How to become attractive to men, husband or guys

In the vastness of Runet, you can easily find a lot of different materials: articles, videos, practices on how to become attractive? Or how to be not only attractive for a husband, men, but also more beautiful, charming, self-confident? Everything is simple. We will consider effective methods known to most women, but they are silent or they forget to use them.

These tips can be used by absolutely any lady, regardless of her build and her health. Moreover, these methods do not require large expenditures, time, but at the same time guarantee success. They will help among men to create a pleasant excitement for themselves, which will allow them to choose the contender for their heart. And not to settle for the first peasant who turned up because of the lack of applicants.

The human brain receives and processes more than half of all incoming information through vision. No wonder they say that men love with their eyes. Representatives of the female world who want to become more attractive are simply obliged to use this male feature. Think about what men pay attention to? 40% is a figure, and 60% is how the fair sex presents itself and its figure. Consider therefore some tips to present yourself correctly.

Effective ways to become beautiful and attractive

Dressing style

As mentioned in the previous article, you do not need to adjust yourself to all sorts of social standards. Even if a woman is called a “style icon”, you must admit that style can be cheap or expensive. To be attractive for a man, you need an expensive style.

That is, try to achieve such an effect to make the male sex look at the lady with curiosity, who, in their imagination, aroused interest in her person. Now, with these fantasies, they are already painting the contours of the female body, completely unaware of some of the flaws that frighten the lady so much. Also, learn to stand out in a stream of people. What can be done to make your image more winning?

Firstly, clothes should not give out flashy despair – excessively narrowed, short, or such a large cut of the dress, a skirt that “you can see where the legs grow from.” Also, a large neckline, due to which the chest falls out, and even if the clothes are shiny. Such a look in the eyes of men always looks vulgar, cheap, and does not cause intrigue. Even despite the stunning figure, which is dressed in a similar outfit.

Our advice: never expose your “charms” for show. Otherwise, it will cheapen your image when you need to look expensive. When the body is too open, and women’s charms are as tight as possible or do not fit in clothes, forget to think about how to become attractive to men. With a similar “outfit” they steal food for fantasy, making you as unattractive as possible for them.

Secondly, clothes should not be faded, not stand out from others. Think rich, vibrant fabric colors to make you look expensive. Remember, the overwhelming majority of men react more to rich colors, even if they are inexpensive fabrics. Therefore, the richness of the color of a dress, blouse, the sweater should pleasantly stand out among the general human mass. To be pleasing to the male eye, exciting the imagination. Moreover, today you can buy or sew good models that will emphasize the female individuality, becoming her branded style.

Thirdly, clothes should be as different from men’s style as possible. That is, the style of clothing should emphasize feminine mystery. Believe me, jeans do not always cause delight in the male sex, making the girl attractive. On their subconscious level, she is not much different from a guy who also wears jeans. Whereas a dress, skirt, blouse catches the eye with their femininity. This applies not only to adult women but also to girls in school.


Even adhering to the opinion that naturalness is above all, you can pay attention to some details. Firstly, the skin should be beautifully radiant, healthy, as it always looks attractive. But, if you can’t say about a girl that she is the owner of a similar skin, and some flaws are still there (acne), then you need to learn how to use various masking and decorative products correctly.

Secondly, eyebrows. This is the most expressive part of the face, which, well, simply must be emphasized, no matter if the girl wears makeup at all or not. Eyebrows enhance the play of the eyes, their color. They give movement to facial expressions. A beautifully raised arch of the eyebrows brings intrigue and expressiveness to the female look, making it significant. Eyebrows give the female image charm, as well as a certain element of mystery. While inexpressive, lifeless-looking eyebrows extinguish any sparks in the eyes, depriving them of depth.

Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at your eyebrows, focusing on them in your makeup. Consult with a makeup artist who will suggest the best curve for your eyebrows, which will help emphasize the expressiveness of your face, making you more attractive to guys.

facial expressions

Try to remove the nervousness and fuss from your facial expression, which gives others a feeling of insecurity. Only calm confidence awakens in others the feeling that the lady holds the psychological initiative of the conversation. It is also better to stop using sudden movements, gestures, postures, and also refrain from parasitic words. It is especially important to listen to these tips for those wives who are thinking about how to become attractive to their husbands?


She can give a girl a stunning look, even if she is in a regular T-shirt and jeans. Unfortunately, many representatives of the female world have a hairstyle called “hair is present”. This is not a hairstyle, but simply the presence of hair, which in itself does not automatically make a girl charming. Especially if the hair is dirty, unkempt, then no sparks in the eyes, and the figure will attract the opposite sex.

Men like hairstyles, styling, voluminous hair, not just long hair. This should not be forgotten by those who are thinking about how to become an attractive girl. Even if you don’t have time to do your hair, try to at least add volume to your hair. This will give a complete look to your image, making it more winning, and making you very interesting.


A good posture will make your makeup look much prettier, your clothes will fit better, and your chest will look more attractive – lifted. Visually, the girl seems taller, more confident. All this is possible if you train yourself to keep your back straight, using your willpower. For those who forget that you should always keep your back straight, as there are other thoughts in your head, there is one piece of advice.

Beautiful posture is not so much the strength of will or memory as the strength of the pumping up of the spinal muscles. Therefore, go to the doctor so that he can pick up some complex exercises just for you. Believe me, after a few months, of doing these exercises, you are unlikely to recognize yourself in the mirror. A stately, attractive, and self-confident woman with a proudly raised head + amazing posture will look at you.

Language of the body

Some women can stand out in the crowd at first sight with the plasticity of a panther or graceful gait. With each of their movements, they instantly attract male attention to themselves, causing admiration among those. They attract with the ability to effectively present themselves. Interestingly, all-female representatives have this inexplicable appeal of body language.

Each has all the necessary set of talents and abilities, allowing her to stand out with her grace among other women. To do this, you need to master the language of your body, allowing your internal energy to be embodied in graceful, speaking body movements and gestures. Since this inner strength has been dormant for years, unclaimed and unrevealed, then try to wake up your elegance, lightness, and grace.

You can do choreography both professionally and by downloading various techniques from the Internet. This will help you begin to master the grace and plasticity of your own body and become less stiff and notorious. The female body transmits half of the information to the man without words, then teaches your body to talk beautifully with the opposite sex. This will help you always remain attractive, desirable.


Does weight bother you? Then drop a couple of extra pounds. Or learn how to present your spare kilograms so that men, seeing you, “drool”.

After all, absolutely everyone is not satisfied with something in their appearance, some are not satisfied with thinness, while others are overweight. Therefore, learn to beat such far-fetched shortcomings, correctly presenting them. This is what will distinguish you from all the other representatives of the weaker sex.


Wanting to remain attractive, you need to be “delicious” for a man, a guy. To do this, you need to remember one rule: everything is fine, if in moderation. Since strong pungent odors repel the interlocutor. And a woman needs to achieve an effect when a man just wants to inhale the aroma of her perfume or the smell of her body.

Therefore, firstly, when experimenting with perfumes, eau de toilette, you should not overdo it with their quantity, but only emphasize your femininity. Moreover, it is better not to use eau de toilette at all than to use cheap, strong-smelling water.

Secondly, try to always have a clean body odor. It should smell fresh and clean. Modern cosmetics manufacturers provide a wide range of all kinds of care products.

How to be attractive to men

It has already been said that for the male sex, the figure matters only 40%, and the remaining 60% is the ability to build good-natured relations with a man, qualities of character (friendliness, cheerfulness, respect, charm). Therefore, to always remain attractive, even with a changed figure, it is necessary to adhere to a few more rules.

Easy character

The lightness of character is the most difficult quality, it is very difficult to cultivate it in oneself. There is nothing more attractive than the art of always being perfect in communication. Such ladies always make an indelible impression by the fact that in each specific situation in their lives they behave most worthily. Women with such a character can inspire, energize. It seems to others that such individuals are the happiest people because they go through life so easily.


Surrounding people are always attracted by strong, self-sufficient personalities. Only those who respect themselves can respect others. The way a girl presents herself is always noticeable from the first minutes of communication, therefore it is of paramount importance in relations with people. Self-confident young ladies can inspire others to believe in them. This is the most important advantage of attractiveness. Such a “solid ground under your feet” will help not only earn the respect of others but also change their attitude towards themselves.


When thinking about how to be attractive, one should not forget about creative energy. Creative, interested young people, artists, cultures have always been distinguished by charisma that comes from within. This is not external beauty, not even character, but spirituality – vivacity and youthful spirit that shines in the eyes.

Therefore, your passion for creativity or needlework can add color to life, making communication with the male sex easier, more relaxed. Education, erudition, well-read will make it easy to support any conversation, as it will always be interesting with you.

Cheerful disposition

A sense of humor and a smile are other weapons that kill men on the spot. Therefore, cheerful and cheerful women are more likely to attract members of the opposite sex.


Summing up, how to become attractive to guys, it is worth noting that this does not require large expenses. You just need to remember that a man “loves with his eyes”, but if he is not comfortable next to a woman, then she, even being a beauty, is unlikely to attract him. What needs to be done? You need to be charming, self-confident, emphasizing some little things.

Also, learning to get along with your man, trying to be charming, cheerful, and pleasant for him, you will be attractive to him in any way. The male sex captivates not only the appearance of a woman, but her ability to present herself, therefore, the more pleasant it is to communicate with you and be around, the more attractive you will seem.