How to choose the right poem for a friend for a wedding?

I always want to somehow especially and unusually congratulate my close friend on the day of the celebration. This is the holiday that you certainly don’t want to pass by. Friends always know a lot about each other, keep secrets and dream together.

Therefore, congratulations on your wedding day from a close friend are often one of the most touching and sentimental. It is best if the verse to your best friend for the wedding is learned in advance. In addition, it should be rehearsed so that it sounds loud and clear.

Beautiful congratulations on your wedding day in verse

If we talk about the congratulations for the wedding themselves, then you can notice such a tendency that mainly wishes for both spouses are heard. However, an exception can be made for best friends.

In your speech, you can only mention a person close to you. It is this wish that can be made more touching and personal.

From best friend

Girls have been spending time together since childhood. They share intimate secrets and secrets with each other.

Therefore, who, if not the best friend, can say a beautiful speech addressed specifically to the bride? It is best to do this in a poetic form. This format sounds much more expressive and is easier for listeners to perceive.

  1. We are shedding tears today,

    For our friend.

    She leaves for someone else’s house,

    how can it be, Natasha.

    You became his wife,

    but you remain a friend.

    You remember how we

    Drank tea with you during the day until the night.

    As they chatted all day long,

    We are with you for weeks.

    You are my friend,

    Now you have become a wife.

    Now, Natasha, you will

    be more beautiful than all the mummies.

    I wish you as soon as possible,

    to drive the stroller.

    Well, let her husband Sergei

    buy a cool car.

    Natasha, dear,

    look how you matured,

    we are with you, you

    don’t recognize us.

    Where are the days and nights

    that you

    and I sang and danced until the morning.
  2. Finally, this joyful day has come.

    You’ve dreamed about him for so many years.

    The most important one in your life.

    After all, he is the beginning of new roads.

    May they all be clear, clean.

    Don’t let your sky grow dim.

    And radiant, sunny, fast.

    I wish you to taste it.

    Many countries, seas, oceans.

    Believe them in the world, there are many.

    Olga, dear, you always shine.

    After all, you are the queen of the ball.
  3. Girlfriend, my dear.

    Today is my birthday.

    Yes, only you do not have it,

    This is a spring holiday.

    Your family’s birthday,

    What could be more important?

    No wonder the pipe sounds on this day,

    What could sound more beautiful?

    My dear friend,

    Become you every moment and every hour.

    All the happier and happier,

    Illuminating us with their smile.

    But let him worry about this,

    your already faithful husband.

    After all, you are a treasure that

    must be kept.

From witnesses

There are witnesses at the wedding celebration on the part of the bride and groom. These are assistants who are actively involved in the entire wedding ceremony. If necessary, they should help and support the newlyweds in difficult times.

Among other things, they should give a memorable speech that will be addressed to both the groom and the bride. As an option – write only a text dedicated to one person, or make a general joint congratulations on a wedding to a friend in touching verses .

And so, and so it will sound original. It is worth considering the option when the witness makes a solemn speech to the bride, her friend.

  1. The happy day has arrived.

    And this is a wedding.

    The bride is the best friend.

    The hall is full today.

    And it’s fun, not boring at all.

    The moment is solemn, cheerful.

    Guys, a wedding is just space.

    Well, you, my friend, are so wonderful today.

    Everyone is jealous of your spouse.

    He got such a wife.

    Well, I’m glad you’re my friend.

    And you will stay like that forever.
  2. It is extremely important to become a witness,

    because it is necessary to keep track of everything.

    So don’t be afraid, my Natasha.

    Today everything will be fine,

    Today the music sounds.

    The wedding day is so wonderful

    And it promises us joy.

    Live dear spouses,

    Together you have been in joy for a hundred years.

    Love, rejoice and laugh.

    After all, life is always given one.

    And we are at your wedding by all means,

    Let’s drink a glass to the bottom.
  3. My friend you are dear,

    Today you are so beautiful.

    Today you are not more beautiful,

    Admiring you is only a miracle.

    You are getting married at this hour.

    And this is certainly a joy.

    And let the fanfare sound,

    proclaiming the tempestuous sweetness.

    Give birth to more children,

    but do not forget to make me a godmother.

Comic poems

Unfortunately, girls are much less joking than guys. Although, in fact, comic speeches are much more effective and original at any holiday, especially at a wedding.

Indeed, for the most part, all guests try to pronounce the same type of words. There are very few people who want to do something extraordinary. Just such a moment can be a comic congratulation to a friend for a wedding in verse at her wedding ceremony.

  1. Always be happy.

    You are spouses – do not spill water.

    And let the stone not break you,

    And the fire does not burn.

    May your love shine day after day.

    And let the husband not know what a rolling pin is.

    And the wife will be happy all the days.

    Our dear newlyweds,

    Be happy in your love.
  2. Girlfriend, you got married.

    Well now, I should warn you.

    The husband is not some kind of beast,

    he is still an eccentric.

    Collect socks around the house,

    let your friends drink beer.

    Be sure to take a salary,

    And you ask for diamonds.

    This is exactly what my order will be,

    then your life will work out.

    Follow my words as soon as possible,

    And become happier.
  3. Guys, today, alas, is not your day,

    Now you are in chains of gold.

    From now on, goodbye to the partying,

    Goodbye to friends and booze with them until the morning.

    Hurry up to save up stash,

    And it’s neither for fur coats, nor for cars.

    They will fly away unknown to where,

    But definitely not on you, it is verified.

    That you are not afraid of my words?

    Have you laughed and rallied?

    So you guys are strong

    And well done that you have not moved away.

    Love each other every day, every hour.

    Support you in everything close.

    And then be sure to have it.

    Love will be the most sincere.

Touching congratulations

This is the most favorite version of many girls, since it is sentimental and touching speeches that are closest to them. Before pronouncing them, you should ask your friend in advance what she would like to hear at her wedding. Often, brides do not want someone to cry or make her be moved. Therefore, think about how appropriate your wedding congratulations in verse to your best friend will be .

If you still want to say sentimental congratulations at your girlfriend’s celebration, then you should think over the text in advance, and it is best to write it yourself. In your text, you should definitely mention personal moments. For example, life stories or shared memories.


In order to make the poems for the wedding of your best friend more effective and memorable, you can put a musical background on them. It will turn out very interesting.

If the audience permits, then it will become quite permissible to make a presentation in which joint photographs will be depicted. As a rule, it is the photos that cause a lot of positive emotions.