How to choose the right wedding day greetings in German?

In Germany, according to statistics, there are about 500,000 marriages a year. The average age at marriage is 30-32 years. As a rule, at an earlier age, it is not customary to connect their relationships with official seals.

More and more weddings are held in Germany every year. The Germans are known to be pedantic and responsible people. All their ceremonies are held at a special level. We offer congratulations on your wedding day in German.

Wedding traditions in Germany

If you happen to attend a wedding ceremony in Germany at least once, you will be able to remember it for a lifetime. She is colorful, at the same time not very emotional.

Basically, the proposal is made by men, as in any other country. However, in Germany there is one interesting custom according to which women can make an official marriage proposal once a year.

Date – February 29. It is noteworthy that on this day a man has no right to refuse. His refusal can mean a quarrel in the relationship. The girls here turned out to be more cunning than the men. Therefore, if the faithful does not want to get married, but at the same time wants to keep the relationship at the same level, then he will have to pay off in the form of an expensive and respectable gift.

At weddings, the Germans call guests and relatives. It is known that at such events, as a rule, there are more friends and colleagues than relatives themselves. Both those and other guests, preparing for the marriage ceremony, prepare a congratulatory speech. Please note that it must be in the same format. Accordingly, fit the general style of the event.

Congratulations in German

Germans are a diverse and versatile people. They are madly in love with attention and welcome wedding greetings in German in any form.


These can be pretentious odes or comic speeches. In any case, the newlyweds will like the text if it is addressed to any of the family members. Therefore, it is worth making a wedding congratulation in German separately to the bride and groom.

For the groom

Wedding greetings in German , addressed only to the groom, are always special. He, as a rule, wears a more comic and less solemn color. All this is done in order to relax the atmosphere in the hall.

Men do not like sentimental and touching speeches, so they should definitely be bypassed. It is better to give preference to more relaxed words. It will be useful to use the characteristic German humor.

  1. Dear friend, we have been known for a long time. You are always differentiated by the simplicity, the mind and the serenity. Today you are good as always, but this day your eyes shine strangely brightly. This happiness that was knocked into your house. Open the doors faster and let it in. Even if it will never leave your monastery. I just want to wish you to save that feeling of happiness that is with you now. And multiply So, and how multiply, I yes you think you know. And if there is, come to me, I’ll tell you exactly that (according to the secret, of course).
  2. Your whole life went on the fine path up to this moment. This was the way of self-arising. You learned, grew, developed and finally you understood that your path was way too narrow for you. Now you are going on the new path with the beautiful woman. It becomes uniform. Know how to go after her, holding on for a lifetime for a hand. Not pushing anyone down, and pushing someone that forwards, so backwards. You love one another, you value and respect you. Then the big house and the blooming garden will definitely arise on your way
  3. If we think and think about what is family happiness, we will not find the single answer. For everyone it. Someone will see it in the money, someone in the children, someone is in the big house, well, and for someone the fierce passion. We will wish our bridegroom and bride to find family happiness and to hold onto it throughout life.

For the bride

Women are much more sentimental and touching than men. For them, congratulatory speeches are songs of the soul, which should sound loud and melodious. Sincere words, piercing glances – this is what can move any bride to tears.

  1. Once my friend met with everyone popular Yevgeny (now the husband). On the one hand, I was happy for her. And with another to admit honestly did not expect such as all the due time and attention began to give only to him. At first I thought that I would be left without friendly support, but everything turned out differently.

I found the new friend and it really was great. So that I cannot mourn that the wedding took place today. It is joy, but now with me two whole friends and the comrade.


  1. Did you see the birds? You magical. You can soar, fly and be happy. Their wings are firm and large, so they always fly with the extent. Give we will wish our married couple, the bride with the groom, that their love was always such firm and strong.
  2. Our bride is beautiful like the fairy tale fairy. It is also good стройна. It is a shame to return such beautiful things to family life. But we will hope that her husband will judge her for dignity and preserve her. People, keep peace, you like and guard one another. You – that main treasure, what is in each other’s life.

Congratulations on your wedding day

German weddings always come at a pretty penny. Guests spend a lot of money on gifts. However, the bride and groom do not skimp on wedding expenses. According to statistics, only 5% of married couples do not go on their honeymoon after their wedding.

It is noteworthy that all weddings are now paid for by the newlyweds themselves. If there is no financial means, then the married couple takes out a loan.

Long gone are the days when parents fully paid for wedding ceremonies. The task of parents and guests is to prepare a solemn and touching speech for the wedding ceremony.

  1. Our dear young couples, they always want to wish you great family happiness from the heart. Enter we’ll ponder what goes into that word. It is both love and passion, both financial well-being and caress, and mutual respect. Let your vital ship always travel on calm seas.
  2. The wedding is a happy event in the life of any married couple. The man and the woman have decided to consolidate the alliance and, to hook the ties together, have become one unified whole. There is only one wish for you – long and the main thing is to live a happy family life. It will be a big request for you – to gather us for 25 years behind the big tables this day. We’ll hope that the number of people behind the tables will only increase.
  3. From that day new relatives appeared at each family. One were found by the daughter, others – the son. It is great if the adult and independent person appears in your family. We are present today for the special vital event and celebration when the new family is born. From yourself we will promise to appreciate and respect your solid alliance, to help than we can, and your task – to keep that love and tender feelings that is with you now.


Weddings in German are always distinguished by their special luxury and simplicity. Despite the innate aristocracy, Germans still love to spend money on such important life events. Therefore, at such events, you will find a large number of decoration, designer jewelry.