How to be the perfect guest (10 tips to avoid watering it)

Girlfriends and boyfriends, so that you do not have the pain of directly telling your guests to behave, we will tell you here 😀As in any social event, the wedding guests must follow certain rules of etiquette so that the event of the bride and groom comes out of the best and is enjoyed to the maximum.

As a decalogue, I leave these 10 recommendations to the wedding guests.

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Decalogue of the Perfect Guest

# 1.- The perfect guest arrives early

What is it that the ceremony or event begins, and only ten people have arrived? Cross out!

In the wedding invitation, the exact time is indicated in which the presence of the guests is expected, and you cannot “wait for more people to arrive to start”.

In the church, the start time of the mass is fixed and for a civil ceremony, the judge’s time is shortened and must be punctual. And if we talk about the party, it is only hired for a limited number of hours.

If the guests arrive late to the ceremony or if they do not arrive at all, the main purpose is lost, which is to accompany the bride and groom at the most important moment of the day.

And if the guests are late to the party, then the bride and groom will have wasted their money paying an hour or two of room rent, music, uncorking, etc., without having taken advantage of it.

The punctuality of the guests is very important for the development of the event. Take your time and try to arrive minutes before, anticipate yourself in case of traffic, in case you cannot find parking, in case you have to stop to pick up something … So you will not miss a moment of the wedding that the bride and groom have planned with so much effort. share with you.

# 2.- The perfect guest goes to mass!

Typical that at weddings and in the XV years, the mass is alone and the party is full.

If there will be a church ceremony at the wedding, it is in very bad taste not to attend mass and only come to the party. As I mentioned in the previous point, it is the main thing of the whole event, not the dance ehh !!

Of course, there are cases in which it is impossible to arrive on time, for work reasons or because you have to travel to get there, in those cases it is understandable and excusable “not to reach mass”, but if they do not go because the women took too long to put on makeup or because it was the final of the football game … there if it is not worth it.

# 3.- The perfect guest dresses appropriately

It is becoming more and more common for the bride and groom to indicate the dress code in the invitation, which makes it much easier to know how to dress so as not to clash.

If there is an indication, it must be followed. If the bride and groom ask that the guests attend dressed in a certain way, it is because they want their event to look like this.

If the “dress code” is not explicit, then we must be guided by the general rules of etiquette:


  • Do not wear white or similar light colors
  • The dresses should not be so flashy if you are not a close relative of the bride and groom or if you do not have a role in the ceremony
  • The dress at daytime weddings is less formal than at night.

The men:

  • They must dress according to the formality of the place of the event and must not dress more formal than the groom
  • If it is a day wedding, it is preferable to wear suits in blue, gray or light colors
  • Light colors do not go for an evening wedding

# 4.- The perfect guest gives a gift

Although the subject of the gift is very controversial, I tell you that it is in good taste to give a gift to the bride and groom , whether they choose money as a wedding gift, gift table or you take the time to find them a special gift.

The gift is not mandatory, and when it is given, it is done according to financial possibilities. As I told you in the post about how much money to give to the bride and groom? , you cannot give away what you do not have.

But you always have to do everything possible to have this detail with the hosts and excuses such as “I didn’t have time to find something for them” are not worth it.

# 5.- The perfect guest gets up to dance and participates

If there is dancing, do not be bitter and get up to dance, even if it is a song. There is no worse thing at the party than the music is playing and the floor is empty … (well, there are worse things but I don’t want to make the girlfriends nervous 😀)

And that that they are dancing sitting at the table moving their shoulders … cross out! If you do not have a health problem that prevents you from dancing, get up and ball on the floor, even if you dance very badly!

If there are photo frames, props, signs, wigs and other goodies for fun, use them and take photos and play along.

And if the bride throws the bouquet or if the groom throws the garter belt, you have to participate.

# 6.- The perfect guest does not go to the middle of the party

The couple have prepared all the details of the event from the beginning to the end, they have a whole program (and many paid providers) to pamper the guests, so it is ugly that the guests leave early and stay very a few for when the surprise of the band or the midnight dinner arrives.

Prepare yourself with a sweater and a babysitter for the kids, so that they can stay at ease the whole party (or most of it).

# 7.- The perfect guest talks with other guests

If at the party you have to share the table with guests you don’t know, you have to talk with them.

Although it is not ideal for the bride and groom to combine different groups of friends when assigning tables, there are times when there is no other option and they must agree to it.

Live together and do not close, for something they are friends of the couple.

# 8.- The perfect guest doesn’t get drunk

Although alcohol is free, they should not abuse it as if it were an open bar.

The past guests for drinks look very bad, they begin to speak incoherently, to love everyone, and then they have to take care of them so that they do not fall … and worse if they start singing Oaxaca!

If you start to feel bad, stop drinking and lower it for a while dancing and drinking mineral water. Remember that it is a wedding, not a wedding!

# 9.- The perfect guest leaves a tip to the waiters

I don’t know how it’s used in different places, but at least at parties around here, it’s customary to tip waiters.

When a couple or family leaves the party, they thank the waiter and give him the tip. Or if everyone at the table stayed until the end, then they all put the tip in the middle.

In these directions, it is frowned upon for guests to leave and leave a tip to the last at the table. How is it with you?

 # 10.- The perfect guest thanks the bride and groom

Finally, do not forget to say goodbye to the bride and groom, thank them for their attention and show off the bride!