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how to change relationship status on facebook

How To Change Relationship Status On Facebook Without Anyone Knowing

Changing your relationship status on Facebook has become a ritual or a headache depending on the situation. Some choose to change it on Monday at 3 in the morning waiting for the least number of friends to see the news, while others prefer not to change it for a long time until they find an opportune moment.

Whatever your case, we have good news for you, since there is a way to change your relationship status in a more subtle way and without notifying everyone and we will tell you how to do it.

Your Relationship Status On Facebook

As you have probably noticed, the new design on Facebook, highlights even more the status of your relationship, so we recommend caution about what you want to be published.

The Breaking News

If you change your situation, for example, from “Being in a relationship” to “Single” or vice versa, by default this change will be published in the news feed your friends will see and inevitably the gossip begins.

How To Change Relationship Status On Facebook

Edit Your Profile

On your profile page, click on “Information” (about) below your profile picture.

Edit Your Basic Information

Here, open the "Basic Info" option by clicking on the "Edit" icon in the upper right corner

Change Privacy

Click on the circle to the right of the "Relationship Status" section and select "Just Me" and save it

The "Relationship" Option

Now look for the box called "Relationship" and click on "Edit"

Change Privacy

Click on the circle to the right of the "Relationship Status" section and select "Only Me", change your relationship status and press "Save"

With this you will have changed your relationship status without notifying everyone.

It Already Happened To Me! 

If you mistakenly changed your relationship and published it, there is a way to remove it from your Timeline and from your friends' news.

Click on the "Activity Log" option located on the right side just below your main photo.

Hide It From Your Timeline

There you must find the change you made to your relationship status.
Press the circle in the right corner and select “It is not shown in the Biography”, this in addition to deleting it from your timeline will erase it from the news of your friends.

And What Do You Prefer? 

Let everyone know that you have found a new love? Or do you prefer to leave your relationship status private? Leave your comment below.

How To Change Your Relationship Status On Facebook App

Open the Facebook application and press the button with three horizontal stripes. Then, press View your profile >

EDIT DETAILS > Add your relationship status. In Relationship , open the drop-down menu and choose your relationship status or marital status.

Depending on your choice, you may have the possibility to enter the name of the person with whom you have a relationship and the anniversary date. Use the audience selection tool to choose who you want to share this information with. Finally, press the Save button.

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