How to choose an original wedding gift for your girlfriend or friend?

Going to the wedding of a friend or girlfriend, you want to pick up a gift that will be truly delighted.

It does not matter from the side of the groom or the bride an invitation was received for the birthday of a new family, a gift to a friend for a wedding from friends should not be purely male or female, but should be shared. In this publication, we examined what to give a girlfriend or friend for a wedding.

Newlywed Gift Ideas from Best Friends

All gifts that are given to newlyweds on their wedding day can be divided into the following types:

  1. Universal – they include only money and, moreover, in any currency. For them, the couple will be able to purchase what they see fit.
  2. Useful in family life – household appliances, dishes, bed linen, etc. Before buying such things, you should consult with the young. It is perfectly acceptable to choose them together. The original congratulation and presentation of the prepared presentation will be a surprise.
  3. Intangible – giving emotions. You can order and pay for a romantic dinner in a good restaurant. A couple planning to live with their parents after the wedding can rent a room for the newlyweds at the hotel for the wedding night. Fans of extreme recreation will love the certificate for a joint parachute jump or flight in a hot air balloon.
  4. DIY. Such presents are distinguished by individuality and special warmth, which is highly valued.
  5. Comic – they complement the main present to set the holiday in a cheerful mood. You can prepare a song rework, draw a wall newspaper or a poster.

As a rule, the friends of the newlyweds are their peers who are still studying or are just starting their labor activity and do not yet have large incomes. If a couple wants to save money for a separate apartment or their car, then friends should throw off a real amount of cash for them, but present it originally.

Inexpensive wedding present options

Not having a large budget, you can prepare beautiful and useful gifts for your friends at the same time. We offer to use the available money to purchase everything you need to make an original magnetic board for a refrigerator or two boards for love messages. Newlyweds will be happy to use your present during the most romantic period of their family life.

Buy a magnetic refrigerator board from the store and decorate it beautifully. The board can be of any shape, but a heart or a connection of two hearts will look very romantic. Therefore, get a large board and cut a beautiful heart out of it.

What to give a friend for a wedding from a friend.

At the top of the product, place a photo of the young spouses, and write your wishes, and they can use the rest of the space for love notes and fixing necessary for doing household chores. For example, buying groceries from a list, paying rent, etc.

Message boards are a great alternative to the notes left by your significant other on the mirror, dressing table, and other places. It is so nice to wake up in the morning or come home from work or school to find on a special board the next declaration of love left by your spouse.

To make them, you will need to purchase two beautiful photo frames. The thick cardboard cut to the shape of the frames is covered with two layers of paint to create chalk surfaces.

After the cardboard is dry, it is inserted into a frame and taken for decoration. It is important to indicate that one board is intended for messages to the spouse, and the second to the spouse. To this end, you can glue photos of the newlyweds or cute pictures of a beautiful bride and a courageous groom. On the back of the frame, a small bag is glued to the cardboard in which the crayons will be stored.

Options for original and cool gifts

The most original gifts are created by friends. They can, in addition to the money collected in an envelope, prepare the newlyweds as a present for their best friend for the wedding a song, dance, or organize a flash mob, which is now fashionable. Depending on the vocal abilities, the genre of the song is chosen, and the text can be the author or the original rework of the hit. Even with modest vocal abilities, everyone will learn to read rap.

You can prepare not a musical, but a picturesque present. The wall newspaper gives a huge scope for introducing various creative ideas on one sheet. In the center, you can place a funny cartoon of the newlyweds, or their portrait in the style that members of the creative team of friends of the newlyweds can do, creating a present.

Then divide the sheet into subject columns. In one column, funnily, describe the love story of a couple from the moment they met to prepare for the wedding, embellish it with existing photographs or make illustrations. In the second column, write your wishes for the young, as well as witty parting words for a happy and long family life.

The third depicts a comic business plan of a newly-made family. Make a photomontage by pasting photos of the bride and groom against the background of a luxurious apartment or a beautiful house, an expensive status car, yacht, plane, etc.

Also, paste a photo of the couple against the background of expensive resorts and world-famous places. To combine all the columns placed in the wall newspaper, draw a nice frame and write a funny headline at the top.

Romantic gifts for friends

Wedding surprise from bridesmaids.

A live fireworks display of exotic butterflies looks very romantic and gentle.

Friends tell the newlyweds that according to the ancient Indian belief, butterflies on their wings carry the desires spoken above them into the sky, and they will come true. Then they are presented with a festively wrapped box.

The couple makes a wish and opens the box, and multicolored butterflies of different sizes fly out of it.

Positive emotions and pleasant memories for the culprits of the holiday and guests are provided. Butterflies fly to the light and bright clothes of the guests.

After the end of the holiday, they can be caught and handed over to their young spouses. Butterflies live in an apartment for up to 2 weeks. They choose curtains as their habitat and feed on the sugar syrup.


Newlyweds are just starting their family life and all the gifts presented to them for the wedding symbolize the wishes of love, happiness, prosperity, and all kinds of blessings. Friends, getting ready for a wedding, prepare not only a pleasant and useful surprise for the young people, but want to make it original so that it remains a pleasant memory for a lifetime.

Taking into account our tips, you can prepare your friends, who decided to start a family, a romantic, original, or inexpensive but creative gift. We wish you a happy wedding!