How To Attract A Libra Man

To know how to attract a libra man and fall in love, it must be taken into account that this zodiac sign is considered to be dual, this means that some of their customs and attitudes may be contradictory to the point that their intentions can be confused.

How to make a Libra man fall in love

Falling in love with a person is always a complicated challenge, and although there are a thousand ways and tricks to achieve it, the truth is that, if there is no certain compatibility, you will have it very complicated. Today we want to help you with it, and we are going to do it explaining how to conquer a Libra man or how to attract a libra man.

Below we will explain what are the most common characteristics and attributes in Libra man, and we will also explain what you should do to make him fall in love, and what you should avoid. With this, we hope that you learn how to seduce a Libra man or how to attract a libra man and that the whole process is much easier for you.

The Libra man and his personality

The Libra man has several characteristics that we will detail below so that you better understand what is the personality of the man you want to conquer:


One of the most common characteristics of the Libra man is his indecision. It is one of the symbols that has the hardest time making decisions, since they always try to evaluate all the options, and the worst thing is that they all seem possible and viable.

Taste for beauty

Although for some people this may seem superficial, the truth is that for men, beauty is very important. This is important to keep in mind because it applies both to itself and to the outside, so it can be described as both superficial and vain.

How To Attract A Libra Man


A Libra man loves harmony. This does not necessarily mean that I love tranquility. Simply, he likes things to be in order, and that is why everything that is out of place and is not part of a harmonious set, confuses him and makes him feel bad.


The Libra man does not usually impose anything, but tries to seduce the other person to arrive at common points of view. If this is not possible, you may accept the other’s opinion without much conflict. Sometimes this characteristic is confused with hypocrisy.

Lack of authority

Since he is a person who thinks a lot about how other people will feel and who does not want to conflict, it is difficult for him to demand with authority even his rights. This leads to submission, and generally there comes a point where it explodes aggressively or hurtfully.


When a libra is in love, he tends to be quite clueless. And the worst thing is that he is quite infatuated.

You need a partner

The Libra man is not a man to be alone. You need a partner to share your time with.

Practical tips to seduce a man

Given the attributes of his personality, we can move on to practical tips for conquering a Libra man or how to attract a libra man:

Take the initiative

Since the man pounds is, by nature, too indecisive, it is preferable that you are the one who takes the reins of the relationship from the first moment. This means that you are the one who asks for telephones, who offers moments to stay, etc. Don’t wait for him to do it, because maybe he won’t do it, and besides, he will feel more comfortable if you do it.

Look good

Since the man libra values ​​beauty very positively, that is a point that you must take into account and take good care of. However, beauty also has a lot to do with naturalness and subtlety. The line that separates beauty from disharmony, for the Libra man, is very narrow.

Do not be strident

In line with the previous point, you must be careful with how you show yourself before him. You should not be strident, neither in matters of makeup, hairstyles, clothes, or places where you see each other. Remember that for man, harmony is important.

Showing that you like relationships

There are many ways to show another person that you like relationships, such as showing that you have long-lasting friendly relationships, commenting that your last relationship was long, etc. We have already mentioned that Libra men need to live as a couple, so play that card.

Take it to your terrain

Since the man who is libra is undecided, he will tend not to know what to do, many times, when he is with you. Therefore, you must take the reins, but also try to take it to your land, to whatever you want to achieve. Of course, subtly and carefully, but dragging it little by little. Don’t be afraid, he feels comfortable when you act that way.

Things you must not do to make a Libra man fall in love

And after the tips to seduce a Libra man or how to attract a libra man, let’s also observe some aspects to keep in mind so as not to be mistaken in the process:

Waiting for him to act

Waiting for him to act is one of the worst things you can do for two reasons. The first is because the Libra man is a type of person who has a hard time deciding and, in fact, may not make any decisions. Also, on the other hand, he feels much more comfortable with you acting first. So do it.

Present yourself poorly or poorly groomed

We have already mentioned the importance of beauty to the Libra man. Presenting yourself poorly or poorly arranged is negative for two reasons. The first, because you lose the opportunity to win in beauty. The second, because it will lead him to think that you do not value beauty as much as he does.

Not wanting anything serious

You may not want anything serious, and it is legitimate, but if you want a relationship with a libra man, it is best that you do not make it very clear to him, because he does tend to seek lasting relationships. If you don’t want to fool him, avoid touching on that topic.

Let yourself be carried away by him

Don’t let yourself be carried away by him, because, firstly, even he doesn’t know where to go, and secondly, he will feel uncomfortable holding the reins of a relationship. Try to be the one who directs the relationship (also, he will not leave you many more options, you will quickly notice that he expects you to direct the relationship).

Giving little conversation

Libra men need long conversations, because, since they have a tendency towards lasting relationships, they need to feel rapport with the other person. If you are a little talkative person, you should do your best with him.

As you can see, falling in love with a Libra man is much easier if you understand what his characteristics and way of being are, and, from there, you try to pose the relationship in such a way that you are complementary, thus laying the foundations for a more profitable relationship.

This does not mean that you have to change your way of being. You should bear in mind that these are tips for you to seduce the free man that you propose, but if any of the advice seems to you that it does not compensate you, you should not apply it.

Dignity is always the most important thing, and falling in love with a Taurus man and falling in love with a Libra man is not enough of a reason to endanger her. Now, if you think that the advice given is acceptable to achieve your goal … Go ahead!

How is the Libra man, his duality

The Libra man is characterized by being very condescending and educated with women, he is what could be considered a timeless gentleman, because good forms are always a highlight of his behavior.

The Libra man is flirtatious by nature and likes to like, which can lead to misunderstandings about his behavior or what he really wants and this is where the duality of this zodiac sign would come in, because his tendency to flirt is so strong that the puts it into practice even without realizing it, whether or not you have a partner, so if you are thinking about how to attract a libra man, you have to get the idea that it is so and it will continue to be even if you conquer it.

The Libra man is usually a very good friend of his friends, understands women and knows at all times what they want and what they want from him, however, despite his remarkable flirting with anyone of the female gender with whom he stumble, this man is very clear how he likes women and when he has befriended one it is because at the time he did not contemplate the possibility of anything else.

Due to his interest in flirting, the Libra man does not have a very good reputation when it comes to fidelity, but this appearance does not necessarily conform to reality, because the Libra man when he commits himself does it with his best intentions because he wants truly respect and make your partner happy.

The problem in a relationship with a Libra man usually occurs over time and especially with coexistence, since it is difficult to meet the level of demand of this zodiac sign, too perfectionist and meticulous with everything he does, which is not usually condescending with the failures of others, although he will always point out them delicately, avoiding hurting the feelings of his partner.

Men ruled by the scales, detest confrontations and are even capable of lying to avoid hurting the sensitivity of their partner or causing unpleasant situations and they are also very susceptible to criticism that does not usually fit in with too much sportsmanship.

How to conquer a Libra man

To conquer a Libra man you have to enter through the eyes, because this zodiac sign is characterized by being a bit superficial and this is demonstrated in his conquests, allowing himself to be seduced by first impressions.

The ideal woman of the Libra man is the one who is beautiful and delicate, they like well-groomed women but within the natural and the same can be transferred to their way of acting, because this zodiac sign detests vulgarity and will not tolerate tone outs On the part of your partner, or that you mount scenes of jealousy or similar things, in fact, this is one of the things that can bother you the most in a woman and make you lose interest quickly.

The Libra man is a master of seduction and dedicates a lot of time to courtship , which can last a long time until he decides to take the step, as long as he perceives the same intentions in his partner, so the conquest of a man Libra could be considered a tug-of-war because to be able to attract it you will have to offer samples of your interest, but always in an insinuating way, since this zodiac sign does not like exaggerated approximations and can feel intimidated with too direct or explicit attitudes.

To achieve success in your purposes, you have to follow the game at all times and move a tile so that he moves the next one. The Libra man likes this game and entertains him because he is an expert in it, but if you are one of those who prefer to get straight to the point without complicating your life, he is definitely not your ideal type.

Making a good impression on the first contact is vital to fall in love with a Libra man and if you do, you will have earned many points and completed much of the work, but that good impression is not limited only to the physical appearance that as we mentioned above It is important, if not that it also extends to the attitude and way of behaving, since those born under the sign of Libra pay much attention to the small details.

Things to avoid to make a Libra man fall in love

We underline once again the importance of looking good to conquer a Libra man, because physical appearance is very important to them, this is a man who takes care of himself and demands that his partner do the same, but the concept of this man on a A good image is always located on the limits of naturalness, therefore everything that is at the extremes should be avoided, such as too vulgar clothing (that teaches instead of insinuating), heavy makeup or colors that are too striking.

The attitude adopted to conquer a native of this sign should be within the same parameters, such as avoiding raising the tone of the voice or making fuss with the hands and other exaggerated gestures, as well as laughing too loudly or making noises when Eating are things that can make you desperate in record time and cause you to have to suddenly leave because of an “emergency” and lose track forever.

These men are good dialogues and conciliators, so when there is a problem in the relationship or you should point out some of its flaws (because although they believe it they are not perfect), you should always use diplomacy and good ways to avoid That they close in band, because as we mentioned previously, they detest the confrontations and they wear out exaggeratedly in the situations of tension, but this does not mean that they should let their carelessness and obligations pass them, because over time they tend to become somewhat comfortable and they are relegating sneaky chores and tasks in your partner.

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