How to choose the right scarf for a wedding?

It is not so easy for a bride to prepare for a wedding ceremony. This is a special sacred ordinance that must be observed with the utmost rigor. According to church canons, only those couples that are religious and moral can get married. For a married couple to be married in a church, it is necessary to appear to the priest, who will or will not give his consent to such a sacrament. In case of a positive answer, the spouses should immediately begin to prepare for the solemn event.

Preparation is both spiritual and physical. The young lady begins to think about what image to choose for the sacrament to look beautiful, dignified, and permissible at the same time from the point of view of church canons.

Features of the headdress for the bride

Since ancient times, the veil was considered the main headdress of the bride. It could be worn on both secular evenings and church ordinances. Moreover, the veil is the headdress that is used all over the world.

It is believed that with its help you can protect a defenseless bride from the evil eye and bad thoughts. Currently, when registering at the registry office, a headdress is not an obligatory attribute, but it is simply necessary to visit a church. The church does not make special conditions for the bride when visiting the temple.

Church wedding scarves.

Finding an accessory is not always easy. Because it should match perfectly with the dress as a whole. Therefore, stylists advise when choosing a veil, first of all, not from taste preferences, but from the design of the dress itself.

Fortunately, in our time, bridal salons in stock provide a variety of headdresses for the bride. It can be a veil, a shawl, a veil, or a small hat. In all cases, the bride will look stunning with the correct composition of a harmonious and holistic image.

Many women still do not understand why they should wear a headscarf on their heads in the temple. The apostle Paul said that the headdress is the personification of spirituality and humility. The girl simply must be under her husband, thereby she expresses respect not only for those present but also for her beloved, wearing a scarf as a sign of consent and humility.

Choosing the right accessory is hard enough. His task is to completely cover the head. Unfortunately, not every kind of veil can cope with this goal.

In this regard, there is a need for a different headdress. This can be a scarf. It is unique and good because it allows you to hide exposed body parts.

Church Wedding Accessory Options

From the head accessory itself, you can make a real accent. For example, wear a modest white wedding dress and a lace scarf. In this way, a woman will look both mysterious and modest, as the church wants.

Designers provide women with several options for accessories to choose from:

  1. A stole is the perfect way to hide any exposed clothing. The stole is good because it is long and voluminous. It can be made either from very thin fabrics or from wool. In both cases, the scarf is always patterned, interesting and original in its performance.
  2. The hood is an original type of accessory. It is, as it were, a cut-off piece of clothing. The hood neatly covers the entire head while leaving the face wide open. In addition, the hood is always long, so part of it still falls over the shoulders of the bride herself.
  3. A hood with a bolero is a unique product that is a kind of cape. Such things were worn at all times, then they went out of fashion. Nowadays they have become popular again. A large amount of fabric falls from the hood, which covers not only the shoulders, but also the chest. Pay attention to the lace models, which stand out quite clearly against the background of the rest of the monochromatic options.
  4. A shawl is a stole woven by one’s own hands. Everyone remembers the shawls worn by grandmothers. They, as a rule, were carved with clear openwork patterns. Some of the shawls looked like real works of art. The shawl is large and wide.
  5. A small scarf – in the image, you can emphasize the make-up, neat and at the same time quite beautiful. Then completely cover the entire head with a scarf and tie at the back. In this form, the girl will amaze with her tenderness and humility.

The most popular are lace options. A beautiful pattern is woven on them, which interrupts all the attention to itself. In this regard, do not worry about a simple and modest dress. A scarf can change the whole image, turning it into a delicate and romantic one.

How to sew a scarf with your own hands?

Wedding scarf photo.

Especially appreciated are those products that were sewn with their own hands. They are beautiful and showy. Such options will be able to please any young lady. To sew a scarf, you need patience and boundless love for business.

  1. In the store, purchase the required number of meters of the fabric you like. It should fit perfectly with your dress. You can take a wedding dress with you to the store and apply it to the fabric of your choice. In case of an exact and direct match, buy fabric.
  2. At home, cut an even rectangle out of the fabric.
  3. Sew the edges carefully with a sewing machine.
  4. Sew decorative braid or original lace along the edges of the resulting triangle.

As a result, you will get the simplest version of a wedding shawl. If you want to complicate your task and know how to handle a machine a little, then start sewing a hood.


The price in stores for wedding accessories is low, it directly depends on the material you choose. Pay attention to the fabrics that are most affordable for you both in price and quality.

The wedding shawl can later be saved and passed on to your children, so it should be made with high quality, without saving on extra meters.