How to choose the right bed linen for a wedding as a gift?

Previously, the bride was prepared for the wedding long before the moment of the celebration. Parents were obliged to collect the dowry. It was a set of certain things that were necessary for later life.

This list included bed linen, kitchen utensils, household items and personal hygiene items. It was believed that a girl should come to a man’s house with a full set of things that are necessary for a comfortable life.

Despite the fact that today there is no longer a single bride for a dowry, household items are still important and necessary. Therefore, guests do not have to give only money. They have the opportunity to hand over wedding bedding, which will always come in handy in family life.

How to choose bed linen as a gift?

Is it possible to give bed linen for a wedding.

Note how wide a selection of bedding is currently available in stores. These are amazing handmade things, and standard factory sewing, and creative drawing, and even photo printing.

Before choosing bed linen, you should decide on several criteria. First of all, it is necessary to resolve the issue with the material from which the bedding will be made:

  • silk;
  • bamboo;
  • satin;
  • tense.

Silk underwear is considered the most chic and romantic. Note that all passionate films have this kind of material.

It is incredibly shiny and sleek. Many people think that you will have to slip on silk underwear all night long. This is absolutely not the case.

This is possible if the laundry is made of low quality material with synthetic fibers. If you decide and buy expensive silk, then you will definitely like it thanks to its natural fibers and expensive texture. Plus, silk bedding is pleasant to the touch.

The second most popular is bamboo. However, it has one single drawback. The material is fragile, so it can hardly last for several decades.

Thanks to its natural composition, bamboo sheets are incredibly comfortable and comfortable to sleep on. Bamboo bedding requires particularly gentle and delicate care.

Tencel can be safely called an innovative breakthrough. This is a material that combines many positive traits and qualities. It is hypoallergenic, highly durable and allows for a comfortable feeling. Thanks to the unique weaving, ultra-soft and fine fibers are created on which you feel truly comfortable.

Wedding bedding sets options

Please note that many manufacturers have created really chic kits. They are designed specifically for lovers, so they can be safely presented as a gift at wedding ceremonies.

Wedding lingerie is diverse not only in terms of material, but also in terms of design. Here, even the choice is much richer and more interesting.

Bed linen for the wedding as a gift.

With original embroidery

In the event that there is a desire to purchase an exquisite set, you should pay attention to the embroidery. As a rule, it is not located throughout the duvet cover, but is only a small part of it. For example, embroidery can be at the very edge of a sheet or pillowcase.

The color of this set is classic white. But the embroidery itself is presented in more rich and original versions. It can be blue or purple.

As a result, a rather strict and sophisticated combination is obtained. These kits are popular with both men and women. They fit perfectly into any interior design.

Decorated with a pattern

One of the most common embellishments is large designs. They are present in large numbers on bedding. At the same time, the drawings themselves can be varied: from flowers to original patterns, petals. Often, the set features an unusual abstraction that gives free rein to imagination.

Decorated with a picture, things always look catchy, bright and original. It could be a field of sunflowers or two loving hearts.

Drawings can be funny too. For example, the image on the separation sheet. On the one hand, black yin, and on the other, white yang.

Do they give bed linen for the wedding.

Lingerie with ruffles or lace

An airy and somewhat pompous version is linen with ruffles and lace. Shabby chic brides will appreciate these pieces. Ruches are presented on the linen along the edges of the duvet cover. They are the harmonious completion of the product itself. Often, roses or unusual patterns are made from ruffles, which are attached to the duvet cover itself.

When it comes to lace, this is a more elegant option. Black lace looks especially beautiful on a white set.

Colored bridal lingerie

Solid color sets are always the most popular and demanded. In this case, we are talking about such common colors as:

  • Ivory;
  • guard;
  • purple;
  • ash rose;
  • burgundy.

The color of such products is always incredibly rich and deep. The advantage of the color kit is its versatility. It will perfectly fit into any interior, becoming its bright spot, or vice versa, an original addition to the entire decoration of the room.

Wedding set with 3D effect

Not so long ago, the popular 3D effect moved from the world of technology to the weaving industry. With the help of a similar technique, clothes and bedding sets are made. Things look realistic and natural.

Such a set gives out only an unnecessary volume, although in this case it is possible to pick up less cumbersome drawings. With a similar set of bedding, it feels like roses and other embellishments are convex.


The first wedding night is important in the life of newlyweds. They will definitely remember her for a long time. Therefore, you should try and surround the newlyweds on this night with special love and comfort. Bed linen will be an irreplaceable gift on this day.

Currently, a wide range of kits is presented, which are suitable for both a comic and a serious, romantic present.