How to choose the right bridesmaid dress

Since ancient times, it has been customary to invite a witness to your own wedding. She helped the bride in everything. This concerned not only the organizational aspects, but also the morale. A really large number of cases and responsibilities fell on the shoulders of the witness.

It was always necessary to keep an eye on the bride, namely her makeup and appearance, to participate in contests, to look after the organization of the celebration and, if something happens, to support the bride, to cheer her up in difficult times.

Features of the choice of outfits for girlfriends

There is no such custom in Western culture. All these responsibilities are performed by the bridesmaids. They are present at every wedding ceremony, which cannot be said about bridesmaids.

Modern brides have realized all the advantages of bridesmaids at a wedding, so they are increasingly abandoning one central person, preferring many girlfriends to it. In addition, such a solution simplifies the choice when it is necessary to choose one of the many girls.

In the West, it is customary that all girls who have been appointed to the role of girlfriends are present in the same outfits.

Color combinations and matching dresses

There are certain prohibitions regarding dress for girls who are present at the wedding ceremony as friends.

  1. You cannot choose white or black. In the first case, this is the color that only the bride is supposed to wear. The black shade looks quite mournful, especially if several people wear it at the same time. Such a sight will look tragic and mournful, and not festive as required by the wedding.
  2. A single color should be used as a single color. Prints, drawings and geometric shapes are unacceptable.
  3. Both the color and the style are determined by the bride herself. In most cases, the girl indicates only the shade, but the style itself must be chosen independently, since the bride simply cannot know which silhouette suits the most. Often, in order to choose the same color, the bride buys the fabric from the atelier. In this case, there will be no reservations, because each has its own color concepts.
  4. The length of the mini is also unacceptable. This is a style that is not appropriate for solemn and magnificent weddings. In it, the girls will look defiant, reminiscent of young ladies of easy virtue. None of the brides wants to achieve such an effect.

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Bridesmaid dress.

When choosing clothes for bridesmaids, it is extremely important to focus on the young lady herself. Girls will only emphasize her beauty.

For example, stopping at a delicate mint color, you can focus on your own romance and tenderness. But if you offer a red tone as the main one, then it will speak of the temperamental character of the young lady.

Identical clothes for girlfriends have their own advantages, which in no case should be forgotten:

  • bright and juicy photos;
  • stylish and modern celebration;
  • girls do not need to figure out which image is best to choose for the ceremony.

However, this option also has its drawbacks. But it will be easy to avoid this if the bride consults with her bridesmaids before choosing a color and style. You can at least offer several options to choose from, since not everyone can go with the shades that you initially choose.

What dress to order or sew?

The bride keeps her bridesmaids by her side throughout the wedding. She, as it were, distinguishes them with the same appearance, thereby showing a connection with each of them. It is imperative to find the perfect fit.

This should be done carefully, because you need to find the option that suits every girl. Often, brides allow young ladies to choose the silhouette they like on their own, but in this case, a more holistic image will not work. If you want to make your celebration more stylish and solemn, then in advance you need to think over the possible styles of dresses for the bridesmaid.

In addition to focusing on beauty, you should choose based on convenience. Girls will have to spend most of the day in these clothes, or maybe even the night. Accordingly, they should be comfortable and comfortable in it.

The season in which the wedding party takes place will also be a fundamental moment. For summer, you should choose a lighter and more flowing fabric, but for the cold season you need to choose something warm.


Recently, the transformer style has been especially popular. It is ideal because it does not require special fittings and perfectly fits any shape. The transformer has a straight silhouette, slightly flared at the bottom. Its length almost reaches the floor. This option does not fit the figure, which makes it easy to make movements.

In addition, transformers have one big plus. They can be easily put on later on any special occasion. It might even be a simple exit to a restaurant.Interesting:   Top brands of wedding dresses for girls

You can match any color scheme to it. Thanks to the length, the ombre-style colors look interesting and original.

Evening to the floor

Refined, elegant and simply luxurious dress. This is exactly what can be said about floor-length styles. They are woven from fabric that is pleasant to the body, so any girl will appreciate this option. You can choose this style only with the appropriate wedding style.

If the bride decides to organize a banquet in a restaurant, where all the guests will appear in the appropriate manner, then the girls will fit into the general style of the event.

It is worth considering the growth of the girls. If all the girlfriends are miniature, then the midi length will not suit them at all. They need to open their legs in order to visually increase their height.


Bridesmaids in matching dresses photo.

A versatile option that suits many young ladies. However, in this case, it is necessary to understand what is meant by a short length. It’s just below the knee than the mini. Mini weddings should be discarded.

But a flirty knee-length dress and a little lower will be an excellent style for girlfriends. In this look, girls will look playful and feminine at the same time. At the same time, young ladies will feel comfortable in it, which is important for a wedding ceremony.

With open back

An option that will make any girl feel sexy and desirable. However, in order to stop at it, the bride should consult with her friends. There are also those young ladies who do not accept such styles at all.

Also, talk carefully with girls about underwear. It should be of the same color or even silicone, so as not to shine through.

To prevent a dress with an open back from looking defiant, it is worth arranging the details correctly. Focusing only on the back, you need to carefully hide the rest.

Open bodice

Decollete is one of the main feminine virtues.

Girls at all times tried to highlight their own breasts. This must be done very carefully so that from the category of a sexy lady you do not transfer to a vulgar one. Unfortunately, this is possible in this case.

An open bodice denotes bare arms, which in turn looks no less beautiful and sophisticated.

What colors for dresses to choose?

Bridesmaid dress photo.

If you think about dresses for bridesmaids, then you can immediately think of colors. This item is one of the important characteristics of a bridesmaid outfit.

If not all young ladies can afford to wear the same style, then absolutely everyone should stop at one tone or color scheme. It is noteworthy that there are no clear concepts in this issue. There are the most common color options.

  1. Rainbow – if there are seven bridesmaids at the celebration, and the young lady herself is a bright and creative nature, then you can safely decorate your own wedding. You can add brightness to the celebration with the help of multi-colored dresses. Look closely at the rainbow and determine the color palette for each of your friends. This method will allow young ladies to choose exactly the color that suits them best. The bride will also be able to achieve brightness and originality at the wedding ceremony.
  2. Ombre is a popular trend lately, when the color gradually passes from darker to light. For example, from blue to turquoise or from purple to lilac. The only condition for the ombre should be a sufficient length of the dress. Therefore, it does not apply to everyone. In addition, the ombre color scheme is so bright that it does not require additional design refinements in styles or accessories.
  3. Pastel colors are perhaps the most common option. The most popular is the peach color of the dress. The bride often wants to emphasize her own tenderness and romance. Absolutely everything at such a wedding is done in calm and muted colors. Don’t be afraid that girls will look gray. You can add bright makeup and accessories to them that will make the necessary accents in the image.
  4. Bright colors are an option that many approach with danger. To choose a similar method, you should carefully prepare your entire celebration for this. For example, a wedding can be completely in red, then outfits of this shade are ideal.

Bridesmaid Accessories

Accessories will help to dilute the images of girls or make them brighter. Not all brides stop at this moment. However, if you take it into account, then the style of the girlfriends will be more modern and fashionable.

The following can be used as the same accessories:

  • shoes;
  • bracelets;
  • hairpins.

If we talk about shoes, then they can only match in color shades. It would be appropriate to make the style of the models completely different.


Bridesmaid dresses are a stylish touch to any wedding ceremony. With the help of the same clothes, a girl can emphasize all the delights of her own image or the entire wedding decoration.

In addition, years later it will be nice to get hold of a family photo album with colorful and vivid photographs. They can be achieved with clothes that fit nicely on the girlfriends.