How to choose the right wedding congratulations to the groom?

Many people dream of going to a wedding celebration. And this is not surprising. It is a real pleasure to be a guest at such an event. There are a lot of food, drinks and nice people around you. If you want and need, you can participate in contests and have fun to the fullest.

The guests have only one duty, which is dictated by the norms of decency. Going to any holiday, they always give gifts and say sincere words, wishes. The wedding is no exception in this case.

How beautiful to congratulate the groom?

Turning to the Internet, you can come across a large number of congratulations intended for the groom for the celebration. All congratulations to the groom are original, creative and somewhat unique. But among such a wide variety, there is only one option to choose.

In this case, it is worth relying on what is most to the liking of the groom, and who will desire. Please note that if the wish comes from a mother or a close relative, then jokes and ridicule about the groom will be inappropriate. However, if a friend reads the same speech, then everything will fall into place.

  1. Congratulations on the wedding to the groom of your own composition – this is the best option. Absolutely everyone is pleased to hear not banal phrases for their holiday, but really personal congratulations. This can be done only by writing your own text. In this case, do not worry about rhyme or syllable. The main thing you can worry about is literacy and brevity. Please note that you are not the only guest at the celebration; accordingly, many want to congratulate. In this regard, you will have to significantly shorten your speech, leaving only important thesis points.
  2. A musical ensemble of relatives – if you have an energetic and creative person among those present, then this option is perfect for you. Collect a musical ensemble of your relatives, hand them the words and amaze the groom. In this case, do not forget about the appearance. Better if he is comical. For example, if you are performing a children’s song, then put on caps, sliders, and take nipples and bottles. In this form, you will become like a baby doll. This will doubly amuse the guests present at the celebration.
  3. Scene – if you put at least a little sense into your performance, it will sparkle with new colors. You can act out an excerpt from your favorite movie or tell a wise parable. The scene doesn’t have to be funny. She can be touching and a little sentimental.
  4. If you are afraid of a large number of people, then in your case, you can come up with in advance how best to congratulate the young spouses. To do this, you will need to pre-record on a video camera congratulations on the wedding day to the groom . You can edit a movie or ask good friends to say a few warm words about the groom. All this is subsequently mounted, and incorrect duplicates are deleted. As a result, you will get a very original and interesting congratulation.
  5. Congratulations in the form of a rally will be completely original and comic. You will need to buy the cheapest dishes and put them in a nice box. During your speech, drop the box on the floor with a clink. Let everyone be scared, then you will say that the dishes are beating for good luck, but it’s a pity you don’t have a gift. Then tell them that this is a giveaway and hand over money to buy an expensive new set.

Cool wishes texts

It is not enough just to figure out how to congratulate the groom on his wedding day, it is also necessary to prepare a wish for the groom for the wedding . Its text can be comic. This format is especially loved by young people.

  1. Great day – wedding day.

    Each of us will remember it.

    We will fill the glasses with

    what? Red, of course, is it really wrong for them?

    And let the eyes

    grow dim from him, The speech of you and us is braided.

    But we will have time to wish you,

    So that your love will intoxicate you all,

    As well as wine at this hour.
  2. We will congratulate you on your wedding

    And we will leave our mandate to you.

    You live tightly, amicably,

    Do not swear just like that.

    Let there be a lot of you in life, the

    Ivanov family will become just a class.

    Do not forget about patience,

    And you always love,

    Tell each other

    Warm and sincere words.
  3. Young ones, I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart

    And I will ask you for one thing only.

    Do not forget me,

    After 100 years, call me like that again.

    We will then remember with you.

    Your wedding, as it is now,

    Well , tell me

    how you lived all these years,

    It will surely be just a class.

Texts of original congratulations

A wedding speech should be distinguished not only by humor and positive, but also by originality. Otherwise, you run the risk of voicing exactly the same congratulations as the neighbor on the right.

Therefore, it is imperative to revise your text to make it more personal and unique.

  1. We wish you happiness, great and bright.

    May it always surround you.

    We wish you a sky white and heavenly.

    Let it inspire you.

    We wish you a radiant, bright sun.

    Let it warm you up.

    We wish you weightless and light love.

    Let it enter your home as a fairy tale.
  2. May bad weather pass you by,

    Bride and Groom.

    Let there be only happiness in your house,

    from which everyone would be quiet.

    Let your house ring loudly

    From the happy squeal of children.

    This is the kind of happiness that children have,

    Our happy people.
  3. How to congratulate the groom.Under the ringing of rings

    A marriage happened,

    And not some kind of defect.

    But the real union has

    merged into one end.

    Love each other with all your heart

    And take care of your tenderness.

    Then you will understand

    how important it is to endure each other.

Touching wishes for the groom

If you want to be a little sad and remember old travels and events associated with the groom, then you can convey a sensual and sentimental mood. Beautiful congratulations for the wedding to the groom will help with this .

  1. Guys, how much we have experienced with the groom. So many travels and events. It would seem that they were all yesterday. I’m happy that you found your betrothed. You deserve to build a strong and friendly family. And you can take an example from you. You are a real family man. You dreamed about this for a long time and walked towards your dream. Finally it came true. Now I think you will feel a complete feeling of happiness. May it never leave you. Love and be loved.
  2. If you go back 10 years ago, you can remember what kind of boys we were. At that time, we had just started to drive cars and feel like really adults. Then you told me that you will only marry if you meet the princess as if from a fairy tale. Well, look, you, like a real man, kept your word. And I let you go calmly into family life. I know that you have met your love, which must be cherished, cared for and cherished.

Parting words to the groom

Parting words for the wedding to the groom , as a rule, are told by those relatives and friends who have been in a relationship for a long time. Please note that their example must be positive.

Basically, such speeches are made by the groom’s father or his uncle. As a rule, these are men who have lived in marriage all their long lives, they have something to say and what to teach.

“Son, marriage is a serious and responsible thing. You have become your family’s breadwinner. From now on, a lot depends on you. You are the one who decides what your family will be like. Will she live in abundance or she will need. Build your family strong, indestructible, wealthy and reliable. “


Congratulations on the wedding to the groom can also sound from the bride’s side. Thus, the girl’s relatives or friends will be able to express special honor and respect for the new member of their family.