way. Through the senses there is pressure on the mind. Therefore, when reading a poem, first we begin to experience and experience emotions, and then we figure out what and how influenced us so much.

Since the wedding ceremony in the church is of an Orthodox and religious nature, it is possible to choose poems directly related to this topic.

  1. Today God has united hearts,

    and you have vowed to love to the end.

    Let this union become eternal,

    And I’m not afraid of these words.

    You visited the temple that day,

    And prayed to God for love.

    Now before you is your shadow,

    Ready to forgive you everything.

    Appreciate and respect,

    Love, read.

    No one is more important to each other.
  2. I do not believe in the randomness of life.

    God created you for each other.

    Let the angel protect you,

    And cherish your family.

    Let the insult go away,

    If you have it.
  3. Jesus Christ and the Mother of God are your companions in life.

    Today they kissed their faces,

    May they help you three times.

    Do not forget to pray,

    This word is very read.


Women prefer touching speeches. They are especially valuable in moments of high emotional stress.

It is worth answering unequivocally that in the temple no one is indifferent. Everyone is cleansed, worried and feels completely new emotions.

Therefore, after the wedding, touching speeches will be more welcome than ever. They will be imbued not only by women, but also by men who have attended the service.

  1. May God not leave your family,

    and you keep his commandments.

    Let the world and harmony not bypass your edges,

    And you go to the sermon with your whole family.

    Hurry, may the Lord give you children.

    Funny, nimble and beautiful.

    And you will be responsible for them,

    After all, they are a real miracle.

    Be patient and respect your half,

    After all, living together is happiness.
  2. Wedding is the best of life.

    Beginning is what she conceals.

    From now on and forever, you will be accompanied by the

    Guiding Star.

    Rejoice at this moment,

    Do not forget that the married ones should never part.

    God Almighty has connected you for a reason,

    you are for the rest of your life and this is not a trifle.
  3. You and your spouse pray

    that God blessed you

    And thank each other.

    Sometimes, it is much more difficult to love,

    Than to create a lot.

    You can hope and believe,

    But you must not forget about love.

    And this is a difficult word, believe me,

    it still needs to be conquered.

From parents

It sounds doubly serious to parents when their children decide to get married. This is a special responsible step, which is difficult to compare with something similar in life.

Therefore, they are always worried and worried, sometimes even much stronger than their children.

  1. You have taken a difficult but sure step.

    You have decided to get married.

    We know that you will have everything.

    From this life will only develop.

    And there will be children, and there will be a road,

    And there will be worldly vanity.

    Always come to each other’s aid,

    Family value in this is as follows.

    Love unearthly and faithful –

    There is nothing more reliable.

    Children, believe me, from

    now on you are happier than anyone else in the world.
  2. May your future be radiant

    And rainy days will not come.

    May your fate not be insidious,

    And trouble will bypass your canopy.

    You will live in love for many years,

    Hope and believe all your life in advance,

    Then, with God’s help,

    your children will take the true path.
  3. You are made for each other

    And everyone can see it.

    You are a real miracle,

    and many are jealous of this.


    we had time to pray to our God

    that you will love and be happy forever.

From friends

Close friends will always help with deeds and advice. It is doubly pleasant to hear warm words from them, which mean that you support them in getting married with your soul mate.

  1. Through the long years and days,

    Times and nights.

    Suddenly she overtook you,

    And you became concerned.

    This feeling is called love.

    All wonderfully you fell in love.

    And this makes me want to say thank you again and again.

    Today we thanked God

    for connecting your hearts.

    And may your road be so happy to the end.
  2. May your union be happy,

    and henceforth be sanctified by the church light.

    And do not feel torment

    Never on this planet.
  3. Pray, dear friends, that

    your life will be happy.

    Well, we will be with you to the end,

    Believe that you are loved.


The poems about the wedding are solemn and majestic . After them, as a rule, both young people and guests should drink some red wine.

Cahors is most associated with church rules and is allowed by the Orthodox religion.