How to choose a vintage wedding dress and avoid mistakes?

Not every bride is capable of plunging into the past. If earlier outfits in retro style were considered morally outdated and ugly, now they have gained particular popularity all over the world. In the West, vintage shops are often opened where you can buy antiques.

Many designers are inspired by such things, creating on their basis something stylish, beautiful and, importantly, modern. Those outfits that were worn 20 or more years ago can be safely considered vintage. They seem to emanate from old, mysterious and inimitable, unique way.

What is characteristic of the vintage style?

Vintage wedding dresses photo.

Many brides choose a retro outfit because they want to create a stylish yet mysterious look. If a girl wants to be like a Stranger from Blok’s poetic cycle, then she should definitely look at such options. A woman wearing a vintage wedding dress immediately enters the world of luxury, romance and aesthetic pleasure.

Vintage dresses need to be able to distinguish them from stylized variations. Understand right away that only those clothes that were worn at least 20 years ago can be considered truly vintage. The rest of the options are not considered acceptable. In fact, there is a huge selection that goes from the 20s to the 80s.

It includes a wide variety of styles and fashion trends. It cannot be said unequivocally that a short vintage wedding dress with a skirt is vintage sun, but a boho outfit is not. There is no such rule, because all clothes that have been fashionable for 60 years are now considered unique. Therefore, the bride can choose absolutely any image for herself. This, one might say, is the main advantage of such products.

The seeming simplicity of a vintage piece is wrong. It makes chic and bright images. A girl should be able to wear such clothes. Modesty and closeness do not go well with the chosen wardrobe. The dresses are so good you can be proud of them.

Despite such a big difference in the years of creation of outfits, there are certain features that distinguish such dresses from their stylized versions or copies.

  1. Light and flowing materials are always used. With their help, it is possible to create an airy image that looks gentle and romantic.
  2. The main canvas contains abundant decorative ornaments in the form of beads, bugles or rhinestones.
  3. There is no clear defined length that is characteristic of the vintage style. It fits both maxi to the floor and midi (to the knee or slightly below). Mini dresses in this version were not sewn, so they will only be a stylization.
  4. In most models, there is a skirt in which a bell bottom starts from the knee.
  5. Mixing two or several fabrics, abundant drapery – all this allows you to create a rich image of a beautiful bride.

Types of vintage outfits

Vintage wedding dress photo.

There are certain styles that are most commonly used in vintage pieces. They are distinguished by a simple cut and lightweight fabrics. Each bride will be able to choose an option for herself that will perfectly fit her figure.

Lace and cotton dress

This is a special option that helps to highlight the beauty of the silhouette and figure of the bride. In most cases, cotton is the main fabric on which lace elements are sewn. Lace neatly wraps around the figure, highlighting all the shortcomings. This option is considered the most elegant and feminine.

Variations of both long outfits and very short ones are acceptable. If you want to create a more vintage look, then it is still worth stopping your attention on the length of the maxi. It is also good in that, thanks to such a long length, you can emphasize all the beauty of the fabric.

As a rule, the lace itself has original patterns in the form of flowers or leaves. Cotton is better to pick up a little flesh color, so that it is more strongly combined with the main skin color. In this case, it will seem that lace is enveloping the silhouette itself.

With a puffy lace skirt and a train

With the help of a lush bottom, you can create the image of a fairy-tale princess. The outfit has a rather original shape. The fitted and form-fitting bodice accentuates the dignity of the chest. Note that if you have a voluminous breast size, you can emphasize it favorably. And if the bust is not so large, then you can make several vertical grooves on the bodice itself.

The fitted bodice is followed by a skirt that goes flared immediately from the hip line. This technique allows you to hide the existing flaws. This can be either overweight on the hips, or vice versa, a lack of muscle mass. The skirts of the vintage dress are not so lush, which allows you to move freely in them. There is a long train at the bottom of any skirt. For the most part, he creates the image of a fairy-tale heroine.


Vintage wedding dresses.

We can say that this is already a classic style, which has been popular at all times. There is nothing complicated about it. Slightly flared skirt and fitted bodice. Currently, there are also many variations of dresses of this A-line. However, it is the vintage that is created thanks to the fabrics that are used in this style.

It is mainly silk, chiffon, embossed lace. You cannot find a simple and modest vintage piece in this style. All fabrics themselves are works of art. Some of them have flowers, others have rain, and still others have sophisticated patterns.

Short knitted lace dress

Bold and extravagant brides opt for a sophisticated short outfit. In this look, the girl can turn out in a style similar to the image of the young ladies from the Great Gatsby. There is nothing unusual in the very style of a short outfit. This is a classic version of a sheath dress. Moreover, it can be either with long sleeves or not at all.

It makes absolutely no difference. All attention is focused on the fabric. A special knitted lace is used, which emphasizes the romantic and sexy image of the bride herself. With the help of knitted lace, you can focus on many details: legs, arms, bottom of the skirt.

Accessories and hairstyle

Without fail, accessories are needed to create a more complete and harmonious image. With their help, it will be possible to convey the time and era that you decided to stylize. Each era had its own special accessories and decorative elements. You have to carefully deal with them, studying the time in which you are immersed.

  1. Veil – in most cases, brides used a veil that hid a flirtatious gaze and an innocent gaze. However, the veil is more suitable for looks from the 20s and 40s. Much later they began to use a veil or even a cape.
  2. A hat is an element that will suit a stylized party. The hat can be attached with pins. In this case, styling may not be needed at all.
  3. Hairpin – decorative hairpins with many rhinestones and silver were so loved by girls of that generation. This can be repeated by purchasing a similar product for yourself at a wedding party.
  4. Shoes – shoes in the form of shoes must be present. At the same time, they should not have too sharp or dull nose. In addition, the shoe should have a medium heel.
  5. Beads – All over the place, retro style girls wore beads. The presence of such a product made of natural materials was considered a special chic. Pearls were of high value.


Vintage wedding dress is bright and unique. In this way, the bride will be remembered by all guests. The dress and attire of the groom should also match the general style of the event.

In fact, there is nothing difficult to have an entire party in this style. As a rule, it does not require extra costs and additional financial investments.