How to choose the right fabrics for wedding dresses?

The wide range of wedding dresses for brides presented makes ladies experience the real torment of choice. It is worth deciding on many things: model, style, length, style, color and fabric.

Expensive and cheap style

Unfortunately, more girls believe that the choice of material does not matter at all. However, this erroneous opinion leads the young ladies to make the wrong choice. In fact, a lot depends on the choice of fabric.

Namely: how the wedding dress will look. You can buy the most interesting and original style with the trendy color of the upcoming season, but at the same time take a cheap fabric. As a result, the fabric will ruin absolutely the whole image.

And your expensive style will look cheap and cheap. Or, on the contrary, take the most expensive fabric and simple style. This combination can give a positive result in which the bride looks stylish.

Varieties of materials

In the modern world, there is a large selection of materials for creating wedding dresses for brides. With such a wide range of choices, designers always have the opportunity to create exactly what they want. In addition, some fabrics help to create real works of art, and with the help of some, you can simply reduce the cost of the product itself.


A classic material that is most often used as a fabric for evening dresses. The brides fell in love with him for the natural shine and glossy shade that he creates in the sun. Satin outfits were sewn by a large number of designers and fashion designers.

They love this kind of fabric because it is easy to combine with many interesting details and draperies. Satin goes well with decorative elements such as lace, silk and organza. In addition, you can always add rhinestones and beads to such a dress. In this case, your image will turn out to be more saturated and complete.


Recognized as the most expensive, chic and beautiful fabric. Recently, there is silk with synthetic impurities. It looks completely different than a product made from natural materials. It is quite difficult to work with silk, so not all fashion designers tackle it.

However, be aware that if you find a similar product made of natural material, then it will differ not only in excellent quality, but also in special tailoring. One of the main disadvantages of silk at all times stylists called the fact that it adds extra volume.

Therefore, it is best suited to those young ladies who initially have a slender or even thin figure. With shortcomings with excess weight, the girl will look even more. If the bride is ready for this, then she can stop at silk.


Wedding fabric for a dress , which has only recently become common. It is actively used for Provence, Boho or Rustic outfits. It often serves as the main material for national wedding ceremonies. We love cotton for its natural naturalness.

It is perhaps impossible to find a more natural fabric. It is convenient and comfortable in it. It does not wrinkle much and adheres nicely to the body. From cotton, both long and very short outfits look equally good.

The main emphasis can be made in this image on simplicity. In this case, the girl often complements her wedding look with a headdress or bright accessories.

Finishing fabrics

Many wedding dresses have additional decorative trim. That is, in addition to the main type of fabric, one more material is used.

It is necessary in order to make the dress more beautiful and the image complete.


Wedding dress made of thick fabric.

A special fabric that not so long ago was considered a sign of luxury and wealth. Nowadays, brocade is being used more and more due to its lower price. The cost fell due to a completely new production, which allowed just to lower the basic price.

Brocade is distinguished by the thickness of the material and excellent qualities. It is perfect for warm winter weddings. With the help of brocade, you can not only complement a wedding dress, but also sew a cape, bolero.


One of the oldest materials from which they began to sew wedding dresses from dense fabric . Initially, the vast majority of wedding dresses were made of tulle. Much later they began to leave him. Nowadays, more and more such fabric is used only as a decoration.

Tulle can be used as a single piece of fabric or as cut-off pieces. For example, it can be a voluminous one-piece skirt. Or, alternatively, the material is used only in equal pieces in the form of peculiar patterns.

Tulle must be used with extreme caution. Since this is such a material that visually adds extra pounds.


Ideal for additional decoration. It is a fabric that is a mixture of several materials. It is based on viscose and silk. Several materials are twisted together and the result is a fairly dense and beautiful fabric.

Organza looks very beautiful, fancy patterns are created from it. In addition, the material is very dense and resistant; it is most often used as a drapery for the neckline or back.


A fabric that was created only to give the dress extra lightness and tenderness. Chiffon should never be used as a base material.

Such fabric does not hold its shape and it is impossible to sew any model from it. However, fashion designers treat her with special love. After all, it allows you to create original shapes.

Thick or lightweight fabric for the bride’s dress

Suitable fabrics from which wedding dresses are sewn include the following options:

  • lace is one of the most popular materials lately. He always looks luxurious and expensive, which is so lacking in many dresses. Lace is skillfully combined with almost any fabric. In addition, it can be used as a base material as well. Real lace fabric perfectly keeps its shape, has several colors and fits snugly around the figure, emphasizing all the charms and curves of the silhouette.
  • crepe is a material that is rarely used for sewing a wedding product. There are several types: smooth and dense. Most often, it is smooth that is used at wedding ceremonies.
  • flax is a unique option that will make you feel light and free in the hottest and hottest weather. The bride will look especially good at an exit ceremony in the forest or on the seashore.
  • taffeta is a material that was able to combine such qualities as rigidity and shine. Basically, this kind of fabric is suitable for cold evenings. A large number of different styles are sewn from it. This is because taffeta is perfectly able to keep its shape. Models such as a mermaid and a year look especially beautiful in this design.


Among the variety of fabrics for wedding dresses, the bride will clearly have plenty to choose from. At the same time, she can dwell both on too bright and original fabrics, and on very modest options.

Using the right fabric for a wedding dress, you can hide flaws in the figure or add the desired volume.