How To Build A Healthy Relationship

Build A Healthy Relationship

I dedicate these 30 basics on how to build a healthy relationship to learn and to love without attachment, without jealousy, without insecurity, without fear. Because love is not fear, Love doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt. What can hurt us, and much, are the beliefs we have about love and relationships.

Learning To Live From No Need Is Learning To Love From Freedom.

It is trusting that life will be putting the people you need at all times to continue learning and evolving.

Pretty woman, from my freedom, my authenticity, my inner love and my experience, I share with you how I live relationships, but first I ask you for one thing, do not take anything for granted, see for yourself, because what works for me It may not be useful to you now.

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how to build a healthy relationship

To integrate these basics you have to live and experience them. You have to feel them.

Connect with all your past relationships and understand that in everything that happened there was a powerful teaching for you, now observe all the relationships in your life, because in each of them you have the opportunity to continue learning in how to build a healthy relationship.

We Don’t Let Go Of Relationships Until We Have Done That Learning Or Inner Click, So Life Repeats Patterns, People Or Circumstances.

Without a doubt, you are in the moment and in the situation in which you need to be for your own transformation and inner growth. Flow with life and trust.

Remember, it is not the same to “know things” that “to experience and feel them”, stick with what is useful to you at this time in your life and what is not, let it go to the wind, let it fly!

The 28 Basics Of How To Build A Healthy Relationship

1. Reflection:

Every relationship is the reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.

how to build a healthy relationship

2. Toxic People:

There are no  “toxic” people , there are people with toxic behavior depending on what moments and circumstances of their life. We have all had some toxic behavior throughout our lives.

3. Change:

We do not want to change the other person, we accept others as they are because we understand that change happens from within. The others will change if they wish, decide or feel it inside.

4. Our Alliance:

We create our own alliance with others based on our needs, values and emotions.

5. Redesign Relationship

We redesign our partnership regularly as our needs, values ​​and emotions can change.

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6. Understand

We understand that relationships are constantly transforming.

7. Build A Relationship

We live  and build our relationship from the present moment, let go of the past by freeing ourselves through forgiveness. We forgive ourselves.

8. Listen

We listen and take into account the emotions, values and needs of the other person when creating our alliance.

9. Express Feelings

We always express how we feel: our real emotions in every moment.

10. Trust in Relationship

We trust that the other person is able to manage their emotions, is responsible for their happiness.

11. Communicate

We communicate from our heart and essence  (emotions and values) not from our fears and insecurities (judgments, demands, resentment, attachments)

12. Responsible for Well-Being

We do not hold the other person responsible for our well-being and happiness, we take responsibility for ourselves.

13. Share Love

We share our pleasure and take into account the needs of our partner.

14. Ask Questions

We specifically ask the other person what we need. If we want concrete answers, we ask specific questions.

15. Acceptance

We accept a NO without causing us suffering, if there is pain we accept it and express it without interest or manipulation.

We say NO when we feel it knowing that the other person is able to accept our NO.

16. Give Break

We understand that relationships may not be eternal. We listen to the relationship, sometimes it needs distance, space and / or a break.

17. Transformation

When a relationship is transformed and / or ends we collect all the lessons and we thank.

18. Don’t Blame

We never blame others for what happens to us, we don’t judge.

We don’t blame ourselves, we don’t judge ourselves.

19. Valuable Authenticity

We choose from our authenticity with whom to share our precious body and our valuable sexual energy.

20. Success Measurement

We know that the success of a relationship is not measured by what lasts, but by its authenticity and intensity.

21. Free to Live

The other person does not belong to us, is free to stay by our side or walk away.

22. Attitude

We own our body, our values,  our thoughts, feelings and emotions and therefore we are consistent with all this and choose our attitude. We are proactive.

23. Being Happy

Our love for others does not depend on being pleased and doing what we would like.

24. Authentic

We are authentic because we want authenticity in our relationships.

25. Trust Everybody

We trust ourselves, people and our relationships.

26. True Gift

Every person we decided to relate to is our teacher and a true gift.

27. Expectations

We live the relationship without expectations, without demands and from acceptance. We have the ability to recognize and accept even what we do not accept. “I accept that I don’t accept …”

28. Emotional Bond

We have the power to stay where we are, get closer, get away or run in our relationships, no matter how strong the emotional bond that unites us. It is our free and conscious decision. If the situation overcomes us, we protect ourselves and ask for help.