How To Chat

Finding a partner today can be a challenge; but don’t despair, this is the ideal place to learn what to do if you are single, you came to the right place!

How To Flirt Over Text

Here, I’m going to share practical tools for you to discover how to chat and do it well.

With the help of this article, it will be easier for you to find the boy of your dreams and conquer him without hardly noticing!

Modern life brings with it a rhythm and a speed in which looking for love can be very difficult if we don’t know where to start.

But, it also brings the benefit of technology and social networks, so you have to know how to be ready to use them in our favor.

Keep reading and discover some tips that will help you not to fail when you are looking for a partner on the internet.

how to chat

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First Contacts: Don’t Think You Want To Bind It For Chat

To know how to flirt by chat ,once that boy appears, you know the male mentality well and have materials in your favor.

Now, you are ready to start!

You found a guy in the chat, he has your same tastes and that’s what you are looking for !; or, at least, that seems so far. You must answer him because he has already contacted you!

At that moment you get very nervous, you can’t think of anything, you’re going to write anything to him, to tell him you’re looking for love … stop!

You have an advantage in your favor and you have to know how to use it: that boy cannot see you, he is not in front of you, so there is less chance of “messing up”.

Keep In Mind:

To know how to flirt by chat , keep in mind that in the first contacts you cannot launch yourself and tell him everything you feel or want to achieve with the chat and conversation.

Even if you have the explicit objective of seducing by chat, you can never let the boy confirm that even if he is thinking about it.

Do not worry, if he contacted you, it is because he has an interest, do not you think?

So relax and enjoy a good conversation without venting all that you have inside: the goal is to bring it closer and closer, not to make it run away, or rather, to disconnect.

If you want extra help very useful see How to get the attention of a guy in social networks so you do not make mistakes in those first contacts that make you seem desperate.

Think Before You Answer: Advantages Of The Written Messages

Another advantage of social networks and chat contacts is that you have time to respond.

This is something that will be very useful for you to use for your benefit.

In face-to-face contacts, sometimes our nerves betray us and we end up saying something we didn’t want.

Here is something different.

You have time to respond, it is not that you eternalize the answer because the other can get bored and no longer answer you, but you also don’t have to say the first thing that comes to mind.

Think about your answers, meditate on what he has written to you and reread his texts before writing something you can regret.

Key # 1: Care with Bad Interpretations

One thing with which you must be extremely careful when communicating and to know how to link by chat, is with bad interpretations.

This way to find a partner has many advantages, but also disadvantages.

As the conversation is not face to face, you do not have a support that you have in person and that you do not even notice: female body language and intonation.

The support of the hands, the eyes, the expression of the face and the tone of voice, are very important resources when you communicate with another person, and here you do not have them!

To know how to flirt through chat, keep in mind that you must be extremely careful with placing phrases or jokes that can lend themselves to misinterpretations for that boy you want to conquer.

The way in which we think and write an idea is not always the same in how it is received.

Avoid personal comments and ambiguous phrases of meaning or that may seem to mean something else, you could make fatal mistakes!

Key # 2: Keep An Attractive Conversation

You have already connected with that boy who is beginning to attract you, and you are beginning to dream of a possible relationship: now keep up!

The boy does not even know you, and the contact they have is via chat and written messages, because you have to know what you are going to write to him!

To know how to flirt by chat , prepare possible conversation topics and study a little what may or may not interest you.

Find curiosities and topics that can help you deploy your skills as a person and have a smooth conversation without getting bored.

It’s not about looking too sophisticated or cultured.

Go groping the situation and discover with which topics you are attracting more attention.

After all, what you want to achieve is that the boy is interested in continuing to talk with you at that time and in the future.

Be yourself when talking, but with early preparation!

Key # 3: Give Space To The Other: Take Care Of Your Conversation

Another fundamental aspect to get to know how to link by chat is moderation.

You cannot occupy the entire chat with your long dialogues, because then more than a conversation with another person you could stay in just one monologue.

Nor is it about not talking almost anything, but you should leave room for him to talk to you too.

You can’t run the risk of boring him or thinking that you are very absorbent.

In any case you can let him guide the conversation if you feel that you are on your way to making a great speech.

There are times to talk about you, but there are times when he has to talk: what he feels and suffers.

So you know, leave space and time to get around, don’t take care of everything!

Key # 4: Ask Open Questions And Avoid Yes Or No Answers

As you should write in moderation and think about what you are going to answer or ask, as I explained before, you can prepare the questions you are going to ask.

If you condition the answers to be short or to a simple “yes” or “no”, you find yourself in the need to speak again, or to create very uncomfortable spaces of silence.

If you don’t bring up the right topics or ask the right questions, the conversation will decline and he, or even both, may lose interest.

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You can also look at 99 questions to get to know my boyfriend better Quiz time! Well, even if it’s questions for couples, you can use some for that guy who, in short, you want him to be.

Key # 5: Take Care Of Your Orthography And Grammar

If you have problems with spelling, I strongly recommend that you consult dictionaries before writing.

Bad spelling, writing and grammar are the equivalent in bad breath chat in a face-to-face conversation.

It’s like talking to the other person, but doing it so fast or tangled that I don’t even understand you and have to constantly tell you: “what?”, “Can you please repeat what you said?”

If the other person has the same spelling problem as you, they may not even notice it or do not do too much; but, if not, you will make a terrible impression!

Remember that in this modern way of flirting you have other tools than those you have in “real” life, in physical presence, and you have to know how to use them well because otherwise you can ruin everything, or worse, never succeed with any boy!

It is not about looking excessively cultured, but a little good ways to write, will make your messages arrive clearer and easier to read and understand.

Key # 6: Act Trusted: Do Not Open It With Excesses

To discover how to flirt through chat , trust is important and, above all, it seems that you have it even if you die inside!

Turn the conversation into something natural, unwind as if you were talking to a close friend and relax, it will be easier for you!

Do not overload your chat with constant messages and, if you have not answered the last one you wrote, be patient, do not send one after another, you may not have had the time to answer even if you are connected.

Wait and don’t harass him because he may think you’re desperate.

Do not use too many emoticons or other options to replace your conversation or the expression of what you really feel and want to say.

He may believe that you are very childish or that you cannot express yourself clearly.

Key # 7: Don’t Be So Evident: Leave Space To The Casual And The Natural

The fundamental idea here is subtlety. You can’t be so direct or force things because you risk spoiling everything.

Never act as desperate, even if you really are!

Nothing scares a man more than someone who wants, from the first moment, a serious commitment and a love for life; normally, they look for casual things even if they have said otherwise.

So go slowly and act cautiously, you’ll see that it pays off!

It seems that everything happens naturally even if you are preparing in advance what you are going to say.

It seems that you found it “by chance” or that you have not thought about the commitment.

Let things flow and happen according to the facts, and something important: let him believe that he is the one who takes the initiative so you already planned it!

Key # 8: Don’t Forget To Be Interested And Pending Of His Stories

If he tells you something important about his life or some data from his story, you can’t forget it!

If he opens up with you and tells you things, it’s because he is really interested in you knowing them, so you can’t waste that information.

Any data that you offer, keep it as if it were a treasure, so he will know that you are waiting for his conversation, in truth, when he returns to what he already told you before.

Show interest in his life as he tells you things and personal details.

Key # 9: Being indirectly: Hints That It Attracts Yoyu

Of course, you can not leave everything to “chance” as it arises naturally, you also have to drop some messages to see that you are really interested!

It is clear, this will happen over time, never in first contacts that are like the first appointments.

If you want extra help, see Subliminal Seduction 10 ways to get your attention! so you know how to seduce him without just noticing that you do.

In addition, you can review seduction quotes Provocative and unmissable! so that, from time to time, you send him some and put him to think about you for a while.

Key # 10: Send Photos Where You Go Well, But They Do Not Look Like

When you have a little confidence, you can use other weapons in your favor: the photos.

Choose the ones that go well, but that seem as natural as possible.

That they are not forced poses or that you notice that you have a direct intention.

You can also use others as a joke in which you leave funny or nice, or even one in which there is a story behind that motivates the conversation.

Of course, invite him to also send you photos and discover his various facets.

Videos can also serve you, but this is already more risky if they are beginning to meet; Maybe, you should leave it for later.

Key # 11: Patience: Don’t Wait Or You Will Help

Always think of flirting like a cat that wants to catch its prey.

It’s all about waiting, you can’t hurry or you will escape what you are trying to achieve.

Be patient and never lose your temper; The art of seduction takes work and dedication if you want to find the love of your life.

On the other hand, if you are looking for one-night passion, then throw yourself without waiting much!

Key # 12: How To Bind By Chat: Leave Pending Issues

Concluding a conversation may be more complicated than it seems, but it is strictly necessary, although the talk is the most interesting thing in the world and you don’t want to stop talking to him.

We must close the dialogue, but leaving the boy hooked!

You can use expressions such as “then we talk to each other,” “we continue at another time,” “we return tomorrow,” and so you give the idea of continuity.

You can even use an excuse, if you don’t really have it, and tell him that you have to quit because you have to do something, but then you would like to continue talking with him.

Another idea is to end the conversation with a phrase to establish a kind of habit that leaves you hooked and knows that you will reconnect with it.

If you want help with this, see Quotes to fall in love with whatsapp Expert share the secret! , and choose the one of your preference.

Key # 13: Knowing Little To Little

Of course, if you want to know how to flirt by chat, you have to do a research work on that guy with whom you already start to empathize.

Never throw yourself into the pool without knowing if it has water, first you have to check!

Study his personality with the data and the stories he gives you. Search in social networks and in common friends.

Never stop investigating, out of curiosity and because it is very necessary to achieve your goals in this case, but do not forget something important: that your boy does not notice that you have been investigating!

Key # 14: The Time To Know

And finally, the encounter face to face.

It is clear that this must be the ultimate goal, because you cannot remain alone in the virtual; The relationship should move beyond that point.

My recommendation is that to see you with him, choose a quiet but public place, where you can both feel at ease and safe.

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So you know, apply these tips to know how to flirt by chat and throw yourself in the adventure of finding the great love of your dreams on social networks!