How To Be Happy In A Relationship

Do you want to know how to be happy in a relationship ? Don’t you know how to keep happiness in your relationship? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

How To Have A Happier Relationship

Here, you will find 10 tips that will be of great help to you so that you can maintain a satisfactory happy relationship and healthy emotional bond.

Happiness as a couple is a complex phenomenon, I will not deny it; if it were not so, divorces and separations would not exist in the world; But, it is also not so difficult or impossible to achieve.

With the help of the following keys, you will discover how not to give up before the first fight or difference of criteria and achieve that desired happiness.

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1. Learn To Each Other: Know And Know Yourself

Going to live together or get married is a momentous step in any happy relationship.

Sometimes, it happens rashly; The passion is so strong that you just want to share everything with that other person and be with him all the time.

None of this is wrong, but you have to know how to live as a couple.The first step I propose is to know each other.

After some outings or nights of passion, you don’t know that other person at all; every day he will tell you what is missing, so you have to learn.

Even couples who have been together for many years discover each day something new in their loved one.

How To Be Happy In A Relationship

You will have to learn what he likes, his memories, his dreams, his illusions; but, also their habits, their work or feeding routines, their fears or hobbies.

As you know, “each person is a world,” then you will have to discover a whole world different from yours.

The Discovery Game

That will not happen in a single moment, as I told you, and the surprise of discovering something new in it may bring you satisfaction or despair, it all depends on what you discover and how you take it.

It is not about investigating your personal life all the time, or obsessing that you are going to find a story of adultery or murder behind that man you love, NO!

You have to let things happen and realize, one day, that just by looking at it, you know what you are thinking or what you want.

As if that were not enough, you will be able to reveal, with your help, things about yourself that you didn’t even know were there.

So the surprises you will have may come even from yourself, you just have to have the constancy of discovering who we are.

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2. Acceptance And Tolerance: We Are Not Equal

Most of the problems that arise when living as a couple have to do with the acceptance of the other, of its virtues, but also of its defects.

You have lived with you all the time, you do things at home in your own way, you follow your routines and schedules, you are proud of your virtues, you deal with your flaws the best you can and you even endure your hobbies.

It’s easy, it’s you, you’re used to you.

The problem begins in getting used to all those things in another person and, in addition, allowing them to enter fully into yours.

The key to being clear about how to be happy in a relationship is acceptance and tolerance. That is the next step.

As you know him you must learn something very simple but very difficult to put into practice at times: he is not you.

He Is Not You!

I recommend you remember this constantly.

And you will tell me: “It does not do the housework well”, error !, what happens is that it does not do as you or as you want me to do.

“I can’t stand it this way or do such a thing,” and I ask you: are you perfect?

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To know how to be happy in a relationship , you don’t necessarily have to have the perfect person next to you, that exists only in fairy tales!

It is not even in seeing their “imperfections” perfect, that usually lasts shortly.

The real happiness is knowing how to accept that we are not equal even if we look alike, to tolerate the differences we have and love the other as it is, without trying to change it.

How To Be Happy In A Relationship

3. One Plus One Is Always Equal To Two

You are fully in your relationship. They share everything, they do everything together, they love each other madly.

The aspirations are the same, future plans are in common. They seem to be just one person, even because of the way they think.

All that is very good, but remember that although it seems that they are one, well you know that it is not so.

This is the third advice that I propose you to follow: you and your partner are two different people, individual, separated, although love unites them.

You Must Respect His Individuality As He Must Respect Yours

If you become obsessed with doing everything together, with being all the time seeing each other, not separating for a second, you will end up ruining the relationship.

There will come a time when they will have nothing new to share because all experiences will be common, equal, and from there to monotony and separation goes only a salty.

It is not about reaching the extremes, it is about sharing, even, those differences, those spaces in which they are far away at work, in each other’s school or in the company of other people.

how to be happy in a relationship is possible, you just have to keep reading and take a look at the other recommendations!

4. Respecting Spaces

If you manage to understand and overcome the previous step, this will be easy for you.

To achieve harmony in the couple you must also learn to respect the spaces of absence. How? Very simple.

In life we don’t always want to be accompanied, so if your boy asks you for time to be alone and take a walk, read, enjoy a quiet landscape, meditate, well don’t criticize him!

Of course, always alert that this happens in moderation, without exaggeration.

You can even accompany him, but living your own inner experience.

Human beings, sometimes, some more than others, need time for introspection and recollection.

How To Be Happy With Your Partner Is Not About Being Inseparable!

You also have to respect, and that should be sacred! If you do not like to delve into your things or your past.

Of course, I know that you are an intelligent girl: investigate or investigate something so delicate, but do it without realizing it, at the right time, or use other sources !, always with a lot of tact.

Of course, let him understand that you respect his space so that he respects yours, even if they share a lifetime in common.

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5. How To Be Happy With Your Partner: Out Of The Routine!

One of the most dangerous enemies to learn how to be happy in a relationship is the routine.

At the beginning of a relationship everything is new, everything is amazing, everything is discovering in the other.

But, when you live with someone for a while, everyday things begin to be the same no matter how different they are made.

The more the coexistence time increases, the more you know that other and between daily work, work, school, children if there is in common, everything becomes monotonous and equal every day.

There is no way you can change it, every day you do the same things: you eat, sleep, clean yourself, even in intimate relationships it ends up being the same every time.

In Variety Is Pleasure

The key here is to have the spark to vary what seems the same:

  • Make a dish that surprises
  • Go for a walk to places you don’t know (even if it’s a place or a park)
  • Surprise with a detail or an affectionate note
  • Dare to experience new things

What’s more, the way you name it can vary if you change the nickname or give it one:

See the article Funny nicknames to use in your relationship The best collection! and you will have enough to innovate in something as simple as the way to call your boy.

It is not that you parachute every day, but that you try to enjoy the daily routine without losing the desire to innovate or look for new things even if occasionally.

Dare to change small things, you will see the results in well-being with your partner.

6. Do Things Together: Routines To Take Care Of

Although it seems contrary to the above, it is not so.It’s just a warning and with it, another tip.Before I recommended changing the routine, but in moderation.

And within that routine, there are things you should not change, although that depends on each couple.

There are many small things that, sometimes, are not even noticed, but that contribute to how to be happy in a relationship.

There are certain “rituals” that you should keep if they work in your case; for example,

  • Say good night and go to sleep at the same time
  • Say good morning and wake up together
  • Say goodbye or always say hello with a kiss or hug

The Importance Of Small Detalis

There are small details that you should not forget even if you are in a hurry, because you are late or very tired of your day and want to go to sleep.

Valentine’s Day, for example, has to be one of those dates that cannot go unnoticed, like any other day of the year.

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Maintaining these habits will constantly refer you to affectionate or pleasant passages with your partner, and this will result in shared happiness.

7. Without Neglecting Privacy

One of the most important aspects in a relationship is, of course, intimacy.Depending on the stage of the relationship, you will live it with your partner differently: it will not be the same at 3 months as at 10 years or more.

Each period of life is also diverse in terms of your sexuality and that of your partner: it is not the same at 20 years, at 30, at 50, or at 70 and beyond.

The most important thing is not how often you have sex with your partner, or the duration, all that I already told you, will vary over time.

Here, the really relevant thing is that each experience is worthwhile and that the desire is not lost.

Innovate And Make Him Go Crazy For You

Faithfulness means that you always make love with the same person, but it doesn’t have to be the same way, in the same place or in the same position.

There are many factors that can vary, and this is what I advise you: if it can be varied, it may not always be the same.

Do not expect him to take the initiative, propose new things according to the tastes of both.

Dare to try and use your imagination, you can use: aromas, lingerie for the occasion, toys, fantasies of both.

You will see that it is well worth it!

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8. Communication

Another vital advice to understand how to be happy in a relationship is communication; This is fundamental.

If from the beginning you hide things, feelings, then you are in free fall towards separation.It’s not about you telling or saying everything, no, but you shouldn’t shut up the things you feel that really affect you.

If there is something you don’t like, tell him! If something happens to you that only you know, tell them! If you don’t want to go somewhere, don’t stop telling him!

If you feel bad or good about something, you have to let them know .

The healthy partner communication is the basis for happiness in the relationship, it is the only way he knows your thoughts and your inner world.

9. Discuss And Dialogue To Know How To Be Happy With Your Partner

One of the main causes of divorce is that people don’t know how to argue.

If you are one of those who are just screaming and fighting when something bothers you, I advise you to pay close attention.

Controlling anger, anger, in times of tension, can be the hardest thing you have to do.

But, given a problem with your partner, it’s no use throwing insults and screaming.

We must learn to discuss, to talk when they disagree, to raise your points of view and also to listen to his.

If you are one of the lucky people who do know how to control themselves in moments like that, then it is not an easy task for you to teach him the right way to understand each other.

Do Not Forget:

Couple communication is not about not fighting, but about knowing how to do it.

Fights and discussions will always be part of a relationship, who tells you no, lies.

10. Infinite Patience And Love

Finally, but never less important, I propose this advice:

If you really want to know how to be happy in a relationship, always keep in mind that love that you have and that unites them.

Don’t forget the good and nice things that make you happy with your boy; Don’t see only the bad ones, even if they are going through a bad time.

Rescue the positive without forgetting the negative.

And a lot of patience, the path of a relationship is built little by little and not at a stretch; It is done with the day to day that you live with him.

Final Tips To Know How To Be Happy With Your Partner

  • Love from freedom
  • Be honest
  • Maintain a good balance in the relationship
  • Have a realistic vision of relationships
  • Spend quality time with your partner
  • Trust and forgive
  • Focus on the positive
  • Repeat your love constantly
  • Be compice of your partner
  • Do not forget the benefits of traveling with your partner

So you know, to put into practice everything you’ve read here!

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