How to celebrate a wedding in a narrow circle for newlyweds?

Everyone is accustomed to seeing magnificent celebrations. Often, to spend them, the family has no money, and they are forced to go into debt. But the necessity of such an action is far from clear.

There is an opinion that the scenario of a wedding in a narrow circle is a priori uninteresting. The opposite is true.

Wedding Celebration Ideas

How to celebrate a wedding in a private circle.

A wedding without a toastmaster takes place even in the modern world. The uniqueness of weddings of the 21st century is in their democratic character. The newlyweds can choose how and who will hold their celebration. No one knows their guests better than the bride and groom, so it is easiest for them to come up with a scenario for a narrow circle of guests.

A small number of people does not mean that many moments at a wedding can be omitted. This is not the case. Sometimes, 100 and 200 people are present at the celebration. But they may not create the right atmosphere. Therefore, a modest wedding is not a reason to let the organization take its course.

It is necessary to think in advance whether the following parts will be at the wedding and how they will be held:

  • ransom;
  • wedding ceremony;
  • place of the banquet;
  • number of people;
  • the presence of a leader;
  • the presence of a photographer.

There is an option to abandon the wedding presenter altogether. It is not required if:

  • most of those present are elderly;
  • the banquet takes place at home in a small apartment;
  • guests have known each other for a long time;
  • all invitees are colleagues, respectable people.

Often, in all of the above cases, the presence of the wedding presenter is not required at all. Guests, as a rule, or themselves can entertain themselves, since they have known each other for a long time. Alternatively, they can have a pleasant chat, since they do not need an active entertainment program.

If, nevertheless, you decide to arrange a competition program, then entrust its holding to the most active and incendiary guest. Often, such people perform at a wedding even better than professional presenters, since they act from the heart and are impromptu.

You can invite musicians and artists to your home environment without competitions. As for the dancers, they should be discarded due to insufficient space.

Where to spend the evening – at home or in a restaurant?

The location of the wedding celebration is a purely personal matter. Nobody says that if a small number of people gather, then this automatically means home gatherings. Currently, in the cafe, you can find banquet rooms designed for a minimum number of people.

Wedding evening in a narrow circle script.

If you did not succeed in doing this, then you can ask to close the entire hall, having paid the required amount for this.

The management of a cafe or restaurant always responds positively to such requests, so even if there are 5 people in the hall, you can remain alone in the hall if you wish and pay an appropriate fee.

If your choice fell on a restaurant:

  • study the menu in advance and order at least the first light snacks;
  • worry about the availability of air conditioning and decent conditions;
  • find out about the availability of live music and artists;
  • is it possible to bring along additional products in the form of vegetables and fruits, alcoholic beverages.

The undoubted advantage of the restaurant is not only delicious cuisine but also the appropriate atmosphere. In addition, after the banquet, neither the newlyweds nor their guests will have to clear the table and wash the dishes. This is a rather tedious activity, and it is especially annoying during the holidays. Therefore, young people should refuse to strain not only themselves on such a joyful day, but also guests.

If, nevertheless, you decide to choose home gatherings, then think about decorating the room. Everything should say that we are facing not simple meetings, but a holiday. Flowers, balloons, festive tablecloths, and all kinds of posters will help with this. Choose the room in which you will sit in advance.

Try to arrange the furniture in it as conveniently as possible. Often, newlyweds move chairs, tables, and armchairs so that all guests feel comfortable.

Ditch the bulky chair straight away and replace it with a few chairs. Thus, you will save space and add several seats at once.

Modest wedding scenario

The home scenario is different from the restaurant scenario. As a rule, there is more impromptu in it. In a small circle of people, there are always those who talk about their desires or unwillingness. With a small farm in a narrow circle scenario:

Therefore, the host needs to be prepared for the fact that guests may simply refuse to participate in certain competitions. Do not despair. Try to entertain differently or allow time for guests to eat and socialize.

  1. Several chairs are placed in the room and two teams are formed. Inflated balls are placed on the chairs. The task of each player is to run up to a chair, sit on it and burst the ball. The winner is the team that has burst the most balls in the shortest time.
  2. The dance competition has always enjoyed well-deserved popularity. Guests are happy to watch the participants in the wedding competition. It is necessary to choose from the present two guests, whose task is to perform a large number of different dances under musical cuts. As a result, the winner is the one who, in the opinion of the audience, danced better, better, and more.
  3. Everyone loves it when a celebrity comes to their wedding. Decide, first of all, with a relaxed personality. During the celebration, it is worth recognizing which of the guests is most open and emotional. It is he who can be disguised as a famous person. It could be Dima Bilan, Verka Serduchka, Grigory Leps. The image must be recognizable. A celebrity comes into the hall to the guests, sings a song to the soundtrack and dances. This is followed by a congratulatory speech for the newlyweds.


A couple can originally finish their wedding. They should prepare an incendiary surprise dance.

For example, at first, young people perform a waltz, after which the music changes dramatically and a dynamic composition begins. Newlyweds can invite other guests to participate in the dance so that everyone can relax and have fun from the heart.