How to choose the right white wedding dresses?

Already several centuries ago it was accepted that white is the most solemn and festive color. And in what, if not in it, to celebrate such a joyful event in your own life in the form of a wedding?

The history of the white wedding dress

Many are sure that they got married in a white robe at all times. However, this is not the case. Only 2 centuries ago it became fashionable for a bride to wear white. Previously, there were completely different options.

So, the red hue was popular, personifying luxury, wealth, and financial well-being. In foreign countries, green and blue tones were popular. They were considered stable, reliable shades, which promised similar to the bride and groom.

Recently, more and more designers began to offer completely different colors and shades. However, the white tone, which is still loved by many brides, was and remains an unsurpassed classic. The bride’s dress must be white.

White value

Why is the wedding dress white?

The ceremony of registration and marriage implies a new union, the union of two hearts. The bride in this union is the personification of innocence, purity, and integrity. Accordingly, a wedding performed in this shade means only a pure life, without quarrels and problems, while in love and harmony. It seems like a fairy tale, but somehow few people want to check whether this is true or an empty belief.

Moreover, if a girl chooses a snow-white tone, then she tries to pick up all the details for him. According to this principle, underwear, shoes, headwear, and even jewelry are selected. It would seem that nothing should distract the eye from the bright and snow-white outfit of the bride.

If a girl had a dream shortly before the wedding, in which she acts as a bride, then this can only mean that very soon she will have a happy life and dramatic changes in it (for the better).

Who are white dresses suitable for?

The really big advantage of a white wedding dress is that it suits absolutely every girl. And it does not depend on the type of figure, height, weight, or appearance. White and black are two versatile colors that go with anyone.

However, this also has its nuances. The snowy hue is bright enough that it needs to be matched. Therefore, most often girls come up with juicy and catchy make-up. If a girl with pale skin and blond hair chooses muted makeup, she can simply get lost.

It is generally accepted that a white tint makes you look fat. But this is not the case with a wedding dress. To hide excess fullness or, conversely, add it, it is necessary to select an outfit based on the characteristics of the figure. And a variety of styles will help with this.

The boiling outfit looks dignified both on a very young bride and on an elderly woman. Still, you should be careful with him. Any style will suit the young lady. But a woman should opt for calmer options, less defiant and catchy.

Types of white bridesmaid dresses

White wedding dress photo.

Because white is an unsurpassed classic, absolutely all designers work with it. This gives the right to a really wide choice.

In addition, white is good because any styles and shapes are suitable for it. A large assortment is presented both in wedding salons and in online stores. So the choice is vast and sometimes it makes you think about which option will be the best.


Surprisingly, white has several different shades. All of them are not classics, but they are often used by those young ladies who want to make their image more original and creative.

  1. champagne;
  2. beige;
  3. ivory.

All of the above tones are delicate, creamy, and pastel options. They are ideal for girls who are not getting married for the first time or who are pregnant. The colors are not too provocative, which allows them to be used for a delicate image of the bride.


A variety of styles, at times, makes brides choose this particular option. Choose for yourself several of the most different formats, try them on and determine the one that suits you best.

  1. Long sleeves are a real squeak of modern fashion. Almost all designers have made options that have a long sleeve. At the same time, surprisingly they are all diverse. For some, it is made of guipure, for some, a satin insert will become the main one, and for some it will be preferable to choose a synthetic material. In any case, the sleeve should only be combined with the dress itself, the rest is not so important.
  2. Mermaid or year is the sexiest wedding dress option. However, it is suitable only for those young ladies who have ideal shapes and outlines of the figure. The mermaid fits the silhouette tightly, thereby highlighting the existing flaws. In the event that the figure is ideal, then you will get a sexy image in which you will be able to pull only the charms, showing them in a favorable angle.
  3. Princess – a few years ago, this style was considered the most popular. Currently, it is chosen by fewer and fewer brides. However, from this he did not lose his charm. In cartoons and fairy tales, you can find a wonderful princess, who is dressed in a fluffy dress with a voluminous skirt. This is exactly what we are talking about in this version. The dress is ideal for petite girls. Busty beauties should abandon this dress format.
  4. In short, democratic bridal fashion proposes to move away from traditional wedding ideas. From now on, short models that are slightly above the knee or, on the contrary, slightly lower are in fashion. A girl in a dress always looks flirty and intriguing. Often, a young lady chooses an original skirt in the form of a bell or sun. In this case, it is possible to create a more festive look.

Color combinations

It will be possible to look stylish at your wedding with the help of a combination of two colors. Add bright and juicy tones to the main white version. As a result, you may end up with a more original look.

  1. With red – a stylish combination, in which the bride adds red decorative elements to the snow-white version of the wedding dress. Red will suit brunettes. This is the color that looks quite catchy and harmonious on them. Red has long been added to clothing, believing that this color brings financial well-being.
  2. You can look incredibly stylish and modest with black additional decorative elements. Ribbons or belt bows can act as such elements. Black does not set off the solemnity of a white dress, so it can be safely used for wedding ceremonies.
  3. Girlish pink can help highlight the romance and tenderness of the bride herself. At the same time, a delicate pastel pink is used, which is subtlety different from the snow-white shade. This combination is ideal for blue-eyed blondes.

Jewelry and shoes

The snow-white tone of the outfit is also good because a lot of options for jewelry and shoes are suitable for it. Everything will depend on how you would like to see your finished image. So, if you want not to deviate from the classics, then stop at the white version in shoes. But jewelry should be either silver or made of white gold, natural pearls.

If there are additional decorative elements on the fabric in the form of other shades, then be sure to add them either to jewelry or shoes. In this case, you get a more complete image.


A white wedding dress has always and at all times been considered a classic option. It is he who is worn on the wedding day. It is solemn and festive. Please note that when it comes to the holiday, both men and women want to wear at least a white top.

Therefore, the bride on this day will be in the center of everyone’s attention, because she will personify the festive atmosphere.