How to become beautiful and stay beautiful for a long time

How to become the most beautiful and be more beautiful than others

Every woman loves and wants to feel beautiful and unique. But, unfortunately, most women and girls are complex about their appearance. Therefore, more and more often they are interested in how to become beautiful and what will help them stay that way for a long time.

The desire to always be beautiful makes them think that the key to beauty lies at the bottom of their makeup bag or wallet. They sit on different diets or buy products that promise them to achieve results in a short time at home. It does not matter if we are talking about women who are over 40-50 years old, or about girls and schoolgirls 14-16 years old.

But what if you do not have an angelic face and your body is not like that of a model? Don’t despair, because there are ways to become more beautiful without the help of a tube of lipstick, mascara, or blush brush. Consider these factors and ways that create a more lasting impression of beauty than any amount of makeup.

The concept of female beauty has several components. This is appearance, body, manner of presenting oneself and the inner world. Let’s take a closer look at these main components.

What does a man immediately pay attention to when talking about beauty? On appearance, since no one will immediately fall in love with a pure, vulnerable female soul. Men first of all want to consider in detail all the subtleties of female appearance. Therefore, the first thing that catches their eye is a figure. By the way, wanting to be beautiful in the eyes of men, you need to remember that the vast majority of them consider the fairer sex, first of all, as a sexual object and there is no getting away from it.

Until men go through all the feminine charms with their eyes, they are unlikely to be in a hurry to look into the female soul. So, women need to learn how to use it and be able to present themselves beautifully. 

Agree, today there is not a single woman/girl who is satisfied with her appearance, something does not suit everyone. Half of them consider themselves fat, the other half is thin and flat. Someone is not satisfied with her breasts, lips, teeth, hips, buttocks, legs, or hair. Therefore, stop chasing the wind, breaking your pleasure from life. Better think about how to become more beautiful using what is?

What distinguishes beautiful ladies from lonely, notorious kleshas? It is unlikely that this is the absence of shortcomings since they are also observed in them. It’s just that these ladies know how to properly beat their dignity. Clearly understanding that beauty is not so important as the image of female attractiveness, which they can draw with their appearance in the head of a man. So they learned to play with the male imagination. Let’s see what they pay attention to.


The first thing that men always pay attention to when they see a girl is her face. The face is your, let’s say, calling card. This is one of those things that make up the first impression of a person. Even if a woman has a beautiful figure, she is interesting, but the look of her face is tired, tortured, this will repel the opposite sex. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the freshness of your appearance. So that a man, looking at a woman’s spiritual face, could say to himself “class, what an interesting woman.”

Here, a well-chosen makeup will help. For a selection of makeup, you can go to a professional makeup artist, or you can practice yourself at home, try different types of makeup, different techniques (video tutorials on YouTube will help). All imperfections are best hidden with a foundation.


A beautiful body is also a very important component of your image of a beautiful girl. From ancient times to the present day, the ideals of beauty have changed and improved. But a healthy body is always beautiful. To achieve the beauty of your body, you need only two things: sports + proper nutrition. Sports will provide a toned body and keep muscles in good shape, and nutrition, in turn, will provide the body with all the useful substances and saturate it.

It is not necessary to sit for days and nights without getting out of the gym and limit yourself in everything (in terms of food). It is enough just to practice 2-3 times a week, and try to use harmfulness to a minimum. If you don’t have money for a gym, it’s not a problem at all. There are as many sets of exercises that you can perform at home. All you need is a desire!

Self-presentation style

This includes dress style, posture, gait, facial expressions, gestures, gaze, as well as speech, and scent. All this requires detailed and careful study. It is impossible to analyze all this in detail in one article. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to give only tips where you need to place certain accents to become more beautiful in men’s eyes. Because many girls pay attention to the wrong areas when they think about how to become a beautiful girl.

Avoid pretense and the desire to build yourself out of the woman that you are not. Try to be natural, as a man will recognize a fake very quickly, and instead of a favorable impression, an undesirable result will turn out.

It is worth remembering that appearance is often an indicator of intelligence, self-irony + a person’s attitude to the world around him. So, you need to learn to hide your weaknesses, focusing on your strengths. Then the female image will become more vivid and attractive. It is then that a woman can become beautiful, making an expensive brand out of her appearance.

Inner world

Of course, external beauty is very important, it adds up the first impression of a person. Yes, and judge, as you know, by clothes. But beauty alone won’t take you far. In a person, and especially in a girl/woman, everything should be fine. After all, you see, it is always nice when there is something to talk about. We need to develop and improve ourselves.

The main advice, perhaps, will be reading books, because in them you can learn absolutely everything. It is also necessary to develop manners, good breeding. After all, few people will be pleased to see a rude woman next to them.

But, thinking about how to be the most beautiful, it is worth agreeing that manners or good breeding alone will not be enough. We need more energy and emotion.

For example, imagine a situation where an ordinary girl is invited to a dinner party. Arriving at a dinner party, she notices that it is already full of beauties, to whom she is inferior in beauty. What happens if a girl starts comparing herself to them? Dangerous thoughts will begin to take root in her and multiply in her head: my legs are not so long, my hairstyle wants the best, my figure is inferior, and I should have dressed more expensively.

The mood is gradually falling, falling. As a result, she will become a gloomy, dissatisfied, unattractive lady with whom she is unlikely to want to get to know, communicate and develop relationships.

Another situation: The same girl, but at the same time she has a cheerful disposition, and her self-irony is enough to not get hung up on her flaws or shortcomings in comparison with the beauties present. On the contrary, she aims to get the most out of communicating with guests. What will happen then?

After a short time, a company is already gathering around her, flocking to her like moths to a luminous light bulb. Because a radiant smile emanates from her, she is bright, warm, and attractive in the eyes of those present. Whereas the rest of the ladies, at least for some social markers, are in a more advantageous position, they cannot hold people’s attention for a long time, with their cold manners. Energy, emotions did their job.

How to be beautiful at home

There are several simple and uncomplicated rules, adhering to which a woman will remain beautiful for men in any situation and at any age.

Figure. The first thing that immediately catches the eye of men is the silhouette. It is he who catches them in the first seconds – chest, waist, hips. Therefore, it is worth emphasizing the silhouette with your appearance. To do this, you need to dress with taste, not vulgar or defiant, but neat and stylish.

Hair is the next thing to pay attention to. Hair is a trap for the male sex. They must be well-groomed, washed, neatly laid. Men like it when a woman plays with her hair, and they look beautiful. This immediately catches the eye. I especially like it when the hair and hairstyle contrast with the clothes.

For example, dark hair + light outfit or dark outfit + light hair. By the way, split ends are best removed in time with a visit to the hairdresser. If the hair is dyed, then it is necessary to paint over the regrown roots in time, as they look completely unsympathetic.

Well-groomed hands. A neat manicure, neatly trimmed nails – this is what immediately catches the eye of a man. A peeling manicure or bitten nails looks very, not aesthetically pleasing, indicating the carelessness of its owner.

Shoes are another important point. No wonder they say that by the way a person treats his shoes, one can conclude what kind of character or manners he has. Dirty, worn shoes look ugly and indicate that its owner is a sloppy person. Therefore, a girl should make sure that her shoes are always clean, especially her heels.

How to be beautiful without makeup

Lips. Here is a very simple tip on how to make your lips soft. Gently massage your lips every evening with a toothbrush for a few minutes and then anoint your lips with honey overnight. Shea butter is also a good remedy.

Smile and love yourself. Smiling will instantly make you feel the most beautiful, even without any makeup. Smile every time you look in the mirror. Smile at people you meet on the street. Let the smile become your favorite accessory and you will see how the whole world will start smiling at you. Love yourself by accepting yourself completely and completely, whether you wear makeup or not. Because you are truly unique and beautiful!

The skin on the face. A little about skincare, because the question is how to be beautiful, and always remain so? The first step is to cleanse the skin. After a long day at work, you should wash your face, perhaps using a foam, gel, or tonic, depending on your skin type. The skin also needs to be moisturized.

A very important component of beauty can be called proper nutrition. It’s not for nothing that there is a saying “We are what we eat.” But what we eat directly indeed affects the appearance and condition of our hair, nails, skin, body, and health in general. So watch what you eat throughout the day.

Brows. Take a look at yourself in the mirror and pay attention to your natural eyebrow shape. Natural brow does not mean unruly brow. Therefore, carefully remove any hair that is noticeably longer than your natural brow shape. Set the shape of the eyebrows (we use lip balm).


Beauty in this world is subjective. It is highly dependent on those who look at this beauty, as all people have different standards regarding beauty. Therefore, if a lady strives to match the ideas of others, she will never be able to become beautiful and be pleased with her beauty.

By correcting some of the nuances of her image, the girl will be able to become more beautiful. For whose attention, oh, how men will have to fight. Thus, the lady without words sets the level of the bar that applicants for her heart need to achieve.

It is important to remember that outer beauty is a reflection of inner beauty. Therefore, if a woman does not just think about how to become the most beautiful and be her, but shines with beauty from the inside, then everything around her also becomes beautiful. But, if a person is internally ugly (qualities, deeds, habits), then even a beautiful appearance will not make him more beautiful.